Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Episode 1- Worlds Meet

Lunar Evil

To the naked eye, the Earth's moon would appear the same as it had for countless eons—cold, rocky, barren. In fact, even the most high-powered telescopes and space-age equipment would seem to confirm that notion. But the moon was not devoid of life. Actually, some of the most treacherous beings in the cosmos were living there, their identities and hiding place cloaked away from view.

On top of Earth's satellite stood a towering wrought-iron fortress. Grated and solid, sharp spires stood out in all directions, looking to pierce the Milky Way galaxy itself, and on top of the whole structure was a glowing sphere on a pedestal that was encircled by two rotating rings, much like a gyroscope.

Though there was no breathable air in outer space, that fact proved to be no obstacle for the figures occupying the tower's—known as the Moon Palace—throne room. Three of them stood on the smooth, light-brown floor in front of a huge swinging pendulum, and one stood atop an open-air balcony in front of them, her eyes fixed upon planet Earth.

"Ten thousand years," the figure atop the balcony said. She drummed her sharp fingernails on the bronzed railing that separated her from the rest of the moon. "So much has been stolen from me in such a short time."

One of the three standing below the balcony snorted, wiping a trail of saliva from his gnarly jowls with a chubby powder-blue hand. "But Empress Rita," he began, shifting his bulbous weight. "Weren't you just saying it's been too long…"

"Quiet, Squatt, you simpleton!" a tall creature next to him hissed. The being—a thin, hairy, blue man-bat named Baboo—struck his companion's silvery, tarnished shoulder pad with one hand, pushed his spectacles up to his narrow eyes with another, and held two more in front of his chest when a long, jagged blade shot right near his chest cavity. The sword's master glared at both Squatt and Baboo with piercing red eyes, eyes that contrasted with his apish, midnight-blue face.

"There's no need for that, Goldar," Rita Repulsa urged in a sickeningly sweet voice. A smile curled her purple lips as she turned to face her court. "They're just restless after being cooped up in that space dumpster." She pointed a finger to the distant lunar plain. Hunks of their enchanted prison—rusty bronze space metal with curved markings—dotted the barren surface. Not too far away was a lone space shuttle with everything intact, and tethered to it were two lifeless bodies.

Though smaller than two-thirds of the group that stood below her and clad in a simple brown robe that was only adorned with a wide black collar, she stood with a presence that her subjects revered and many others feared. Once the most fearsome sorceress in the galaxy who ruled everything she saw, she and her crew had been locked away for millennia, lost in the deep reaches of space.

"I thought you'd let loose a little more," Rita said. "Throat cutting and impaling seems a little bland after all this time."

Goldar, the intergalactic empress' chief warrior, bared his fangs and ran a gilded claw across his blade, which was still tinged with the astronauts' blood. "Sometimes the simple things are the most enjoyable, my queen," the beast growled. "I can experiment once I go back down to Earth."

Rita let out a low giggle and twirled her magic wand, a long staff with a circular top that was anchored by a red sphere. The empress stepped to the side and peered through her Repulsascope, its focus cutting through the Earth's atmosphere and zeroing in on Feron Grove.

"In due time," she said, narrowing her gaze. Two boys were getting out of the water near a wooded area, noticing the incoming rainfall. In mere seconds, a huge red shape, too fast to be fully seen, smashed right into them. But Rita saw perfectly as the serpentine creature spat a green, viscous slime in the older boy's face and sank its fangs into the younger one's side. Both humans screamed as the snakelike being chuckled and disappeared back into the foliage.

"Perfect. We're leaving quite the trail for these disgusting humans," Rita remarked. Squatt and Baboo nodded and smiled, keeping quiet as Goldar stepped forward.

"Pardon me, Empress Rita," Goldar interjected, kneeling on one knee. "When should I go to join the invasion?"

Rita turned away from her enchanted telescope and stepped down to see her court. "I'll know," she said. "Adder has been causing quite the stir. But we shouldn't go all out just yet." She turned away from her monsters and smiled again. "Someone special will notice what we have been doing, and that's when that old fool Zordon will make his move. I want our new slaves to see the best of them fall."

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