Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Episode 1- Worlds Meet

Big City Brawl

Smashed glass, the ripple of flames, high-pitched screams—these noises created a wonderful symphony for Goldar and his troupe of Putty Patrollers. He marched along a downtown street, flinging passersby into buildings and cars, swinging his sword at whatever tried to challenge him. A child's Voltorb had rolled up to a couple of Putties that were bullying the parents into the pavement. The electric creature began to glow bright white, ready to blow up the intruders, but Goldar sent it sailing into the air with his blade, causing it to explode in midair.

"What do you want with us?" one of the victims asked. Adder had the man pinned against the side of a van, verdant slime dripping from his red maw.

"You humans and your miserable animals are currently taking up space in our empress' world," Adder said, chomping down and razing the man's arm through his suit jacket; he cried out as blood streamed down and the bipedal beast kicked him in the stomach. "We are here to remind you who is in charge."

"Exactly, Adder," Goldar said in his rumbling voice. He turned to face the group of captives behind him—all were surrounded by Putties, ten more having been sent down by Rita to round up even more Earthlings, and were clutching their wounds or trying not to look at the monsters around them. "You all have two choices: bow down to Rita Repulsa…"

"There's no way we'd bow down to weirdos like you!" A young girl shouted, peeking from behind her mother and father. Her parents quickly pulled her back, and this made both monsters chuckle.

"Oh you'll bow, alright," Adder hissed, widening his open mouth. "And it seems you've picked the second choice, so you won't be getting up!" He sucked in a big breath, and red, gaseous particles began to fill his mouth.

A little boy hiding behind a pile of rubble saw what the serpentine being was doing. He pushed off of the concrete and began to run past Goldar. The chief demon immediately seized the child by his shirt collar, laughing as his prey screamed and the people were held back by the Putties.

"Get away from him!" a woman with short red hair similar to the boy's yelled. She had slipped under the foot soldiers' legs and made a beeline for Goldar, who simply lifted his clawed foot up and knocked her down.

"Enough kindness from me! I'll kill you both!" Goldar rasped as he threw the boy into the woman. He then thrust his jagged sword back, preparing to plunge the blade into the huddled mother and child. The Putty Patrol garbled in glee, but the flunkies fell silent as something lit up the dull sky. Goldar turned around to see what was happening. Five points of light descended onto a towering business building in the near northwest, and Goldar's blood-red eyes glinted as he growled in annoyance.

Five figures in colorful suits, boots, and gloves stood atop the building. One by one, they somersaulted off of the edge and down to the ground, letting out battle cries before they landed. The group of five—the Power Rangers—bolted down the road and were within range in seconds. The Red Ranger threw the first strike, snapping a right hand straight to Adder's hooded head; however, the beast leapt out of the way, leaving a Putty to receive the blow. Goldar saw the Black and Pink Rangers heading for him, and he leapt away just like his partner.

"Putties, put these intruders to the test!" he commanded as he faded from view.

"Get back here, you coward!" Brock shouted. He had no time to say anything else as three Putty Patrollers leapt onto him, but he did not tumble as they expected; instead, the Ranger began to lift all three at once.

"We'll get him, but let's clear things up here first!" Lia assured. Two gray goons advanced toward her, but they were quickly felled by Lia as she whipped around and smashed their faces with a jumping spin heel kick.

Meanwhile, the Blue and Yellow Rangers pushed past the blockade and started urging the group of people to retreat in the opposite direction. Citizens gasped and stammered at the heroes in front of them, but nobody resisted as they all took off farther into the city.

Misty turned around and smirked. One Putty Patroller lunged at her with a rocky arm, but she twirled around and chopped it in the back of the neck. Another goon stepped in and he was also subdued as the Yellow Ranger leapt onto it and rolled on the ground.

"How far is the nearest ambulance?" she asked Tracey as she smacked her foe with furious punches. The sounds of sirens began to cut through the furor.

Tracey began a scan of the inner downtown Feron Grove area, trying to lock on to any incoming emergency vehicles. Numbers and text rolled on his HUD, and he rolled away from danger. He backed into two Putties, who took hold of him as another came in with a drill-like arm aiming right for the heart. Blue Ranger cried out and pushed off of the ground, breaking his captors' hold as he backflipped and left their clay appendages to be pierced by their own comrade.

"Three hundred yards!" Tracey reported as a man shouted behind him. He was splayed upon a pile of rubble and sporting a black eye. The weaponized Putty attacked again, but the Blue Ranger caught the blow and landed two front kicks to the chest. "These people will need them!" he continued as he hosted the man up and helped him over to Misty.

"These clods will need them more," his friend jested as she sidestepped yet another minion, letting it crash into the rubble.

Ash was smiling wider than Misty as he set to work. He cartwheeled and dodged blows from Putties, doubling them over with jump kicks and haymakers.

"I feel like I can do anything!" he yelled. "Come on, boys!" He leapt into the air and bounded off of a damaged car, slamming a high side kick into a Putty's sternum, toppling him into two more.

"I know what you mean, man!" Brock added. He slung an opponent into a nearby mailbox, dropped to one knee, and swept another one to the pavement. A man and woman covered in stinging slime and trying to crawl up the steps of a bank screamed as two more of Rita's soldiers dropped down from the roof. One tried to catch Brock with a big boot, but the tall fighter immediately dropped into a split, the kick narrowly missing the embossed mastodon trunk on his helmet, and forced his elbow into its gut. Brock then hopped up, took the other one by the shoulder, and shoved him to Ash.

"From me to you!" he said with a laugh. He then turned to the couple and gently but firmly lifted them under his arms, saying, "Come on, I'll get you to safety," making the pained duo smile a little.

Ash intercepted the Putty Brock had shoved his way and struck it with a backfist he had seen Lia execute earlier. The being was a bit rattled, but its eyes glowed red and, babbling, it reared back to strike. Before it could execute the action, the Pink Ranger stepped in and, rotating her hips and arm at the same time, leveled the creep with the same technique.

"Nicely done," Ash complimented.

"You'll get there," Lia said, giggling a little.

"I just don't understand. What's a Power Ranger?" a medic asked as he began to take in injured parties that the Rangers were bringing him. He was mesmerized by these people in colorful suit and animal-like helmets, his gaze on the blue one's shining belt buckle.

"Yeah, are you with the cops?" his partner asked in a high-pitched voice. He and the driver were loading a child strapped to a baseboard into the back of the vehicle.

"Not exactly," Tracey said, rounding up some more stragglers and taking them to another truck. "But we're here to help."

"It's okay," Misty said to a lady she was carrying, the woman's arm trembling and tucked into her. She repeated the phrase as she loaded her up, but then she cried out as something sharp crashed down into the door of the ambulance and into her shoulder, sparks flying from her body.

"Barely impressive, human," Goldar snarled. He drew his sword up again and darted it at Yellow Ranger's throat. Misty barely dodged and, catching her breath, she lunged onto Goldar's back, trying to tear into his armor. This had little effectiveness as Goldar flipped her over onto her feet, but he missed a sword swipe as the Ranger flipped away and rejoined her team.

"Oh, so you want to play now, huh?" Yellow Ranger posed. "All of your friends are toast!"

"There's no playing around here, brat!" Goldar retorted. Adder sprang out from a corner of the street and joined him. "We will tear you apart!"

"Yes, but let's marinate them first, friend," Adder suggested.

Goldar nodded and raised his claws to his eyes. In a second, flames flew from his corneas and rocketed into the Rangers' bodies, forcing them down. Adder laughed and opened his vile mouth, producing a growing cloud of gas that pulsed as his he drew in more air.

"Bad move, ugly!" Red Ranger shouted, reaching over to a holster on his left hip and drawing out a red and silver pistol. "Blade Blasters up!"

The other Rangers shouted in agreement and reached for their sidearms. Goldar raised his eyebrows, Adder kept drawing in breath, and both monsters were thrown to the asphalt as rays of energy seared their throats and faces.

Back at the Moon Palace, Rita watched every moment of the battle. She gripped her magic wand tighter and tighter, and Squatt, Baboo, and Finster doubled back, knowing what was going to happen.

"Those two are taking them too lightly," she hissed. "It's time for them to grow up!" And with that, she reared back and flung her staff over the balcony and toward Planet Earth, letting out a rare cackle before stepping back and resuming a contemplative grin.

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