Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Episode 1- Worlds Meet

Battle Sequence Engage!

"That's the last of everyone here!" Black Ranger called out to the emergency workers still present at the downtown battlefield. He and the Blue Ranger helped move any other injured parties—human or nonhuman—to rescue vehicles. "Go on and get out of here!"

One of the ambulance drivers dutifully nodded toward the costumed people and climbed aboard the transport. Things were too weird and too dangerous to stick around now.

"So if you've had enough, get off of our planet!" Pink Ranger shouted at Adder and Goldar, who were finally done writhing in pain from the Rangers' laser fire.

Goldar brushed off tiny chips of metal from his seared body and spat at his insolent opposition's feet, turning his head to the cloudy sky. A glint of light pierced the atmosphere, followed by a glowing purple object that plummeted toward them.

"Not quite, girl!" the ape-griffin responded.

"Yes," the Adder hissed, flicking his tongue in and out of his jowls. "We haven't even begun!"

Suddenly, a sharp rod struck the ground and cracked it open. Violet bolts of lightning flowed from the circular tip of the staff, which caused torrents of steam to rise from the earth. The two extraterrestrials tromped forward, doubling, tripling, and quadrupling in size as they moved. In a few seconds, Adder and Goldar towered over most of the buildings in Feron Grove, and the Power Rangers barely stood over their feet.

"Stop and take a breath, Earthlings! It's about to get good!" Adder boomed. He opened his mouth again and brought particles of red gas into the center. With a heavy guttural, he expelled a crimson cloud that swept down to the town surface and barreled through the streets.

"Get down! Get down!" Red Ranger ordered. He and his teammates huddled down to the ground and kept their heads low. Nonetheless, Adder's gas flowed over them, and the ground rumbled as the giants stomped beside them.

"Yes, cower!" Goldar chortled. "You have no chance of defeating us now!" He then reached a huge hand over to one of the tallest business buildings and raked his claw through the windows, tearing them and parts of the supports to bits. Professionals still trying to find cover screamed and tried to run, but swaths of Adder's poison blew into the building. People coughed and sputtered, all of them eventually collapsing.

The Adder's concoction rushed through much of Feron Grove, even reaching the security of the nearby hospital. Windows shattered and poison seeped through the cracks of the doors, felling doctors and patients left and right.

"What is that stuff? Oliver!" Smith Feran called out as Tracey's father plummeted to the floor as the red gas came through the entryway. In seconds, Smith fell down over Ellie's body, convulsing.

"Dad!" Hayashi shouted. He shut his mouth tight and sprang to the floor, retrieving the fallen nurse and trying to hoist him up to the bed with his parents, but the gas and the held breath was too much for him, and he coughed, vomiting a little before crumpling to the tile floor, eyes wide open.

"The helmets are protecting us from the noxious gas," Blue Ranger stated, looking for a way to get past the two enemies and back to the rescue. "We have to move!"

"They're killing them!" Yellow Ranger screamed. She drew her Blade Blaster and began firing blasts of yellow energy at Goldar and Adder, who simply laughed and kept going. "You leave those people alone!"

"You're almost correct," Adder replied as he toppled several power lines with his tail, making the Rangers leap out of the way. "My venom is meant to paralyze, to render you in a constant state of pain. My gas acts much the same, but it slowly eats away at life until it is gone! The people of this island have twenty minutes until they are no more, and that's more than enough time for them to watch you and their city go up in flames!"

"No…No!" Ash yelled, pounding the ground. "There has to be a way to at least put a dent in these guys."

As he spoke, each Power Ranger's body perked up, a strange jolt hitting them as a voice spoke to their minds.

"Power Rangers, this is Zordon. The time has come for you to meet the fantastic creatures you draw your strength from. When danger escalates, you need only to call upon the Dinozords for assistance. When the threat becomes too great, you may combine your powers to form the mighty Megazord. I know you will do well…"

Ash turned to his friends, who were looking at each other and then to him.

"Did you just hear what Zordon said?" he asked.

"Dinozords?" Brock questioned, raising an eyebrow. "They doesn't sound like just dinosaurs."

"Whatever they are," Lia interrupted. "they'll sure beat just standing here."

"Then let's not waste any more time!" Ash added.

Looking past the towering terrors, the five Power Rangers thrust their right fists upward, opening their hands and reaching to the sky, all yelling, "Dinozord Power!"

The Rangers' cries rang out far beyond Feron Grove, extending to various points in nature. Eyes opened, limbs stretched out, and five beings emerged from secret hiding places. Tyrannosaurus burst from an underground chasm, Mastodon broke free from a huge glacier in a subzero land, Triceratops charged across a vast desert, Saber-Toothed Tiger bounded through jungle foliage, and Pterodactyl took to the sky from the lava of a volcano.

Back at Feron Grove's southern harbor, the gas had yet to creep down to the area and the edge of the forest there. Chief Kanzaki stood with three of her officers, all with Pokéballs in hand watching the monsters' rampage.

"We have no choice," she said to Hanson. "Those things are too much for us."

"But what about the Air Force? We just called in a base for assistance!" Hanson reminded her.

Kanzaki gripped her capsule tightly and ducked her head. "We have to keep fighting with what we have now, Hanson," she said. "I'm not giving up, and I don't know if they could make it in time…"

Hanson slowly nodded along with the other officers, and the four tossed their Pokéballs to the ground. The spheres broke open, revealing Typhlosion, Steelix, Greninja, and Fearow. The four creatures watched the Adder and Goldar, their eyes narrowing and their bodies tensing up as they prepared to move to stop the danger.

But they didn't. Instead, the Pokémon turned toward the police force, looking at them stoically.

"What are they doing?" one of the policemen asked. "Fearow, move!" Nonetheless, the gigantic flying type stood where it was just like all the others.

Before anyone else could say a word, a shriek burst through the air above, heralding the shadow of a huge winged being passing overhead. With the same breakneck speed, another big shape—a yellow quadruped with silver limbs—let out a catlike roar as it smashed through the forest and headed for the city. In a few moments, three more beings came in from all sides to meet their opposition.

Law enforcement officials stood static as the Power Rangers' Dinozords came upon the city, all of them with jaws dropped as their Pokémon let out cries of support.

"No way!" Red Ranger cried as he saw the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord race to the area. The prehistoric creature, robotic in nature much like its brethren, let out a rage-filled roar and bashed its red skull into Adder, knocking the snake to its knees. "That's what I call power!"

"Awesome doesn't even describe these guys!" Black Ranger added as he saw the Mastodon hitch a silvery tusk around Goldar's wrist, restraining him from doing anymore damage. The Zord pushed back with its back limbs and hoisted the enemy back into the center of the street.

"The perfect cure for a plague," Pink Ranger whispered to herself. "Let's get to work!"

"Prehistoric power lights the darkest hour!" the group bellowed, and with that, the Power Rangers leapt to the tops of their vehicles, going through doors and sliding into their respective cockpits.

"Red Ranger here! Sync up!"

"Black Ranger, let's get stompin'!"

"This is Blue Ranger! Systems nominal!"

"The Yellow Ranger is ready to tear it up!"

"Coming in from the sky is the Pink Ranger!"

"Battle sequence engage!" Ash announced. He and each of his teammates slid a circular pad set below a panel dotted with buttons, knobs, and status screens, and the battle began yet again.

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