Paradise in Winter

Few Drinks in Line

*One Week Later*

The sun rose after days of playing behind the clouds, not bright enough to hurt the eyes, but smooth them with its heat. Cold winds still blew, making the leaves shiver and fall dead on their parents' feet. It seemed like paradise, with white snow covering everything with its purity. The grass smelled cold, with the lonely roads leading to nowhere. People walking and jogging on sidewalks, in track suits and headphones in ears, and youngsters driving their bicycles with freedom, as cars and big vehicles were waiting in garages for the city to wake.

Winter sunshine fell on her face from the window, which made her groan and turn her face, opposing the window. Her senses soon came back to her. She could feel her body again. She could feel the burning pain in her head which made her furrow her brows and clinch her teeth. She could feel the softness of the sheets underneath her, and warmth of the blankets over her. There was a smell in her sheets, which was odd and engaging, of some kind of mint. She felt oddly comfortable and as she snugged more in her bed, she heard someone moan beside her. Her eyes shot open.

She jumped with a little squeal unaware that someone was accompanying her in her bed.

Her sudden movement and sound made the person beside her fall off the bed, hitting the floor. She peeked over from the bed, to check who was there, and whether or not they were hurt.

There on the floor was Scorpius Malfoy, rubbing the back of his head with one hand and holding his right knee with the other.

She realized that neither was this her room, nor was she supposed to be here.

"Are you alright?" she asked, pitying him.

"What? Yeah... Ouch," he replied, distracted by the pain.

He got up and sat on the end of the bed, examining his knee, though it was covered by his jeans.

There came a moaning sound of a girl at the foot of the bed. Rose tried to remove the blanket from the source of the sound, and found her friend Johanna Brown snuggling in the bed and pulling the blanket again over her head, stubbornly. Rose tried to pull the blanket off her again, but her friend shouted, "Let it go!," at which she pulled with more strength.

"What is it?" came the sleepy voice of Albus Potter from the floor.

Rose looked at him and pouted, for he was looking exactly like a two year old. He was crouching with his head in his own arms, defending the winter winds and drooling over his sweater.

Scorpius was going through the drawers on the other side of the room, finding his hangover potion.

"Found it!" he shouted proudly, but soon regretted as it didn't really helped him with his headache.

"SHUT UP!" Johanna screamed, under her blankets.

Scorpius looked at her and then at Rose, sheepishly.

"Sorry, she is not really a morning person," Rose apologised.

Scorpius went out to divide the potion in four, for all of his friends.

Rose meanwhile woke her cousin, who went to the loo rubbing his eyes, muttering something to himself. She then tried to wake her friend.

"Jo! Wake up!"

"Go away!"

"Scorpius is bringing hangover potion!"

"Screw him!"

"Johanna Brown, you better wake up, NOW!"

And finally, she succeeded with great efforts. The girls then joined Scorpius in the living room. Albus was already there, half-awake, half-asleep.

They all drained the hangover potion, down their throats. Rose then went over to find something in the refrigerator, Scorpius started making hot coffee for everyone, and Johanna and her boyfriend were getting cosy on the sofa.

"You have a lot of healthy food," Rose said to Scorpius with her head still buried in the fridge.

"Because I did the shopping. Your cousin likes very unhealthy material. Pass the milk?" he replied.

"Unhealthy, but tasty," she said passing the milk, at which Scorpius couldn't help but smile.

"You cook?" she asked, examining a can of beans hungrily.

"Yes, and you?" he added.

"Hmmm... Not really. To be honest, Jo is the one who does the cooking," she replied and continued to investigate the fridge for the next ten minutes after which she joined Scorpius in the kitchen.

"Hmm... You have a lot of things common with your cousin, I see," he muttered so Rose couldn't hear, which she didn't, and poured the coffee into four coffee mugs.

They joined the couple at the sofa and each grabbed their mugs and started sipping in small amounts.

"So any of you guys remember what actually happened last night?" Rose said after she took a long sip from her mug. All her friends looked at her like she had grown an extra head or something.

"You don't remember!?" They all said in unison, looking at Rose in awe.

"I guess I had more drinks than you guys," she said proudly, at which Scorpius snorted and said "We could tell."

And her friends jumped in to fill Rose in with the story of the previous night.


"Oh please join us! This is gonna be amazing!"
"Parties are not really my thing, Jo. I guess you have to go alone."
"What if Al ditches me to join his old friends? Then I will be all alone with no one to talk to! Come on Rose!"
"He is Al Potter! Like he could even think of ditching you! Also, aren't you being a bit too dramatic?"
"Okay, but I need another female by my side! And you could get fresh air, far from books and work!"
"Wow! You are actually advising me to go AWAY from books! The girl who stayed up long nights reading and broke though restricted section for them, is-"
"It was all you, I just accompanied you! And I only stayed up on weekends, but you were up almost every day, except Sundays!"
"You knew!? Was the torch under the sheet that visible!?"
"Yeah it was, and that's why I tried to make arrangements so you could get naps, here and there- but DON'T CHANGE THE SUBJECT!"

"Fine! I'll go! Happy?" Rose snapped, shutting her book, 'Healer's Guide: Advanced', after placing a bookmark which was heavily scribed with complex words and numbers.

"Very," Jo muttered, keeping the thick book in the corner of table, over 'Healer's guide: Beginners', clearing for some space. She then again filled the area with a plate, containing a dark chocolate pastry with beautiful decorations and garnishing, and beamed at Rose. "Try this before you go changing," she added to her red-head friend.

"YOU made it!?" her friend said, in awe. Jo nodded and indicated to Rose to taste it, who picked up the spoon and dug into the treat.

"Now I know why I keep you around."


Rose and her friend apparated to the busy streets of Diagon Alley and headed down a street whose far end had an old shut-down shop where the party was held.

"This seems more of a good murder spot to me," Rose muttered to her friend as they reached the shop. Seeing the shop reminded her of words like 'desert' and 'graveyard', but as she entered, loud music hit her ears, sending her hands to cover them as a reflex defense. The place was crowded with people dancing, drinking, and laughing in groups and circles. It didn't even look close to 'desert', instead more of a party that seemed out of a scene from muggle movies.

Jo was obviously very excited as she didn't really attend many parties due to the fact that she was all goody-two-shoes in Hogwarts. She also did not have a family like Rose, where every family meet seemed like a big party. She belonged to a muggle family and was her parents' only child, with very few cousins by her side. It was a fact that she envied Rose for her family.

They searched for their mates and joined them at a table.

"This has to be the best party ever!" Jo screamed though the noise.



People were surrounding in a circle, cheering for the drinking competition.

Scorpius was on the right side, and Al on the left.

"JO! JO! JO!.." screamed Al, cheering for his girlfriend.

"ROSE! ROSE! ROSE!..." roared Scorpius for his friend.

Rose and Jo, the innocent Ravenclaws, were drinking so badly that if one of their teachers entered right now, no one would believe it was them.

The four friends were getting awfully drunk as the night went on.


"I am the king! Kneel before me, you filthy people!"

"Rose... you are king? You are a girl…! You can't be-"

"Al, Al, Al... Look at the feeling by which it's said, not the words."

"That's so deeee...eee...eep!" Al sing-songed.

"Hey Al, do you have a cousin by the name of 'Raven'? A letter came, yesterday, here, I forgot to give it to you," came in Scorpius, who wasn't very sober either, holding a letter.

"Graven who...? Oh GRAVY! Yes! Yes! I love gravy!"

"Al! You loved me!" punched Jo.

"Sorry Jo, but food is above it all."

"But gravy what?" Al asked his friend.

"Gravy? Al! I asked 'Raven'! God you have no idea what you are speaking, have you?" replied Scorpius.

"I sent the letter! I AM RAVEN! Teddy calls me Raven! Teddy... I miss him so much!" Rose said, and started sobbing.

"Oh! It's okay Rosie." Al comforted his cousin.

"Who's 'Teddy'?" Scorpius grunted.

"Oh! Teddy Lupin!"

"I miss him soooo much! He is so good! He gets me SO well, and loves me too! He is-" Rose started ranting about her cousin, Ted.

"Teddy Lupin? Is he her boyfriend?" Scorpius asked.

"Oh NO! He is our lovely cousin!"

"Oh! Sorry! Sometimes I forget that more than half the world is your FAMILY!"

"Hmmm... It's not a good sign to forget things... I think you are getting old Scorpy!"

"Already!? No!"

"Poor Scorpy! Rose, you are also old, you sympathize with him! Rose?"

Rose jumped at her name, and flung her arms around Scorpius, hugging him.

"Hey! You two! Stay away! I don't want you idiots to fall in love!" Al said, breaking the hugging couple apart. They moaned as they were forced apart violently.

"You are SO bad, Al!" Rose said punching her cousin.

"Yes! I wouldn't fall in love!" Scorpius said folding his arms.

"You wouldn't...?" came the little voice of Rose.

"'Cause I already love you!" he cheered, smirking and eyeing Al who glared at him.

"Awww..." Rose said, pushing her cousin and entering into the arms of her friend.

"God! Uncle Ron will kill me!" Al said.


"-and then we all moved our group party to Scorpius's room and played 'Truth or Dare' and then we all zoomed out."

All of her friends finished telling the story of the previous night and were looking at Rose, whose mouth was dropped to the floor.

"I... umm… did what?... Hell, drunken Rose is mental!" she finally let out.

Scorpius just smirked as her other friends laughed, and as he got up a voice stopped him.

"Oh and Scorpius!" Rose called and he turned around, smirking.

"I don't love you."

"I wouldn't have thought otherwise."

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