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Moon Shines Red

By Cinnamon


Chapter 1

Inkitt-Imported from fanfiction.net

Authors Note: So after I wrote Count the Saints and it only got one review I was super bummed out. However I started taking notes after watching The Half Blood Prince again and came up with some ideas for a prequel of sorts. More like the events leading up to Count the Saints and the reactions afterwards. Hope you all like it. Please review if you do. I'm always up for answering questions if you have any but it's definitely the reviews that keep a writer writing. If anyone who reads is a Beta and would like to help a sister out that would be wonderful.

It was a long train ride back to Hogwarts to start their sixth year. Everyone was on edge with the recent events that had happened at the Department of Mysteries. Voldemort was back and now the whole Wizarding world knew. Harry was no longer looked at with concerns of being crazy and no one doubted Dumbledore anymore. The minister himself had seen and with the exclamation of "He's back!" had sent everyone into an uproar.

Hermione was currently listening to Harry claim Malfoy's Death Eater involvement for the umpteenth time. Not that she liked Draco or anything but to even think of a student in their year being involved in the Dark Lord's plans…it wasn't a pleasant thought that was for sure, and until there was any logical proof other than them seeing him with his Mother in Borgin and Burke's she was choosing not to believe it. However Harry couldn't let the idea go and she was tired of hearing the same accusations over and over again.

She politely excused herself from the boys' compartment and left in hopes of finding Neville and Seamus or Luna or even Ginny and Dean. Finding someone she knew to talk about classes with and what was to come of the new year at school was much better than listening to speculation on Death Eater activity.

Walking up the aisle of the train while searching the compartments for her friends Hermione wasn't really paying attention to what or who was in front of her. Mumbled excuse me's and sorry's sufficed to those she walked into or in front of until finally she hit something solid that didn't get out of her way. She stumbled back and looked up into the eyes of Blaise Zabini, Slytherin and one of Malfoy's best friends.

"Excuse me." She strongly said as she moved to go around the tall dark Italian. But he moved to block her path. She crossed her arms and huffed looking up at him earning a chuckle as he mimicked her movements and leaned against the wall smirking at her.

"Well well what do we have here?" He asked, it was just them in the aisle, everyone else had seemed to find compartments to go into and she realized that no one was there to see the confrontation she feared was about to happen. "What is the Gryffindor Princess doing without her Prince's? And headed into the Slytherin part of the train no doubt? I think you've lost your way Granger…no good waits for you in our car." Blaise smoothly said. Another chuckle found its way to her ears as realization spread across her face that she was indeed headed towards the Slytherin train car, certainly not the direction she was going to find any of her friends. She uncrossed her arms and glanced behind her then back up at Blaise.

"I think I'm perfectly capable of walking around the train without Harry and Ron. Unlike you" she nodded behind him where Crabbe and Goyle had just appeared leaning against the doorframe to the car and were watching them intensely, "your Slytherin watchdogs look lost without their leader." She raised her chin defiantly towards him with a smirk that could have rivaled Draco's.

Blaise smirked back at her. Such prejudice everyone held against him for being Draco's friend and a Slytherin. Not many knew his family didn't take sides in the first Wizarding War and had no intentions of being part of the second. His mother hadn't wanted him to return to Hogwarts and instead go with her back to Italy. But he had wanted to finish what he could of school so she had agreed to stay in London so that they were close. He'd been friends with Draco since they were babies. He knew how bad Draco's father was and that Draco was slowly starting to follow in his father's footsteps. But Narcissa, Draco's mother, wasn't so bad and she rubbed off on him somewhat. He knew underneath all the prejudice and pureblood elitist views there was a good man in Draco. Whether or not anyone would ever see him was another story, but for now he wanted to stay with his friends so going to Italy was not an option. He knew people roped him in with the rest of the Slytherins thinking they were all sons and daughters of Death Eaters but he was never one to really care what people thought about him.

He looked over the Gryffindor Princess. Her bushy hair had tamed itself considerable over the years now falling in cascading waves down her back. Her teeth had been fixed no longer too large for her delicate face. Her honey brown eyes gleamed with mischief and defiance. She had grown quite beautiful over the years not that he would ever admit it to anyone other than himself. He had never felt negatively towards her during their time at school. She was the brightest witch of their year and for being a Muggleborn that was incredible. He didn't believe in the Pureblood ways that Muggleborns were beneath them. Of course he could never indulge that information to any of his friends. Everyone who was in their circle had families that supported Voldemort except for himself and Pansy Parkinson. Like his, her family chose to stay neutral in the wars, but she was so infatuated with Draco that it wouldn't surprise him if she chose to follow the Dark Lord if only to gain affection from him.

"If they're lost without their leader they should be looking for Draco not me Granger." He said. He uncrossed his arms and opened his mouth to say something else but was interrupted by a voice who both he and Hermione recognized to be none other than Malfoy himself.

"Who should be looking for me? I've been looking for you what in Merlin's beard are you doing out here?" Draco asked coming up behind Blaise. His eyes rested on Hermione and he smirked at the same time she scowled at him. "Why are you wasting your time on her?" He spat. He looked her over once and grimaced before turning back towards the Slytherin car. "Now Blaise." He commanded before walking away.

Hermione's breath caught in her throat. She had been expecting much worse than that. He hadn't even called her a mudblood. She noted he didn't look well, sickly almost. Paler than usual if that was possible. He looked like he had lost weight and his eyes were hollow. Blaise turned to follow him but she was still focused on Malfoy walking away from them. "Run along Princess." He called back at her. It seemed to shake her out of her thoughts and she turned and headed back the other way resuming her search for her friends.

Back in the Slytherin car Blaise sat next to Pansy and across from Draco. He expected Draco to start in about why he had been talking to the Mudblood but to his surprise, though he didn't show it, Draco just looked out the window and seemed to be lost in his own thoughts.

Draco knew what had happened in the Department of Mysteries due to his Aunt. His mother had wanted to see it for herself so Bellatrix had used a pensieve to show her and in the aftermath of his mother being upset and Bellatrix dealing with her he had watched the memory as well. It had been disturbing to see his father in that state. He knew what kind of person his father was but had never witnessed Lucius acting out towards others, only himself. It disturbed him slightly to see the fight between the grown adults and the kids he saw every day at school. Stupid Gryffindors thinking they could get away with everything. He thought back to the memory of seeing them all bruised and bleeding. It was a memory that would always stay with him. He felt naïve, he had been brought up to believe that Purebloods were the best of the wizarding world and that Half bloods and Muggles were beneath them in every way possible. He had been told that Muggle borns had dirty blood and were never to be considered their equals.

He thought back to when Harry Potter had acquired his two sidekicks Weasley and Granger. Weasley even though a Pureblood was considered a blood traitor and Granger, well she was worse being Muggleborn. She was the epitome of everything he had been brought up to hate, yet he learned something important the day he watched his Aunt's memory. Her blood was red and looked just like his. It wasn't dirty. He felt so stupid for believing that it was actually dirty. It didn't change the way he felt about her, she was still the know it all, meddling, infuriating best friend of Harry Potter. But he couldn't help but feel a little less hate towards her…even if it was minimal. He snapped his head towards Blaise.

"Why were you talking to Granger?" He asked him sharply.

Pansy looked from Draco to Blaise in surprise. "You were talking to the Mudblood? That's what was taking you so long?" She asked him. Neither noticed Draco slightly flinch under hearing the word.

"She wasn't paying attention to where she was going and was about to walk into a pit filled with snakes. I thought I'd be gentleman and send her back the way she came. I'm not cruel enough to just let her walk in here."

Pansy scoffed. "You sound like a Gryffindor." She said disgustingly. "Who cares if she had come in here? It would have been fun to tease the little know it all." Pansy fingered her wand as a smirk crossed her face expectantly looking at Draco as if waiting for him to agree.

But Draco was staring back out the window again. "I don't know why you care." He directed towards Blaise.

"Hey who knows how long we have left in school. I plan to have fun this year. Everyone in our house in our year is on edge and uptight so I feel like this is the year for some interhouse mingling." He smirked. "Besides…Granger's grown up. Just like most the girls in our year. A little harmless flirting won't harm anyone."

Pansy made a vomiting sound. "That's absolutely disgusting Blaise."

"Oh don't think I didn't see you eyeing Finch-Fletchley on the platform."

"At least he isn't a Gryffindor!"

"No he's a Hufflepuff which is much worse in my opinion."

"Enough!" Draco drawled. He was tired of listening to them go back and forth.

"I wasn't really looking at Justin, Draco." Pansy said softly reaching for his hand across the table.

"I could care less who you look at Pansy." Draco said ignoring her outstretched hand. He looked at Blaise and shook his head. "You wouldn't actually consider snogging Granger would you?"

Blaise smiled a genuine smile. "She got hot." He simply said. "Blood doesn't matter to me when it comes to snogging Draco." He then got up and went to sit with Theodore Nott.

Draco shook his head looking back out the window trying to get the image that Blaise just created out of his head and trying to drown out the noise from Pansy talking about how disgusting she thought Blaise was being.

Authors Note: Hope you guys liked the first chapter! Please Review!

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