Paradise in Winter

Family Meet

-12 years before-

The red train was at its best speed, moving toward a castle of everyone's dreams.

"There has got to be a compartment without any of my family!" whispered the little red-head determinedly to herself.

Her luggage was in the compartment where her cousin Dominique was, as she offered to help. Rose, then, took one of her favourite books and started to find a compartment with silence and peace.

She opened a compartment and found her cousins James and Fred with a first year. They were smiling from ear to ear, and one could tell something mischievous was going to happen.

They nodded, and the first year boy drank something in a small bottle. Suddenly, his black hair turned bright yellow and his nose started bleeding. The two boys started laughing hard, while the boy looked at them in confusion.

"Yes, James. I think it's expired" Fred said as he took the little bottle away from him.

Rose rolled her eyes and continued searching for a peaceful compartment.

She opened another compartment, which seemed quiet and almost normal. Her cousin, Albus Potter, and a blonde boy looked up at her, as she stood at the compartment door, and exclaimed,

"Seriously, is our family production that large!" before exiting the compartment.

She could hear Al apologising for his 'crazy family' as she left.

She opened the compartment beside the one Al was in and found a brown haired girl holding her shoes up by the shoelaces as they burned in flames.

Rose felt really happy to find a compartment almost empty, as well as with no relatives.

"Can I help?" she offered to the brown hair girl, who smiled and nodded.

"I was just cleaning them, I have no idea how they caught fire..." she explained, sheepishly.

Rose took out her wand and counter cursed the shoes. The brown haired girl dropped them on the floor, and flashed a smile at Rose, who returned it with equal enthusiasm.

"Thank you!"

"Oh don't worry about it!"

"Sorry, my- is that Hogwarts: a History!?" she exclaimed at the book in Rose's hands.

Rose nodded and showed her.

The girl smiled as if her birthday had come and shifted aside so Rose could look at the giant book on the seat. Hogwarts: a History.

Rose felt overjoyed to find someone who liked books too.

"Rose Weasley," she said, stretching out a hand for a hand shake.

"Johanna Brown," replied the girl, accepting her hand.


"Do you think this book is dead?" asked the red-head boy to his sister.

It was Christmas holidays. Rose's best days, where she would spend time with her crazy, large family, all gathered at the Burrow. Last year, the house was made bigger as Teddy married, her cousin Dom got engaged, and many little ones too had someone special to bring over. But this wasn't just a matter of them being big in numbers. There were yet many things that happened in the house. The house also needed space for kids to run. James and Fred were the only ones who somehow could never grow up. Their tricks always targeted someone who would take revenge, and Weasley-Potter revenges are never good. Sooner and later, there was a war going with two teams. All cousins would divide themselves and play tricks on each other.

This was a usual family get-together for the Weasley family.

"No, dumbo. I guess it's been a long time you have seen a book that doesn't scream."

"Don't you find these books boring?"

"Don't you find studying about magical creatures boring?"

"Actually, I don't. It's weird that many people asked me the same question, isn't it? In fact, I am pretty sure Dad thinks I got my screw lose."

"Well, he is not the only one."

"You are so right! I had a girlfriend once who actually gave me a Healer's number before she broke up with me."



"Why didn't you tell me? I would've shone her who is crazy!"

"Rosie! I love it when you play the big protective sister but I may have bored her..."

"Hugo, what did you do?"

"I may have explained to her a bit about the dragon Uncle Charlie gave me."

"Uncle Charlie gave you a DRAGON!?"

"What? Oh no- no he didn't- haha I was just kidding!"


"Okay fine, don't tell Mom and Dad, but I kept it in my room for three years! Only he knew about this! And now you, and that girl."

"Hold on. THREE years!"

"They grow really slowly. Expensive breed, you see. Those were the years when you went to Hogwarts and I was left alone with mom and dad."

"No wonder you loved Hagrid. I thought you were gay!"

"Hey, don't be rude! Uncle Charlie gave it to me because he thought I would feel lonely, 'cause my red dragon was off to a place called Hogwarts!"

"Did you just call me dragon? Forget that, did you just say you got it as areplacement for me?"

"Kind of..."

"Oh my god! Hugo, I will definitely consult Head Healer for you."

"Come on! You were the only one who always supported me!"

"I do support you, Hu. But can you really expect me not to tease you?"

"Of course not. You are, after all, a Weasley."

"Yes, and so are you, so go run before-"

"ROSE, HUGO! Why don't you two de-gnome the garden? All your cousins have some excuse for themselves and many are yet to arrive. It's important you see, we are going to set the dining table in garden, and we don't want gnomes to disturb our guests, do we? So go, chop-chop! Set to work!" said Rose's grandmother to her and her brother, hands covered with flour.

Their faces dropped as the siblings shared a pitying look.

She turned and as she almost reached the kitchen, she called them again.

"Umm… Hugo!" she called.

Hugo's eyes lit up for he thought it would be something good.

"Would you be able to do it alone? I need a little help from Rosie with the frosting," said Granny.

Hugo's face fell as Rose jumped to help her grandmother.

"Oh he can, Granny! Let me help you with-"

"Oh no, Rose. You go help your brother, I will help Grandma," said Hermione bossily. "I am not telling you to clean the toilet, dear, then why that face?" she added.

Rose rolled her eyes and excused herself to grab her jacket. Hugo followed behind her.

She groaned as she zipped the jacket while Hugo was having trouble finding his 'favourite jacket' that he brought with him.

"Come on, Rosie! Mum is just tired!"

"And here comes the momma's boy to save his mommy!"

"Rooosie! I am just saying...!"

They went down-stares and went straight to the garden to set to work.

-12 years before-

Everyone was pushing their way in, hurrying as the engine started.

Scorpius waved his parents goodbye until they disappeared from eyesight. Then he soon found an empty compartment. He placed his trunk under the seat and started staring out the window.

Few trees, few houses, few farms passed and soon there was knock on the door andit swiftly slid open.

"Will you mind if I sit?"

"Course not!" he said grinning.

"I am Albus Potter, by the way. But call be Al or I will kill you."

"I'm Scorpius Malfoy. You can call me Scorpius."

"Oh, Merlin! Do you think I will be a Slytherin? I hope not! I mean no offence, but they are SO evil!"

"Why would I take offence?"

"I don't know. It's just your family history is full of Slytherins..."

"Please don't judge me by my family, I am not them and they are not me. My father did whatever he could to stay alive for his family."

"Bloody hell, you are judging ME by my family! I am not going to hate you because you are a Malfoy!"

"Well, that's good. By the way, I don't think you will make a good Slytherin, more of a good Hufflepuff… Hey, hey! Don't kill me, I was just kidding!"

Suddenly, a girl with furious red hair came in with a gentle knock.

She had freckles all over her nose, fair skin, hair that was wildly tied with a rubber-band and a large thick book in her arms which she hugged to her chest. She was already in her school robes and had a nerdy, tired, bored expression. The moment she saw Al, however, her expressions changed in a blink of an eye into irritated, frustrated, angered and tired. She twitched her left eye, unconsciously.

She huffed and screamed,

"Seriously, is our family production that large!"

She turned around stamping her right foot. Due to such sudden change in course, her hair leaked from the knot.

"Sorry about that. Did I tell you how crazy my family was?"

Scorpius was noticing the red head, who rolled her eyes.

"Al, she heard you!" he said to his new friend.

"That's alright! We all fight, all the time...! But at the end of the day we come back to each other..."

Scorpius smiled and Al gave him a warning look.

"You know, we are also overly protective towards each other."

"Oh dear! Don't take me wrong, I just like observing people! I know I am weird!"

"So, what's your top Quidditch score?"

"How do you know I play, maybe I have never touched a broom yet?"

"I can tell that you do, guess we'll have a good competition, then!"

"If we are not sorted into the same house..."


"-I bet he was dead, but then if you smell him and look at his feet going green, you can tell he is kidding around with you."

"Seriously, what breed is that creature! He can stop his HEART!?"

Rose and Hugo entered the house again as Ginny, Hermione, Ron and Harry started setting the tables and crockery.

"ROSE WEASLEY! Tell me if it hasn't been centuries not seeing you!" Ted exclaimed, hugging Rose.

"Haven't gotten over the habit of exaggerating, I see!" Rose teased him.

"What's that? Your new friend teaching you detective skills?"

"Al told you about Scorpius?"

"He did indeed, with help of his new 'girlfriend'"

"Wait- Jo's here, too!?"

"Yes. Fred is telling her stories about 'Baby Al'!"

"Let the war begin!"

Rose went around the house meeting all her cousins.

"Hugo, how is life!? All good going!?"

"Hello, James! Yes, actually, more than fine! Jess is pregnant!"

"Jess? Don't tell me she is your girlfriend!"

"Remember I told you and your girlfriend about that new breed of dragon last year?"

Last year, Hugo told James's girlfriend about magical creatures for three straight hours! James was so busy having a Quidditch match with his cousins, that when he discovered it was too late. She sneaked out of the house and when James tried to stop her, she refused, saying his family needed a Healer's opinion. Later, Hugo confessed it was his fault and that he was sorry about it, but James was James, andhe planned a revenge against Hugo with Fred.

Naïve Hugo was casually talking with James, who was actually distracting him so Fred could do the real prank.

"How can I forget... Hold it- you kept her name?"

"I know! But I feel sad, you see, they grow REALLY fast and have a very little life span."

Fred threw a jelly towards James, who caught it and shoved it in his mouth.

"Don't worry buddy! You will be fine!" James said to Hugo with an evil smirk as heplaced a hand on his shoulder.

Hugo was suddenly hit with an electric-shock, as he stood stiff then fell. With Hugo's fall, James and Fred's faces fell. Oh no.

-12 years earlier-

The large metal brown double doors opened, revealing the Great Hall. The hall Rose dreamt about in her dreams, since she could remember. There were four tables sorted by house where many students were already sitting. There were shining gold plates and goblets in front of each student. The teachers' table was at the top of the hall. A few of the professors were smiling at the first years, a few were giving them a daring look. Rose tried to ignore the looks she was getting from many students. Being the daughter of two of the golden trio, was not always helping.

The most amazing and exciting thing was the ceiling of the hall. It seemed as thoughthe hall had no roof and showed a beautiful sky, but Rose had read and was also told that there was indeed a roof and it was bewitched. There were thousands candles flowing high above their heads, in midair.

They were made to stand in the middle of hall, in two straight lines.

Rose's cousin, Albus, was standing beside her in the other row behind his new blonde friend. Behind Rose, was Jo, who looked around in awe and wonder. She was a muggle born so it must be a totally different experience for her, Rose thought.

All the tiny first years looked quite nervous and so was Rose.

A tall, old, skinny lady that led them to the hall stood beside a stool that had an old, worn-out hat. It looked as if it had been through many wars and battles. And maybe it had.

"Welcome to Hogwarts, a place you will always be welcome. The place where you would know how special you are. Now, it's time for sorting, the moment you will know in which place you belong. As you know there are four houses; Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff. Each house has its own significance and will be more than proud to have you. Your houses will be like your family. Now, let the sorting begin!" said the old lady, Professor Ikre. Each house cheered for the tiny ones.

The hat on the stool suddenly started singing, forming a line few centimetres aboveits edge that looked like its mouth.

Rose already knew what the hat sang.

Brave; be a Gryffindor.

Ambitious; be a Slythrins.

Intelligence; be a Ravenclaw.

Loyal; be a Hufflepuff.

This was the greatest test of any wizard because they get what they deserve truly. No cheating, all fair.

Professor Ikre unfolded a scroll and started calling names.

The first was,

"Brown, Johanna"

She was almost shaking with sudden attention. She nervously went and sat on the stool like a three year old.

The moment the hat touched her head, it screamed,


She looked close to tears as she beamed at Rose and went to join her new family.

Many names were called. Rose waited patiently for her turn and also for her cousin's.

Soon, she heard the words.

"Potter, Albus."

All the hall went in 'aah's and 'ooh's, while he nervously went to the hat.

It took a minute after which it screamed,


Rose gasped, as everyone cheered except James and Fred, who were shouting; "Traitor!"

Albus looked at everyone, smiling nervously. His blonde friend gave him a low thumbs up to cheer him up as he went to join the green table.

"Malfoy, Scorpius"

Rose looked closely as he went near the hat and placed it on his head.

They seemed to have a conversation amongst themselves.

"Aah, another Malfoy! Great strength I see... clever too... but I think you'd better be-"


There was a unique expression for a milli-second where he looked shocked but then pride flew across his face as he joined Albus who patted his back.

Then it was-

"Weasley, Rose."

Rose lost the knowledge of walking after hearing her name. Soon, she gulped and made her way from the crowd.

The hat was placed above her head, and it seemed to be talking to her. She was glad no one else could hear what it said.

"Aah... intelligence just like your mother. Also brave as ever. Red would suit you... you have the ability to achieve great things like your parents... but I think it better be-"


Rose seemed confused. The hat was saying she could be good Gryffindor, yet she was placed in Ravenclaw? She smiled broadly and joined Jo, who was now at the edge of her chair from excitement.

Soon the ceremony was over and the headmistress, Professor McGonagall, announced-

"Let the feast begin!"





"No, Grandma..."


"We were-"

"I didn't-"

"George? George! You PROMISED me something, remember?"

"That I will not let them test our products on family, I know, Mum."

Then he turned to face them and said, "James, Fred? I am so disappointed in you two. If there comes a next time, I will fire you two, so hide it better next time! You get me?"

James and Fred smirked, as their grandmother rolled her eyes and shoved the back of her son's head.

Rose was checking Hugo, who was now awake and angry. His face was red with fury and his mind was full of ways he could get revenge on them.

"He is fine, just needs an anger management potion, I guess," Rose announced to everyone, smirking at Hugo.

"You all better go find a good hiding place because my revenge is not going to be easy to handle!" he screamed at his cousins, and his sister, who was now also guilty in his eyes.

"We better stop taking all these revenges or soon we will end up dead, murdered by each other," she joked. Or did she?

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