Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Episode 1- Worlds Meet


The darkness over Feron Grove had been totally broken, if only for a moment. Violet strings of electricity rushed down from on high and struck the ground, instantly rattling the surface and everything standing upon it. Bricks were shaken from buildings, moving vehicles were shaken out of control, crashing into one another, and windows and glass burst into shards.

Oliver Matthews, Tracey's father and nurse at Feron Grove hospital, had just come in to check on Ellie Feran when the earthquake began. He didn't mind the instruments falling from the counters and walls, instead instantly going over to help Ellie's bed stay rooted in the chaos.

"What the…where's that light coming from?" Oliver asked, wrapping his arms around both sides of the bed.

"I don't know!" Smith Feran shouted, also gripping the steel frame to try and keep his wife stable. Suddenly, the huge florescent light above them cracked open, and a shower of glass headed straight for the comatose woman. Smith flung himself over Ellie, and Oliver threw himself over them both. The glass pelted the men and littered the floor.

Just then, a young man with blonde hair pushed himself through the doorway. The continuous tremors brought him to the ground, and he tried to push back up off of a steel countertop.

"Dad!" he called out. He tried to take a step forward, but he slid back down. "You all okay?"

"Hayashi, stay down!" Smith yelled at his son. As he did, the rumbling finally shook the whole light from the ceiling with a metallic creak. Oliver craned his head upward, but only just in time to see the fixture dropping toward his head.


The sound was followed up by a pained exhalation. Hayashi had pushed himself in the way, raising his arms up in a square block to deflect the rectangular light. The object had crashed to the ground, and the older Feran sibling held his forearms nearly between his legs.

"Geez…" Oliver sighed, shaking glass out of his black crew cut. The earthquake now began to subside, but smaller tremors jostled everything. "Thanks, Hayashi. You alright?"

Hayashi gritted his teeth and nodded his head as Oliver rolled up the sleeves of the boy's white karate jacket and saw his arms were beet red. It wasn't that bad.

"We don't ever get earthquakes here…" Hayashi said. "What set that one off?"

Smith shook his head in disbelief. He now moved his grip from the bed to Ellie's shoulders, but not before checking her pulse—a little faint, but still constant, just like the purple light outside.


"Lia," Smith said. "We need to find her!"

Hayashi reached over to his green gear bag and retrieved his cell phone. He found Lia's number and dialed it, but all he heard was static.

"Nothing," he whispered, disconnecting and trying again. "No answer…come on, sis…"

Suddenly, audible from a faraway distance, a piercing and frightened scream rang out.

Back near the waterfront, Chief Kanzaki had her hands full. The earthquake was still rustling the area, and she needed to be several places at once.

"Tell the harbormaster to make sure those ships are anchored!" she yelled to a couple more officers who were on the scene. One of them tried to set the channel on a portable radio since the Feron Grove Seaport had a link to police radios in case of emergencies.

"There's just static, Chief!" one of them reported as he smacked the device. "No go!"

Kanzaki was about to respond when a familiar sound cut through the chaos. Three gunshots had just been fired, followed by an audible gurgle. Kanzaki grabbed Hanson, another one of the police officers, and both of them stared down the way where they had found the little girl. They saw a policeman fall slack down by the same dirt road, his gun by his side. Though they couldn't see his head, he was obviously clutching near his eyes and throat. Kanzaki and Hanson immediately bolted toward the fallen man, but his body was being pulled into the clearing.

"Stop! Police!" Hanson shouted as he drew his firearm. "Stop right now!"

"Officer down at the woods near the southern seaport!" Kanzaki gasped into her radio. "Something's dragging him away!"

"Can't copy…Wha…agai…" The dispatcher's voice on the other end was muffled by static and eventually silenced.

The two officers did their best to keep their footing sure as the ground still trembled and rain continued to fall. They skidded down to the entrance of the woody area, where they saw their teammate's body thrown into the dark foliage by seemingly nothing.

But it wasn't nothing.

Sweat crept down Kanzaki and Hanson's faces as two shiny black eyes and two curved fangs gleamed in front of them; those features distracted the humans from the Adder's mottled, crimson body.

Adder hissed, digging the claws on its two large legs into the grass and mud. The semi-humanoid beast stood his ground even as bullets flew from its attackers' weapons and into his midsection and the fanned crest of his head. Kanzaki and Hanson stood shivering in the rain, their eyes locked on the monstrosity. With a shout, Kanzaki fired a single shot right to the snake's brain, but Adder simply ducked out of the way.

"Not good enough," he said, letting out a hiss-filled chuckle, and with that, he pushed off from the ground and dove into the trees, taking his prey along with him.

A few seconds passed, and then the chief said, "Let's go!"

"Chief, wait!" Hanson urged, holding her back by the long blue sleeves of her uniform. "We need backup!"

"And Berry needs us!" the chief shouted back, referring to her fellow police official by surname. She kept her same hard stare locked on in the distance.

"And those kids, too," she thought to herself. She was going to go after those five teens, who apparently went off into the woods to catch that thing that hurt the girl and her Eevee, but she and her men were needed back near the harbor, and then the quake soon followed.

"Those kids…" she said to herself again.


An oak tree split at the base, soon bursting into scraps of wood as the tremors regained their strength. Another tree was shaken loose, beginning a slow descent toward the people under it.

"Move!" Lia screamed. The five teens leapt out of the way of the falling tree and down into the soaked earth. She rolled forward and regained her footing on top of a small hill overlooking their destination. Ash, Misty, Brock, and Tracey followed, all of their faces and limbs covered with bits of mud and greenery. All of them darted their eyes downward toward the lone cave the little girl told them about. It's brown, craggy visage coupled with the flashing purple lightning overhead made the chills in their bodies run even colder.

"This is just getting too weird," Brock remarked, holding others by the shoulder to keep them from falling.

Misty winced, the catlike creature's call growing even louder in the cacophony going on around her, but she kept moving forward.

"And this voice is getting even louder…" she muttered.

"Doesn't matter. There it is!" Ash cut in. He tossed aside his blue vest, which he had been using to cover his head, and he went to run toward the cave when the rumbling ground lurched hard, sending all five kids to the ground.

"Stay low, guys! We can't stand now!" Tracey urged. And the group did stay on the ground for a few moments until the shakes subsided. The purple light also vanished, leaving only rain, thunder, and the animal cries only the five could hear.

Ash, Misty, Tracey, Lia, and Brock slowly got to their feet, and they turned around to see how things looked. Some trees remained, but others were shattered, fallen, or otherwise disjointed. One branch hung from a smaller tree, and a lone leaf detached from it, gliding down into a small puddle of water.


The teens turned around yet again, crying out in shock when they saw that they were no longer alone. The thing that just made a guttural noise looked like some kind of gorilla, but it looked like it wore golden armor instead of fur. Ripples and several blue and red jewels dotted the creature's body, and the only thing sharper than its claws and fangs was a saw-toothed sword that it held in its right paw.

The humans were speechless, and Goldar let out a satisfied growl as he took a couple of steps forward.

"Nothing to say, humans?" he posed, smacking the blade in his other hand as the group moved back. "Hmph. I guess the fear in your eyes screams for you."

"What kind of Pokémon…" Misty began.

"It's not…" Lia assured her. Her mind raced back to Island Legends, about what she read on page 100. "This is what it meant?" she thought.

The group stopped backing away from Goldar, and Ash stepped forward.

"I don't know what you want, but you're clearly trouble." Ash said in a low voice. Unlike the many Pocket Monsters he had met and bonded with on his travels, he could tell this thing had no chance of being friendly.

"I'm worse than that, boy!" Goldar snapped, pointing his sword at him. "I am Goldar, the greatest warrior in the universe! And you have two choices: bow before me and my empress Rita Repulsa, or face certain destruction!"

Goldar laughed as the young people stood still. Tracey was at the rear of the group, and he was looking for any way out for him and his friends. He then jumped back, and so did the others, when they saw the barely visible Adder coming in from the darkness, fangs tinged red and green.

"There's nowhere to go," the Adder said. He took his scaly arms and tossed the unconscious officer he had been carrying toward the teens; his shirt was torn at the collar, bloody punctures formed near the very top of his chest, and his wounds and eyes were coated with green slime.

"And you have nobody to help you."

Brock, Tracey, Lia, Misty, and Ash all bunched up together in a human circle. Their breaths quickened and they shook from head to toe. Some mouths were agape and others were pursed shut, but they all clenched their fists and narrowed their gazes.

"Oh, how brave!" Goldar jested, Adder hissing with glee at the scene as well. As he spoke, five bestial roars blasted through the woods as thunder boomed and lightning struck again. The teens kept their positions, but gasped at how loud the noises were now. Goldar looked into the sky with a puzzled look, but then he began to laugh again.

"Pay no attention to them," he said, drawing his sword back for a deep swing. "They can't help you! And it seems you've made your choice!"

With a snarl, Goldar lunged and went to drive his sword to bisect two of the humans. Yet before his weapon found its mark, the five bodies vanished, suddenly cloaked in bright glints of black, pink, blue, yellow, and red that rose to the sky and gone from sight.

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