Master of the Hallows

Chapter 7 - Trickery

Lucas stared down at the book he was holding in his hands.

It was a new one, one that had been just published. A Guide to the Evillest and Dangerous Magical Objects in History, by Mr. Scarre. Its gilded edges gave it a fine look and the gold hardback was magnificent. Simply beautiful. No wonder it had stood out in Lucas’s eyes.

He flipped it open and read the contents page. Past The Dead Man Walking and The Eked-Out Slug, there it was! The Elder Wand, page 58. With a quickly beating heart that thumped faster with every turn of the page, he looked at page 58.

The Elder Wand has been dubbed by experts as the most powerful wand in history, having been given by Death himself to Antioch Peverell. Most experts believe that you can only own the Elder Wand and use it properly if you have killed the previous owner.

However, this was proven false at the Battle of Hogwarts, where, after many interviews with witnesses, I have found that before the death of Professor Albus Dumbledore, a boy named Draco Malfoy had Disarmed him, causing him to become the Elder Wand’s owner. Later, Harry Potter Disarmed Malfoy, and so when You-Know-Who tried to kill Potter with the Elder Wand, the Wand turned on You-Know-Who and killed him instead of Potter.

Potter has sworn never to use the Wand again and replaced it in Dumbledore’s tomb after repairing his own wand. Currently the Wand still lies unused in the tomb and, to the best of my knowledge, Potter is still the master of the Wand.

Lucas looked around him, and then, not seeing anybody around, he took out his wand and quietly muttered, “Diffindo!” The page ripped cleanly out. Taking this, he stuffed it in his pocket and then turned to the contents page. He blanked out the entry for the Elder Wand, and then, with a little bit of tricky magic he had picked up in a book, he changed the numbers on the contents page and on the pages. Now there was no traces of the missing page.

He replaced the book on the shelf and drew out another book at random. Walking to Madam Pince, he handed her the fake book. Inwardly, he smiled at his own dastardly plan. Josh can’t know about the Hallows, he reinforced it to himself as he walked up the fourth floor corridor, he would tell everyone. And then, Lucas said to himself, my plan would fail!

He placed the book behind the statue of the falling knight, unaware that he was being followed, and had been followed from the Restricted Section, by a thing that could turn itself invisible. A ghost. That of Nearly Headless Nick.

That night, Lucas lay in his bed, thinking of the obstacles that lay ahead of him. The inklings of a plan had sprouted in his mind, but he had to execute it perfectly.

Then he turned over and left it there.

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