Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Episode 1- Worlds Meet

Megazord Activated!

Goldar and the Adder had no chance to react to the charge of the Dinozords. After Tyrannosaurus and Mastodon levied their attacks, the Blue Ranger directed the Triceratops to barrel into Goldar.

"Alright, Triceratops," Tracey said, pressing a series of buttons on his console just as his fellow Rangers had done. A bright sheen momentarily cloaked the Zord, enabling a secondary protective shield; that way, the stomps—and wheeling, in the Triceratops' case—of the Dinozords would cause significantly less strain and damage on the city streets. "Let's clean up these streets!"

The blue behemoth let out a low cry, its red eyes flashing twice. Tracey moved his controls to upend the vehicle on its left wheel tracks. With a lurch, the Triceratops Dinozord buried its fanned crest and its horns into Rita's second-in-command, flipping him and sending him to the ground.

"Alright, Tracey! Fancy driving!" Lia said. She maneuvered the Pterodactyl in a broad circle around the tops of the downtown buildings, and doing so with such ease.

"It's like I've been flying this thing for years…" she quietly said, allowing a laugh as she slammed the Zord's right wing into Adder's maw. However, the beast clamped down and whipped the Pterodactyl Dinozord into the skull of the Mastodon Dinozord, sending both sets of battling robots and their pilots screaming and crashing to the ground in a shower of sparks.

"Hold on! I've got him!" Tracey called out, moving the Triceratops to square off with the Adder. Yet, as he and the Dinozord positioned themselves, Goldar slid like a baseball player, pounding his target with his golden feet and sending it away.

"So one-dimensional…" Goldar said under his breath. Tromping footsteps behind him made him turn around to see the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord running to meet him.

"How's this for one-dimensional?" Ash quipped. He pressed a few buttons on his console, and the silver claws on the Tyrannosaurus' hands opened and gripped Goldar's hands as the two locked up. Both combatants bared their fangs and growled at each other, the monster's bloody-red eyes peering into the Zord's yellow eyes. But Goldar's concentration was suddenly shattered when a feline shriek filled his ears. Misty's Saber-Toothed Tiger Dinozord swiftly strode up the back of the Tyrannosaurus and bounded off the top of its head, flipping over and striking the Adder with the cylindrical end of its blocky tail. As soon as Adder plummeted to the ground, Tyrannosaurus ducked its head and wedged its upper body between Goldar's legs, tossing him overhead.

"I think we all know what you mean, Lia," Misty said over the intercom, giving a salute as she saw the other three Zords recovering. She thought to herself, "It's like Pokémon training turned up to twenty."

"Oh yeah!" Red Ranger called out. He then placed his hands onto two large red buttons—featuring his Power Ranger helmet and his Power Coin, the latter being featured on a panel in the back of his cockpit, much like the others—and bright yellow energy flew to a third button that stood above the others, one featuring his Dinozord. "But I think it's time we show these guys some Megazord power!"

"Right! Powering up!" the other four Rangers said in unison, activating the rest of the beginning of the transformation.

In the surrounding buildings, people—whether they were afflicted by Adder's gas or not—crept and crawled to any safe-looking opening to see what was going on. The five Dinozords now formed up in a single line a distance awat, contorting their tails, arms, legs, and even heads to form a rolling vehicle—the Dino Tank. Tyrannosaurus was locked in the middle, with Mastodon serving as arms mounted with two cannons, Pterodactyl perched on top, and Triceratops and Saber-Toothed Tiger using wheels mounted on their bodies to roll the metal mass toward the enemies. Onlookers of all shapes and sizes struggled to take everything in.

"This…this can't be real. There's no way."

"So this is what I'm seeing before I die… Monsters? Dinosaurs?"

"Even if this isn't real, Dad, those guys in the colored suits have got 'em now! Come on!"

"Whoa!" the Power Rangers yelled as their Dino Tank rattled. Goldar and Adder assailed the tank with blasts of orange flames and green venom as it rolled to mow them down.

"Your feeble machines are no match for our power!" Adder taunted, rearing his head back to laugh. This lapse in battle proved costly, however, as the twin cannons on the tank responded with two volleys of electric cannonballs, flooring the two menaces.

"Should've kept your mouth shut!" Black Ranger shot back, taking his finger off of the cannon controls.

"You tell 'em, Brock," Blue Ranger added.

All five heroes now sat in one large cockpit, and the group worked together to bring the Dino Tank to a rumbling halt. A symbol containing all five dinosaurs was embossed in the back of the room, and it began to glow with a rainbow sheen as the Red Ranger punched in some commands. Suddenly, the cannons ejected from the end of the Mastodon arms and reattached to the other two on the back plate. Pterodactyl then took to the sky, twirling high in the air as the arms rotated into humanoid hands and the shoulder plates fanned out.

"Megazord sequence has been initiated!" a robotic voice proclaimed. After the announcement, the legs—Triceratops on the left and Saber-Toothed Tiger on the right—angled upright and brought the Dino Tank to a vertical base. As the Pterodactyl drew in close, Tyrannosaurus' chest opened up, and the big reptilian head retreated inside. In its place was a three-horned head with two fanned back, and a solid silver mouthpiece for a mouth. The Pterodactyl contracted its wings and head into itself, and the Zord attached to the Tyrannosaurus' chest, forming a pink and red chest plate.

The horns fanned out, the head's golden eyes flashed, and lightning instantly struck around the supermech's feet as the voice announced, "Megazord Activated!"

At this point, Adder and Goldar had finally gotten to their feet, with the former swinging his tail and smashing a row of cars on the street and the latter summoning his sword and tearing through the ceiling of a bank close by, also summoning the screams of those hiding inside. Goldar hitched his jagged blade up and prepared to dive it into the crowd below, but the Power Rangers maneuvered the Megazord to them and slammed its right fist across both of their heads. The screaming citizens instantly turned their exhalations into ones of cheer as the fighting machine whipped around and next leveled Adder with a spinning right side kick.

"Way to go!" one of the bankers in a corner of the center room rasped out, weakly coughing due to the alien toxins.

"YEAH!" a couple of kids coming up from behind her added, despite another swing of Adder's tail coming from overhead.

"You insolent worms!" Adder spat at the Power Rangers. The serpent slashed at the robot's chest with its claws, but Megazord pressed on and brought its arms around the opponent, thrusting its knee into its belly three times.

Nonetheless, Goldar would not be deterred from his mission. While Megazord was occupied with its fight with Adder, Goldar lunged and pushed right into Adder, bulldozing the Megazord with his immense strength.

"Stabilize shields!" Ash ordered. "We're going down!"

The combined Dinozords did indeed crash to the ground, shattering much of the road as they did. Goldar drove his sword into Megazord's chest, setting off a burst of flames and electricity, and the mech continued to spasm as Adder sank its fangs into the Saber-Toothed Tiger, dripping poison over its body.

"Power is draining!" Misty reported, trying to tap into more energy to give a boost to the Megazord's legs. "Shifting auxiliary power now!"

"Hold on!" Lia yelled, pointing upward through the cockpit window. Everyone braced themselves as both of Rita's minions hoisted the Megazord up, and the team felt like they were shot out of a cannon as they were tossed through the air, then weightlessness, silence, and the pain of the crash into the seaside forest. Trees cracked and crumpled as Megazord landed, and the mighty vehicle's circuits and energy banks barely whirred and pulsed with the might that was left.

"There's got to be something left!" Ash said, checking several monitors next to him. "Our cannons won't be enough, and fighting these monsters head-on isn't going to cut it."

"So none of your usual strategy, huh?" the Yellow Ranger, who was sitting to his right and Blue Ranger's left. half-teased, still keeping her focus on the energy banks, which were slowly changing back from orange-yellow to green.

"The right moment will decide this, guys," Lia spoke up. She was also examining monitors next to her and the Black Ranger, and then a smile crossed her lips. "Tracey, do you see this?"

The Blue Ranger nodded and replied, "Yes, but we have to get to them now. We only have a few minutes before everyone who's sick is done for!"

Red Ranger also saw the image in front of his friends, and he agreed. "Lia's right. But I don't think we have to go anywhere. Remember what Adder said…"

Goldar and Adder stood tall in downtown Feron Grove, but Goldar snarled and said, "I've grown tired of Zordon's children. It's time to end this."

Adder sniggered and flicked his tongue in and out of his mouth. He bent his knees and reared back a few steps. "One strike is all it will take, Goldar. Just one."

Adder paused for a second, his eyes peering upon the fallen Megazord, which barely twitched in the thick of the woods. Too easy.

With a sickening hiss, Adder bounded high into the sky, scrunching his neck back and pushing it forward, propelling himself hundreds of yards through the air and aiming his fangs toward the Megazord's head.

"Ready?" the Red Ranger asked? The other four gripped their controls in silent assent, then roared with him, "Power Sword!"

While Adder was still flying through the air, the sky flickered bright white, and a sleek, glowing object plummeted from on high, falling right into the Megazord's right hand. The bright sheen covered the Megazord, and the colossal combatant rose to its blue and yellow feet, springing out of the foliage and up to meet the descending Adder.

"Plasma Slash!"

With those words, Megazord raised its silver, arrow-shaped blade high as lightning and red energy pulsed all around them. Rita's monster barely had any time to let out a surprised scream as the robot swung the sword diagonally and upward, cleaving it in two. The beast sparked with otherworldly power, crumbling into heaps of space clay and eventually exploding in a great fireball as Megazord touched down, pointing the Power Sword right at Goldar, who stood in the city with his mouth agape.

"So…so…" Goldar whispered, taking a big step back. "You do have something… Not that it will matter for long…" And, swinging his own weapon, he disappeared in a plume of flames.

Black turned to blinding white, and then a sudden rush of muted colors, followed by three male faces. Ellie Feran slowly rose to a sitting position, her eyes widening and her breath hitching as she saw her husband, son, and Oliver Matthews stirring as well in the midst of broken glass and the wails of sirens.

"Smith…Hayashi…Oliver…" she said, coughing so hard her blonde locks fell in front of her eyes. Her family members all wrapped arms around her, clinging to her tightly. She squeezed back but pushed away and continued. "What happened here? It looks like a warzone."

"Oh my…Ellie…" Smith said, draping his arms around his wife again while Hayashi and Oliver smiled.

"Answer the question, dear," the Feran matriarch said, chuckling. "I've been through worse. In fact…" She reached over to peel off her bandages; there was no wound to be found on her shoulder at all now. "There's nothing there."

Hayashi shook his head and looked out the window. He had barely heard the commotion outside for the last fifteen minutes, but he had seen some kind of giant metallic bird soaring past the window for a split second before he set his head down.

"There was more than one of them, whatever they were," he thought. "They saved us."

A doctor in a white coat then whipped through the door and grabbed Oliver by the shoulder. "Ollie! You have to come see this!"

Oliver tried to pry the physician off of him as he was pulled along. "What? What?" he asked as he was directed into one of the larger rooms, and he ceased struggling when he saw the patients rising from their hospital beds. The green slime still slathered on their bodies faded from view, and any visible wounds closed up, the blood tingeing them vanishing as well.

Everyone in the room was celebrating. The two brothers from by the seaside were slapping hands, the man and woman the Black Ranger carried away from the Putties were embracing each other and nearly digging their fingers into each other's back, and the little girl was holding her Eevee high in the air, their smiles equally as wide.

Chief Kanzaki and the previously injured officer were the next two to arrive; Hanson was helping organize a rescue team outside of the hospital.

"Well, I guess I won't need to stay here after all," the policeman said, stretching his arms and laughing.

Kanzaki dipped her head and repressed her own laughter. Behind her, the Ferans were coming in to see what all of the commotion was, talking amongst themselves.

"I don't know where she went," Smith said, shrugging his coat-laden shoulders. "But I doubt she's in any danger."

"Just like Lia," Ellie muttered as Hayashi grinned at his father. She turned to Kanzaki and asked, "Chief, have you seen Lia anywhere? From what I can see outside, the city looks like it was just bombed!"

Kanzaki's lips turned upward just for a second. "I saw her earlier, El. She's just fine."

"They're all just fine. Not bad work for a bunch of kids," she said to herself.

Back at the Command Center, the now-demorphed Power Rangers cheered as they saw everything on the Viewing Globe, their pain and fatigue totally forgotten. Alpha had to wiggle his way away from them thanks to all of the pats and claps he received in the celebration.

"This is great news. Adder was a lower-class monster, Rangers," Alpha said. "So any effect from his attacks has vanished thanks to your work. But that won't always be the case."

"You're right Alpha," Ash responded, coming back down to Earth. "But if there's one thing we learned, besides space aliens existing…"

"And superpowers," Misty added, cocking her head to the side.

"Giant robot dinosaurs…" Lia spoke.


"The point is that we got lucky this time," Tracey supplied. "We won, but Goldar is sure to come back. He has plans."

"And those plans are gonna be stopped," Brock said confidently, flexing a muscle. "Just leave it to Super Brock and his trusty Mastodon pal. The ladies will love it."

Alpha tapped Brock on the shoulder with a metallic hand. "Umm, Brock, that's not a valid option."

Brock shrugged and answered, "I know, I know. Superheroes can't give away their secret identities."

"Precisely," Zordon interrupted, and everyone's attention snapped right to him. "You have done well, but as Power Rangers, you have much more to learn. Your trials are far from over and far from being any easier. In addition, you must follow three basic rules or lose the protection of the power. Never use your power for personal gain. Never escalate a battle unless Rita or her army forces you. And keep your identities secret; no one may know you are a Power Ranger. The choice is yours."

The five teens looked at one another, then to Zordon and Alpha, taking in all of the colors, flashing lights, and the otherworldly sounds ringing in their ears in addition to the wizard and his friend.

"This will definitely cut into my school life…" Lia said, closing her eyes and speaking with a sorrowful tone.

"Yeah," Tracey agreed. He put his hand to his chin in a thinking position. "We all just got here, and we don't know much about Feron Grove."

Alpha stuttered for a bit, squeaking in dismay. "Ay-yi-yi…"

Lia then smiled a toothy grin and put an arm around the robot's neck. "Yeah, right. Like I'm ever leaving you guys!"

Alpha tilted his head; human humor would be something he'd have to once again get used to. The other four laughed, and Ash put his hand out palm-down in the air.

"Power Rangers?"

The others put their hands in the center and then shouted, "Power Rangers!" as they jumped into the air.

Zordon nodded toward his new team and said, "Thank you. Great changes will come from your sacrifice. The journey will be unlike anything you've faced, but I know the world is in good hands."

A few moments later, Brock, Misty, Ash, Tracey, and Lia stepped outside of the Command Center, covering their eyes as sunlight hit them for the first time all day. The afternoon sky never looked bluer to them, and as the soft wind blew and the sun always shined, they knew they would protect their planet no matter what.


Rita Repulsa is incensed that her plan to take over Planet Earth has been thwarted by the Power Rangers, and she isn't going to allow this new team any rest. As the teens settle into their new lives, she seeks to destroy everything in Feron Grove before it can even be rebuilt, sending a terrible explosives artist to cause mayhem in the city. Can our heroes keep the charge and preserve Feron Grove? Find out next time on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

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