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The Heartthrob Is A Mafia ( a collab )


Jungkook is known as the schools "heartthrob" but little did they know he was one of the dangerous mafias in the world. and needs Y/N to help him with his biggest mission yet! will she agree? will it be a success? will Y/N accept his love?

Romance / Action
a basic ff writter
Age Rating:

Hes A What?

She wakes up by the sounds of birds chirping and the sun beaming in from outside into her window of her prefabricated house. She gets up rubbing her eyes and heading towards the bathroom, brushing her teeth and taking a shower. She decided to wear a white silk top with denim skinny jeans with white Nike air force 1s. She gets her purse and backpack and heads out of her house without eating breakfast. She got in her car and started blasting Ariana Grande, She was her role model and favorite pop singer. She makes it to school and see's her friends Jennie and Hyuna. "Hey Girls" She said while waving at the two while walking towards them with an excited tone "Hey Bitch!" Hyuna and Jennie somehow said at the same time. "Well anyways, you guys seen Jungkook?" Hyuna said with an eyebrow raised "No I haven't, I feel bad for the guy though" Jennie said while looking at Hyuna with arms crossed "Why Jennie?" I said while looking at her "He gets surrounded by sluts and whores everyday as soon as he gets here" Jennie said scoffing "I mean he is basically one of the biggest heartthrobs in this school" Hyuna said "Yea but who doesn't feel bad that he has to deal with them everyday?" Jennie said "Well he is here." I said while looking towards Jungkook who just got out of his car looking fine as hell as always. Girls spotted him and started running towards him "Yep I feel bad for him now" I said while laughing, the other girls started laughing with me. After school I felt weird, I felt like someone was staring at me so I looked behind me, nothing...
"Okay that was a little weird I guess" I said while walking towards my car and someone was leaning on it with a hoodie on and a mask, What the hell is this dude doing on MY car? I walked towards the man and tapped on his shoulder "Um dude your kind of on my car there buddy" I said acting sassy towards the anonymous man "Y/N I need your help like as soon as possible" He said as he dragged me into the car and started to drive while I was in the passenger seat screaming at him asking who he was. He pulled over into a hotel and took his hoodie and mask off, Holy shit... is that JEON JUNGKOOK? "Jungkook? What the hell dude?" I asked while taking my seatbelt off. "So I kind of need your help to kill someone" he said scratching the back of his neck "What the hell Jungkook? Please tell me your joking." I said looking dumbfounded. "Y/N I'm not joking" he said in a serious tone, I started to ask thousands of questions "What if we go to jail? What if we die in the process? What if we d-" He cut her of by kissing her, She sat there dumbfounded. "What was that for?" She said blushing like hell "To shut you up" Jungkook said in a cold tone, realizing that he didn't mean it, only to shut her up. "Look I'm a mafia okay? I haven't told anyone, not even my best friends. The reason I told you is because I know your potential Y/N" He said with a smile, she smiled back "I'm not really that trained in stuff like that Jungkook.." I said as my smile faded away. "It's fine! I can train you to become like me duh!" He said while laughing "Just why me?" I said while looking at him dead in the eyes. "Because as I said, I see you have potential kid" Jungkook said while smiling "Kid? Just because i'm 6 months younger than you doesn't mean you have the permission to call me kid" I said while crossing my arms and looking towards the front. It started to to pour down heavy rain. "That's cliché" Jungkook said laughing as I continue to laugh along with him. "Well we are near a hotel and we are pretty far from town so.." Jungkook said while getting out the car and running towards the passengers seat to open the door for her, got to admit he looked really hot. He got his jacket and covered it above them two as they ran into the hotel lobby. "Hello! Welcome to Oceania Hotels! How may I help you today?" The lady at the desk said "1 room please!" Jungkook said I didn't even care to share a bed with him at this point, knowing his deepest secret, I had a little feeling that we were a little close. We payed for the room for 1 night and headed to the room 504 the top floor where the best scenery was. Jungkook just seems to know me really well somehow. He knew how I loved scenery and how I was younger than him, yet we never even talked that much. Only one or two times really. We made it to the room. and we realized there was pajamas provided for us "Thank god, I don't want to sleep in these wet clothes" Jungkook said while sighing in relief. "I'll change in the bathroom and you change in here, K?" I said while walking towards the bathroom door and walking in locking it. I looked at the pajamas and how pretty they were even though they were common in the hotel.
They don't realize how they both feel asleep in each others arms. (END OF CHAPTER 1 SIS)

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