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A Pet For A Friend


This is a re-write from the Wattpad version. When Todoroki was little he found a green cat that was very sick. He's never seen one like him. Rei, his mom loves animals. On the other hand, his dad, Enji, hates them. Little does he know, that cat was special. Todoroki must protect what's dear to him. His only friend, Izuku.

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•☀Chapter 1☀•

{Chapter start}

Todoroki Shoto is a boy whos had problems in the past, but his whole life is changed when he meets a certain someone.
8 years ago...
"Momma! I'm going outside!" He says as he struggles to put his rainboots on. Rei comes towards her son, helping him button his coat.
"Don't catch a cold out there," She says ruffling his hair. She pulls his hood up and unlocks the door. Shoto runs outside and starts to splash in the puddles. After a few minutes, he walks around the house and comes across a box with a sign on it. He couldn't read it because the rain had soaked it and the ink had fused, forming a black blur. He inches closer to the box and looks inside.
A small green ball of fur trembles inside the box from the cold. He slowly picks him up and cradles him in his arms. He runs back to his house, careful not to trip. He reaches the porch and opens the door.
"Momma?" He takes off his boots and walks through the halls. He comes across his mother laying on the floor with a bloody nose, while his father stood above her scowling.
"D-daddy? What's wrong w-with mommy?" Enji turns his head towards the source of sound and glares. He slowly starts to walk towards Shoto.
"Nothing... She just had an accident that I had to deal with." The poor kitten shivers as Shoto starts to back away. He glances at the kitten before running into the kitchen only to run into Fuyumi and almost drop the cat.
"Shoto? What's wrong?" Tears roll down his cheeks as he stutters out the words:
"M-momma... B-blood... Dad... S-scary..." He hides behind her, and Fuyumi, being the caring person she was, starts to comfort her little brother.
"M-momma's N-nose was b-bleeding," He says through sobs. Fuyumi looks back into the living room and meets eyes with their father. A chill goes down her spine as he starts to walk over to them. A slight 'meow' distracts them both as Shoto looks at the ball of fur in his arms.
"Shoto, is that a cat? You know dad hates animals! H-he'll kill it!" Shoto was aware of this but didn't care. He will protect this kitten. He felt like he had to, he just didn't know why.
"Shoto," Words boom from his father. He stares at the ground, not daring to look up. "What is that?" His breath gets shaky and he feels uneasy. He falls to the ground in fear.
"N-nothing..." He suddenly feels his right arm singe from the flames of his father.
"I'll ask again, what is that?" Fuyumi steps up.
"It's nothing father," She says, trying to protect him and the kitten. Their father is hesitant at first but then walks away. Natsuo, who was in the other room heard everything along with Touya, who was accompanying his mother came rushing into the kitchen.
"Are you two alright?" Touya asks. Shoto gives a slow nod and gets up. He pets the green kitty and it flinches.
"Fuyumi?" She turns her head to look at him and hums in response.
"Could you see if it's sick?" She thinks for a moment before nodding.
3 hours later...
Shoto and his newfound friend play for a couple more minutes before he pets it one last time and sets it free again.
{Chapter end}

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