Paradise in Winter

A trip to the crazy world

The weather seemed nicer and better with birds chiming around and cold breezes, enough to make leaves fall from trees but not to blow them away. Even a nightingale came upon a tree to sing and practice her throat, with streets almost empty as it was one of the working days and people were in their offices and shops.

Knock Knock!

Scorpius was sitting in his apartment reading a mystery novel, enjoying his half day which he took because of a Malfoy family get-together, beginning two hours from now.

He went to the door, wondering who might be there as he wasn't expecting anyone. He opened the door and found his friend in a state between unconsciousness and consciousness.

"Al? Are you drunk?"

"No! That... crazy bitch... she...she...wants"

Al dropped himself in his friend's arms, which caught him and supported him.

"Al? Seriously, you are freaking me out! You are okay!?"

"RUN! She will eat us!"

"Can we see Rose Weasley? It's urgent!"

"Sorry, she is in class right now."

"What, is she a professor or something?"

The woman finally looked up, and was shocked to see Al's condition.

"No, she is a Healer in training and needs to take class to learn, you know," she said to Scorpius like he was a child, at which he rolled his eyes. Then she added in a concerned way, "He needs urgent treatment. Go to floor five."

Albus was in a ward with a healer who had a badge on his coat reading 'Healer Rodge'. Scorpius had nothing to do, so he started to wander around, thinking he could wait for his friend to get well and join his family later. He thought that the meet was an hour and a half from now, and getting there late wouldn't hurt.

He roamed in search of coffee, thinking about what the woman at the counter said. From the conversation he had with Rose, he thought she was already a healer and just wanted a promotion, but now he realized that she was still in training. Was she lying? He shook his head to clear his thoughts, and said to himself,

Stop investigating everyone!

That's when he found a small cafeteria. He went in and got himself a coffee and as he reached the door to exit, he found none other than Rose Weasley entering the cafeteria. As she noticed him, a series of expressions went across her face, progressing from recognition to confusion to worry.

"What are you doing here? Nobody's hurt, right?"

"No, actually, it's Al. He is- Rose?"

"Where is he?" she demanded.

"Fifth floor," he replied and followed her as she hurried to find Al. As they reached the location, he guided her to the room in which Al was stationed.

She burst through the door and went inside while Scorpius stayed at the door wondering if he should join or if only healers were allowed to burst in like that. As Healer Rodge and Albus saw Rose, they started speaking at the same time.

"Rose, save me! He is trying to kill me-"

"Healer Weasley, please go, I am in a middle of-"

Rose, as expected by Scorpius, ignored both of them, and stood by the bed.

"He is my cousin. Now, what happened to him?" she asked the healer.

"Oh, I see. I think Cansonia is what it is. But we have to get him though few tests, to make sure. He has to stay the night as his body is weak. We will give him a few tests when he wakes with an empty stomach tomorrow, as well as a few today..."

Rose's back was towards Scorpius, so he couldn't see her reaction. But she turned around and left the room, passing him as the door closed, automatically. She went straight to the wall opposite the door, and buried her head in her hands as her forehead almost touched the wall. Scorpius reached her, and placed a hand over her shoulder as he asked in a calm voice, even though inside he was freaking out.

"Rose, what happened? What's Cansonia?"

She slowly turned, rubbed her eyes, and finally dropped her hands.

She met his eyes, which had worry plastered in them.

And suddenly, she started laughing. Madly.

Scorpius's hand dropped from her shoulder, as he was a little taken aback.

"Got you!" she said between her laughs.

"God Rose! That's so bad! Please don't do that again, ever!"

She managed an apology between her laughs as she tried to control them.

"Anyways, what's Cansonia?"

"It's the situation which happens when one thinks too much then gets highly exhausted. The worst of this situation is depression, but that's the far conclusion! It happens only to wizards, and is the funniest thing we learned about in our classes, but don't tell Al I said that! Anyways,it sometimes leads to hallucinations when you drink any magical potion while you are worrying. Did he drink something?"

"I don't know... Hold on, so it happened because Al tried to use his brain?" he joked.

"Hey! He is still in hospital!" she protested for her cousin.

"Need I remind you of the joke you made after coming out of the ward?"

"Bloody hell, we are the worst friends ever!"

"No, we are just making life fun. I am sure Al will laugh himself when he gets to know what happened." Rose snorted at that.

"Anyways, I should probably go get Jo. She would want to know about him...does she know?"

"No, she wasn't there when he arrived, and if she did know, do you really think she wouldn't be here right now?"

"Good point. I should go-"

That's when someone called her from behind. She turned and recognised the man who was running towards her with great speed.

"Rose! Healer William is going to give a lecture to all the trainee healers NOW and I HAVE to collect all of them in ten minutes!" he ranted, completely missing Scorpius' presence.

"Need help?" Rose offered.

"Yes! Thank god! Ummm... Okay! Only eleven more to go. You find Sara, Simon, Alex and those three crazy butterflies. I will find the rest and Alison. Meet you in the classroom! Bye!" And with that he was out of there.

Rose turned again towards Scorpius who raised an eyebrow and asked, "Crazy butterflies?"

"The bitches who pretend to be 'girly'," she replied with a smirk and he snorted. She continued,

"Change of plans. You go get Jo. I will be on the other side of the building. If there is anything... important, call me! Ask Betty, the receptionist, if you can't find me, even though there won't be anything urgent happening, but STILL," she ranted and took her right hand out of her healer's white coat, for a shake hand. "Deal?" she added.

"Deal," he replied, accepting her hand.

She started running past Scorpius after a little pat on his shoulder. He turned and called after her, "Where is Jo?"

Rose turned around, walking backwards, she cupped her hands to her mouth and replied, "Home," before she turned back and took a left turn.

A black crow returned to her home tree, where a baby crow was looking up hopefully at her.

Knock, knock!

Jo opened the door with a muggle TV remote in one hand and the doorknob in the other. As she recognised the man at her door, she subconsciously removed her hand from the knob, causing the door to swing wide open.

"Hey, Scorpius! Did we all decide to meet? Maybe that's why Al is missing, he already went! Sorry but my planner is lost, and I am missing out on all the appointments-" Jo ranted and was interrupted by Scorpius.

Jo was having a really hard time in the office due to her boss who seemed to have a special hatred for her. Once, she stayed up all night to complete an article and when she showed her boss, Mrs. Zabini, she said it was too long, and said to write it again! Jo had nearly quit, but she loved writing and getting a column in Daily Profit by her name was her dream. She didn't want to work for some stupid magazines, and she knew that once she'd get a column she wouldn'thave to work under Mrs Zabini anymore. So, the little group of Al, Rose, and Scorpius decided to have drinks in Diagon Alley with Jo to cheer her up.

"JO! We decided to meet on Saturday. BUT... ummm... it's just..." Scorpius couldn't think of words to tell her that her boyfriend was in the hospital.

"Scorpius... What is it?" she asked, giving him a suspicious look that a mother gives her kid when she finds the cookie jar empty.

"Umm... it's Al... he is kind of in the hospital..."

"Kind of?"

"He is."


"He is totally fine! Rose says it's nothing, just because of pressure. Jo? You are... white. Look, don't freak out it's-"

But he was interrupted by a loud popping sound, and he found himself alone on the doorstep.

The wind flew past him, making his hair fly towards the right. It was as if nature was laughing at him.

He pulled out his wand and charmed the door to lock, preventing any muggle robbery.

He turned to leave, shaking his head, and muttered, "Why does everyone jump to the worst conclusions?" and with another pop he was also gone, too.

The dark coloured creature flew away, to get food for her kid, who seemed to be sleeping in the nest, high above ground.

"Again, why is this funny?"

"Bloody hell, Jo! I thought you had good sense of humour!"

"Rose, seriously, I have no idea in what way this is funny!"

"Look, Al is someone who worries about EVERYTHING! You can't make him stop worrying, trust me I've tried. And this Cansonia thing is just like if you came to the Hogwarts Hospital Wing with a headache! Harmless! Really, even if you don't cure it, it doesn't matter, but you have to reduce tension of course. But if we give him few medicines and potions, he may never have hallucinations ever again!"

"He had hallucinations!?"

"Oh... Ummm.. Kind of... But-"

"Oh my god! He is gonna die!"

"Did you just ignore everything I said!?"

The two Ravenclaw friends were interrupted by Scorpius.

"We can see him now."

The three friends entered the ward to see Al lying on his bed looking at the ceiling of the room. Jo looked at him and threw Rose a glare that clearly said, 'You said he was fine!'

They seated themselves near his bed and he removed his eyes from the ceiling to look at them.

"Thinking something, buddy?" Scorpius joked.

Al looked at Scorpius, a little taken aback, and closed his eyes to add a little dramatic effect to his reply.

"You don't care that your friend is gonna die, do you?"

Jo raised an eyebrow at that, Scorpius snorted, and Rose rolled her eyes.

"You are not gonna die!" they said in unison.

"Then why am I having images of Jo as a zombie chasing me to kill?"

Everyone in the room fell silent. They simply stared at him and he stared back.

Then everyone, including Al, started laughing so hard that Healer Rodge actually came in to check on them. They all tried to speak but couldn't help but crack up here and there.

"It seemed serious in my head!" (Al)

"Jo was a zombie?" (Rose)

"That 'bitch' was Jo?" (Scorpius)

"I get to kill you?" (Jo)

They spent the next hour talking about the whole situation and Al was the one who was laughing the hardest.

"Told you it is funny! The hallucinations you get in this are always crazy!" said Rose.

"That reminds me, what were you thinking about?" Jo asked.

Al's ears turned red and he shared a look with his friend, whose expression changed as realisation came upon him.

"Aah... Just, you know... work and family," Al said.

Rose looked at her cousin and at her new friend closely and mentally nodded her head.

Jo figured it was something between the boys and let it drop.

"Well... I should probably go, I have to get to class."

Rose stood up and as she reached the door, a voice stopped her.


She turned. "Yes, Scorpius?"

"Umm... There is something I need to ask you."

"Don't cross boundaries, and I will answer truly."

"I thought you were a healer, like professionally, but you are a... trainee." He gave an expression as if expecting her to blast.

Rose looked at him, and then her other friends, who not only looked curious, but also hopeful.

"Come on! I ranted about me being trainee after we watched that stupid horror movie! Did you honestly tune out?" Rose said with a snort, expecting him to disagree, but he didn't.

"You know what? Never mind! It's your job, not mine! Sorry to disturb!" Scorpius gave the clever reply.

"Oh no! Wait! You don't tune out when I talk! As a friend you gotta listen to the shit I say!"

"See! Even you agree that was shit!"

"Don't play with words! Jo, Al, back me up here!"

They looked at Rose hopelessly.

"You two didn't have any idea what I do either! You JUST got to know, right?"

"Well... now it makes sense why you have tests and exams..." Jo muttered.

"I heard that! God, my friends are hopeless! Bloody hopeless!" she huffed waving her hands above her head and stormed out of the room.

There was silence in the room, and soon Jo decided to break it.

"Aah... Look! I brought the TV remote with me! Scorpius! Could you please drop it off at home?"

Scorpius stood up and raised his hands in surrender, after taking the remote.

"Fine! I know you want me gone, I'll go!" he said, and Al winked at him. "Anyways, I have to go to my parents place for a family get-together and I am already two hours late," he added, rolling his eyes. He stood up and went outside the room as Al called after him,

"Have fun with blondies, blonde-y!"

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