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Crown of Light


Petronella isn't in for the action, she's there for the peace but when she finds Ezra again after eight years she's found something she wants to protect and a love that she has to admit to. Kanan x OC

Romance / Action
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Spark of Rebellion

Lothal had been Petronella Lite's home for ten years now, entering the community at sixteen and found the community kind to her. A young family accepted her homeless state and allowed her into their home, teaching her how the world truly worked and how she could help. Five years down the road a job led her into trouble with the authorities and had to hide herself.

At the moment, she was hiding in the small, out land called Tarkin Town, helping the community the best she could, a few more days until she would leave for a new place to help. One of the citizens presented her with a fruit, stating the crew of the Ghost had come to visit. She nodded quietly and walked to the edge of the town to make a quick patrol, choosing to ignore them.

A head of blue hair - when she'd come back around from her patrol - caught her eye, recognizable since he was child and made the young woman stunned to see him entering the Ghost. She began her trek towards the ship, it being quite a bit away and uphill took her some time.

Kanan and Hera stood together speaking quietly to each other for a moment before Kanan noticed her small frame walking towards his ship. He met her outside, leaning against the Ghost with a smirk on his tanned face. The two had known each other for five years now in passing and for few moments. Their relationship was a friendly flirting with business inside. She'd help repair their ship if they could get in contact with her and on the rare occasion, she'd gone on a few missions. It was a nice relationship but nothing that ever lasted long.

"Finally decided to come join us, sweetheart?" He asked her, Petra rolled her golden eyes as him, tucking a strand of fallen brown hair out of her face.

"No, Kanan, I came with a question and possibly a favor." Petra stated, he pulled himself up straight noticing her seriousness.

"What is it?" Kanan's voice became deeper with his question, his green eyes lidding slightly.

"There wouldn't... possibly... be a uh,"

"Come on, Petra. Spit it out." Kanan said lightly, with a small chuckle as he watched her fumble for words. She seemed truly nervous.

"Yes, right. Ezra Bridger." She said quickly and without thought, her eyes were big and looked right through him. He looked a bit stunned at what she had said.


"Damn, sorry, I mean. Is Ezra Bridger on your ship? I thought I saw him." Petra explained, her thumbs rolling over each other as she waited for his answer.

Kanan nodded, unable to speak. "Yeah, uhm, he's right inside."

"Could I see him?" She asked, her golden eyes big and begging him. He could never say no to the young woman.

"Sure, I have to do a briefing with the crew anyway." He nodded, leading her inside and towards Zeb. "Zeb, take her to Ezra. She'll watch him while we do a briefing." Kanan explained to the Lasat, who nodded, a bit suspicious but didn't say anything.

The two made their way to the kitchen where Ezra was talking with Sabine. Petra stood stuffed behind Zeb as he stood in the doorway talking to the two. "Kanan wants us in the common room." He addressed Sabine, turning to look at Petra. "If he tries anything, sound the alarm." He looked to Chopper next. "Or shoot him." He stated, Ezra watched the Lasat in confusion when he talked to the hallway.

Chopper tried to tell Zeb that he wanted nothing to do with the teenager but Zeb shushed him quickly before leaving with Sabine behind him.

"Sabine. My name is Sabine." She told Ezra, before leaving. "Oh, hello Petra." She greeted.

"Petra?" Ezra asked, confused. The name curiously familiar, yet he hadn't heard it amongst the crew. A young woman entered the room, the door behind her closing with a lock.

"Hey kid." She greeted with a big smile. Ezra recognized her immediately, her big smile that wrinkled her nose and her eyes were almost closed, leaving the softest sparkle of gold in her eyes.

"Petronella?" He asked quietly, looking at the young woman who'd aged eight years since he'd last seen her. She was tall and had a loose braid wrapping around her head - crown like - with small purple flowers placed in it. She wore a maroon long sleeve shirt with a black vest on top, black tights on her bottoms and muted red shoes that almost looked like slippers on her feet.

Ezra couldn't stop looking at the woman in front of him that seemed to have aged a lot since he was only six years old, until she spoke. "You want to go see what they're talking about, Ezra?" She asked with a grin, his previous thoughts of her growing up, gone. He nodded with a smile and the two quickly entered the air duct.

"I've done this way too many times." Petra stated with a small smile as they crawled through, entering the small compartment in the common room.

"...the flight plan for an Imperial transport ship full of Wookiee prisoners." Kanan had been saying as they entered, Ezra right next to the door, cupping his hand around his ear to listen, Petra beside him in darkened side.

"Most of these Wookiees were soldiers for the Old Republic." Hera explained after Kanan.

"I owe those hairy beasts. They saved some of my people." Zeb stated with a sigh.

"Mine too." Hera agreed.

"If we're going to save them, we've got a tight window. They've been taken to an unknown slave labor camp. If we don't intercept this ship, we'll never find them. Now, I have a plan, but..." Kanan stopped at the grunt Ezra gave from talking and then being hit in the side from Petra.

The door opened and Ezra fell out with a thud, "I ordered Chopper to watch him and Petra was as well." Kanan rolled his eyes as he walked over to the little compartment where Petra was sitting.

"Oh, hello Kanan, long time no see." She greeted with a small smile. Kanan pulled her out from inside, the young woman grimacing from his grip.

"It seems we have a bird persuading him." Kanan stated, smiling bitterly at her.

"Can we please get rid of him? Or the both of them?" Zeb asked through his growl.

"I can feel the love, Zeb." Petra called, getting another eye roll from the Lasat.

"No, we can't." Sabine stated, her arms crossed as a hopeful look overcame Ezra's face hoping the feelings had finally become mutual. "He knows too much." The poor kids face fell, Petra noticed.

"We don't have time to take him home anyway. We need to move now. I'll keep an eye on him." Hera stated, helping him up.

"You can either help and stay or go back. Your choice." Kanan told Petra, his grip finally releasing her shoulder.

"I'll stay." She grumbled, crossing her arms. "But don't think I'm doing it for you, I'm sticking around for Ezra." Petra pointed a thin finger at Kanan, her lips thinned into her mouth before turning away from the man and to the cockpit.

"You know, this whole mission thing is nuts. I'm not against sticking it to the Empire, but there's no way I'd stick my neck out this far. Who does that?" Ezra asked, spinning around in his chair. Hera looked over to the kid with a sad expression.

"We do." She muttered, pushing a button, launching them forwards.

"You need to watch your step, kid. This world is a lot bigger than you think it is, and you and I both know how it works." Petra stated, diagonal from him, he looked over to her, nodding solemnly.

"Imperial transport six-five-one, this is Starbird coming inbound." Hera called into her comm when they got close to an Imperial ship.

"State your business." A man responded formally.

"Bounty. We captured an additional Wookiee and have transfer orders to place him with you." Hera stated leaning back into her seat as she played the man.

"We have no such orders." The man said frightfully annoyed, the TIE fighters beginning to come forward.

"That's fine. We already got paid by Governor Tarkin. If you don't want the oversize monologue, I'll jettison here, let you explain to your superiors why the Empire has one less slave."

"Permission to dock. Bay one." The man said quickly.

The three in the cockpit listened to the other three on the outside as they tried to convince the Stormtroopers that Zeb was a Wookiee. "This was your plan?" Petra asked, leaning against Hera's chair in amusement. The Twi'lek looked up at her with a scowl, shushing her before listening to them once more.

"Okay. You know the plan. Move out. No troopers. Security's soft." Kanan's voice filtered through, though his words became muffled and distorted until Hera couldn't hear him anymore.

"Specter One, come in. Specter Four? Specter Five?" Hera asked quickly. "Ah, comm's down." She stated before the realization came through to her. "No, not down. Jammed."

"Something's coming." Ezra whispered anxiously.

"That's an Imperial Star Destroyer." Hera stated looking up.

"This whole thing was a setup."

"We need to get in there and help them." Petra stated, leaning forward to look at the destroyer.

"It's beginning to look that way."

"You need to board the transport and warn them." Hera stated, looking at Ezra.

"What? Why don't you do it?" Ezra asked, surprised.

"Hera, he's just a kid!" Petra said, looking stunned at the woman.

"I need to be ready to take off, or none of us stands a chance." Hera stated looking up at the woman. "He's fully capable."

"I'm fully capable, I'll do it." She stated, in annoyance making her way out of the cockpit, Ezra continuing to mutter to himself.

"No. No way. Why would I risk my life for a bunch of strangers?" Ezra asked.

"Because Kanan risked his for you. If all you do is fight for your own life, then your life is worth nothing. They need you, Ezra. They need you right now. Listen. Our crew boarded that transport to selflessly rescue Imperial prisoners, Petronella is running out there right now to save them. She'll need your help, goodness she will. She's probably the most clumsy person I've met. But Ezra, they have no idea they walked into a trap, no idea what's coming. You need to go warn them."

"No, it's too late for them, Hera. Petra's walked into her death. We should run now, while..."

"You don't mean that." Hera chastised, seeing the kid's true colors.

"I do. I swear I do. Which is why I can't believe I'm doing this." Ezra stated, running after Petra.

"I can." Hera whispered.

"Petra." Ezra called, ducking back behind a corner as the young woman turned to see Ezra creep out of his hiding spot to her.

"I knew you'd come, kid." She grinned, then turned to lead the way.

"It's a trap! We gotta get out of here. It's a trap!" Ezra shouted from down the hallway, trying to get Kanan and Zeb's attention.

"Karabast! The kid's blowing another op." Zeb grumbled, as Ezra tried to catch his breath.

"It's not an op. It's a trap. Hera sent us to warn you." Ezra stated quickly. "Run!" Ezra shouted seeing the Stormtroopers, shooting one before they left.

"You said 'us'." Kanan shouted to Ezra, his eyes widening when he noticed Petra hadn't followed up behind him.

"Oh no."

"Ezra!" Petra shouted turning sharply around a corner to see the three running her way.

"Let's go!" Kanan shouted at her, tugging her arm sharply so that she would run with them.

"We need to warn Sabine and Chopper, but they've jammed the comm." Petra told him quickly.

"They'll follow the plan. It'll be fine." Kanan reassured her, patting her back as she ran beside him.

"Yeah, 'cause the plan's gone just great so far." Ezra sarcastically said with a roll of his eyes. The four of them found themselves running straight for Agent Kallus and Stormtroopers.

"Don't stop!" Kanan called, for both Sabine and the three with him. "Push off now!" He called, the artificial gravity unlocking, everyone beginning to float.

Kanan shot one of the Stormtrooper's taking aim for whoever he could reach, everyone beginning to fumble around for a feel of the loss of gravity. Kanan quickly pushed Petra behind him as she yelped 'my head!' when a shot got close to her.

Ezra was pushed back by Zeb and shots continued to fire as they moved forward through the hallway. Petra made sure to stay behind Kanan though occasionally she got a bit too far away from him then she liked. Zeb pushed past the Stormtrooper's and Kallus with Ezra on his back.

"You doing alright kid?" Kanan asked, moving forward in a kind of stroke.

"You kidding?" He asked with a small nervous laugh.


"My head hasn't fallen off yet." She called up to him with a small smile of her own.

"Now!" Kanan called, the gravity coming back. Grunts came from everyone as they quickly came to, back to running.

"Damn, my nose." Petra grumbled holding her nose as she ran behind Zeb, who pushed back Ezra. She was almost to him when she got pulled back by the collar of her shirt. A Stormtrooper grabbing Ezra's backpack.

"Let go!" Ezra shouted as he grunted, trying to squirm out of his grip.

"Let go of me!" Petra shouted along with him, squirming around, Kallus locking her arms behind her back and legs behind his so she was immobile.

"Petra, get out of the way!" Zeb shouted, pointing a gun towards Kallus. "Kid!" He tried but Ezra was unable to squirm out and Petra was unable to move.

"I'm trying!" Ezra shouted, Petra looking at him dejectedly.

"Sorry." Zeb whispered, putting his gun down in defeat. "You did good." He told the two before the door closed.

"The Loth-Rat and the woman I've been looking for. What a wonderful success." Kallus whispered into Petra's ear menacingly, making her shiver.

"There. Airlock shut. We're out of here!" Hera called through the comm to the crew. Zeb sunk to the floor in mental pain, sighing loudly at what he had done.

"Chop, jam their tractor beam!" Hera commanded the droid.

"Attention, rebel ship. Surrender or be destroyed. This is your first and last warning." The man called across Hera's comm, which she rolled her eyes at.

"Blow it out your exhaust vent." Hera called gaining an electronic laugh from Chopper. "Literally. Sabine." She stated.

"Ah, I can't see it from here. How'd it look?" Sabine asked after the Imperial vessel blew.

"Gorgeous, Sabine. As always." Kanan said, his eyes glowing from the view.

Hera sighed at her work while Kanan and Sabine entered the cockpit. "The whole thing was a setup." Kanan muttered falling into his seat beside Hera.

"You think Vizago was in on it?" Sabine asked, sitting behind Kanan.

"He'd sell his mother to Jawas for a couple credits, but we're a source of income for him.. Even odds, he didn't know." She told them while Zeb walked in, sitting down solemnly in his seat behind Hera. "The kid did all right."

"He did okay, but Petra didn't get her head blown off." Kanan shot back turning to Zeb curiously. "Where are they?"

"I, uh, thought they were with you." Zeb tried to say, but his nervousness came out into quivers through his voice, alarming everyone.

"Zeb, what did you do to him? And Petra?" Sabine asked shocked, moving out of her seat to get into his line of sight.

"I didn't do anything to them... but that ISB agent grabbed her and one of the troopers got the kid." He grumbled turning away.

"What?" They all shouted.

"The kid got grabbed, okay?! And so did Petra."

"Garazeb Orrelios!" Hera scowled at him like a mother.

"Oh, come on! We were dumping him after the mission and Petra gets into trouble more than she's worth. This saves us fuel. They'll go easy on him. He's just a kid." Zeb muttered, trying not to think about Petronella.

"Petra has money hanging over her head, what about her." Kanan asked, turning away from Zeb in annoyance.

Petra and Ezra had been stuffed into a large holding cell, Ezra was free to roam around but Petra was chained to the wall tightly and sedated into unconsciousness. The doors opened quickly so that Agent Kallus could enter the room.

"I am Agent Kallus of the Imperial Security Bureau, and you are?" He asked, looking down his nose at the kid.

"Jabba the Hutt." Ezra taunted annoyed. "Look, I just met those guys today, I don't know anything." He stated, looking up at him pleadingly. "And neither does she!"

"Don't worry, the two of you aren't even in the same boat. She's here for treason and attempted murder, you are here for bait Jabba, on our return to Lothal." Kallus explained to him, hissing.

"Bait? You seriously think... wow. You're about as bright as a binary droid." Ezra chuckled darkly. "They're not gonna come for me. People don't do that."

Kallus breathed deeply, before turning to the Stormtroopers beside him. "Search him. Then secure them here." He told them, exiting the room.

The Troopers entered the room, taking his weapon and backpack before leaving the room quickly.

"'You need to go warn them, Ezra.'" The teenager muttered to himself, as he collected himself sitting back down. "What was I thinking? And of course, the only thing I manage to hold on to is this worthless piece of..." He grunted once more, throwing the cube at the wall before pulling himself into a ball.

"This is Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. I regret to report that both our Jedi Order and the Republic have fallen, with the dark shadow of the Empire rising to take their place. This message is a warning and a reminder for any surviving Jedi. Trust in the Force." A hologram had come out of the cube, rusing Ezra from his somber thoughts to look up at the cube in fascination.

"You know I have a crush on him." Petra whispered hoarsely from where she laid on the floor. Ezra whipped his head to her, watching her sit up roughly. "I've read a lot about him, met him once or twice. He's real sweet." She continued, making Ezra laugh. "It would never happen though, it's just a crush. And I may have my eyes set on someone else."

"Who? Kanan?" Ezra asked jokingly but the woman looked up at him lazily with a small smile. "Oh, what? No way."

"Ah, we have this little flirty kind of relationship, honestly I don't think it means anything to him and right now isn't a good time to be in a relationship. I'm always on the run and he is too. What does it matter though, Ezra?" She shrugged to herself flipping onto her side.

"Really?" Ezra asked quietly.

"You don't have to believe me Ezra. Half the time I don't even believe myself, this is probably the sedative talking. And it's not like you're real subtle with Sabine." She told him with a small laugh before, it seemed, she fell asleep again.

While she was asleep, Ezra thought up a plan to get out of the small prison taking the cube that had formed back together and using it to pry off the chains on Petra's wrists and legs, when she awoke he explained to her what his thoughts were and the two were in position.

"No, no, no. No way! You cannot be serious!" Zeb called, pushing his hands in front of him.

"It's our fault, they're there." Hera stated in annoyance at Zeb's reluctance as she turned the Ghost around.

"Come on, Hera! We just met this kid. And with Petra on board the security will be twice that of the kid's. We can't go back for them." Zeb tried to reason with her, getting Sabine's support.

"They'll be waiting for us. We can't save either of them." Sabine shrugged.

Chopper grumbled beside Hera, Zeb getting agitated, shouting, "What? What did he say?"

"He voted with me. That's two against two. Kanan, you have the deciding vote." Hera stated, looking over to the captain.

"And you bucketheads are gonna be sorry when my uncle, the Emperor, finds out you're keeping me here against my will I guarantee he'll make a personal..." Ezra began to cough dramatically. "...example..." His coughs turned into chokes and the Troopers quickly entered the room to check on him, only to find the room empty.

"Bye, dummies." Petra called as the door closed before the two, and quickly they ran to a supply room.

Ezra placed a helmet on his head, picking up a signal on the ship. He could hear all that was going on, he removed the helmet telling Petra before placing it back. The two quickly went into the vents, Ezra first then Petra.

A few minutes inside Ezra jumped up saying, "They came back! Oh! Ow! I don't believe it!"

"Believe it kid, they don't leave anyone behind. As long as there is a three to two vote in your favor." Petra said behind him with a small smile. "I'm surprised there was with me being here."

Ezra thanked her before clearing his throat, "This is Trooper LS-123 reporting intruders in the upper hangar. Sir, I believe the lower hangar is a diversion."

Kallus responded to him, dividing the Troopers up. "Well, every little bit helps." Ezra shrugged, the two continued on.

Hera landed the Ghost on the deck, the five exiting the ship with Hera guarding the ship from Stormtroopers, "Find Ezra, I'll be ready."

"Hold this bay 'till we get back." Kanan called, Sabine placing her mark on the floor before they left.

"And this time, try not to leave until everyone's back aboard." Sabine jested Zeb.

"That was not my fault!" Zeb tried to defend, skidding to a stop.

"Well that's debatable." Ezra called from above, dropping down in front of Zeb who immediately punched him. Ezra pulled off his helmet, glaring at the Lasat. "First you ditch me, then you hit me?" Ezra asked.

"How was I supposed to know it was you? You were wearing a helmet!"

"Where's Petra?" Kanan asked Ezra, who pointed up.

"Sorry, my ankle got stuck." She called, dropping through the ceiling as well. Her face landed against the floor once more, harshly and she quickly rolled onto her back. "I think I just broke my nose." She groaned, her eyes squeezed shut in pain.

"Dammit Petra." Kanan muttered, pulling the woman to her feet and wrapping his arm around her back. "Specter One to Ghost, we're leaving." He shouted into his comm for Hera. The five making their way back to the ship, Zeb quickly pulling Ezra from the line of fire as Kanan called for the ramp to raise.

The ship flew out of the dock and quickly left the area completely. Ezra made his way to the cockpit to thank Hera. "Welcome aboard... again." She sighed, turning to him.

"Thanks" He muttered before correcting himself to sound more grateful. "Thank you. I really didn't think you'd come back for me."

"I'll get you home now. I'm sure your parents must be worried sick." Hera stated as Kanan, Sabine, Chopper and Petra turned the corner.

"I don't have parents." He muttered, Hera turning back to him sadly as Petra looked up in surprise from under her hand that was holding a tissue to her bloody nose. "And you have somewhere else to be." He explained.

Kanan sat down in the seat beside Hera, leading Petra to the seat behind him so he could look at her nose. Zeb standing for her to have the seat. He felt her nose for a few moments as Ezra continued to talk.

"I know where they're really taking the Wookiees." Everyone turned to him in a way to indicate they were listening. "Have you heard of the spice mines of Kessel?"

Everyone was silent for a moment before Sabine was brave enough to speak up, "Slaves sent there last a few months, maybe a year."

"And for Wookiees, born in a forest, it's a death sentence." Hera concluded sadly.

"Then I guess we better go save 'em."

"'We'?" Sabine asked, looking back to Ezra.

"Come this far. Might as well finish the job." Ezra nodded with a small smile, gaining one from Petra as well.

"Setting course for Kessel." Hera grinned.

Kanan looked back to Petra who watched him warily. "It's broken." He said bluntly and she sighed loudly, flopping back into her seat. "I'm going to have to move it back into place." He told her, gaining a loud sigh from her. Sabine laughed slightly as Petra leaned forward, her eyes screwed shut in pain.

Kanan set his right hand on her nose and his other on the side of her head, Ezra watched intently, noticing the young woman relax in his hold for a moment, looking peaceful before he moved his hand, snapping her nose back into place. She pulled away from him in shock and held her nose again.

"That hurt..." She hissed and he gave her look.

Kanan stood, nudged her to get up, the two exiting the room to set a bandage on her face and get her cleaned up.

The Ghost entered the atmosphere of Kessel, the crew ready to leave except for Hera who was ready to leave the planet.

Zeb looked over to Ezra, "Try not to get dead..." He told him, Ezra looked shocked. "Don't wanna carry your body out." Ezra's face fell while Petra kicked the Lasat in the back.

"Stop that." She told him, her face set in a glower that Zeb had no intention of arguing with, he turned back this station, weapon ready, not uttering another word.

The five made it out, shots fired towards them instantly as they moved behind crates for cover. Ezra and Kanan nodded to each other before the two split apart, Ezra and Petra making their way to the Wookiees.

The Wookiees looked down at the two with angry glares, "Hey, hey. We're here to help!" Ezra stated holding his hands up in defense as the two brought out screwdrivers to demagnetize the cuffs, gaining their trust.

Freed, the Wookiees took to helping the rebels put down the Stormtroopers. A few minutes later the Ghost was hit. "We're hit! Chopper, aft gun!" Hera called.

"Wait for Petra to board and then go!" Kanan shouted as Petra quickly darted to the ship, when one foot was on, the ship quickly lifted off, Kallus' ship making its appearance.

"Now, go! Lead the TIEs away and give yourself maneuvering room!" Kanan shouted to Hera.

"I am not leaving you behind." She told him quickly.

"No, you're not. We're running a twenty-two pick-up."

"Seriously?" Sabine asked, looking at Kanan in surprised.

"You have a better option? Jump into the pit and get it over with?" Kanan asked sarcastically, getting Sabine off his back.

"All right, I'll be back. Make sure you're ready." She told Kanan before switching to the ship's comm so Petra could hear her. "Petra, fix up the back engines so we have more room to move and the rear guns." She asked her.

"Sure thing, captain." Petra called getting to work.

"Twenty-two pickup. Care to let me in on the secret?" Ezra asked looking to Kanan curiously.

"Kid, I'm about to let everyone in on the secret." Kanan stated, standing up and passing the crates they were sitting behind. Dodging the blasts before they him, Kallus rose a hand to stop their fires, Kanan attaching his light saber together, holding it before him.

"Whoa." Ezra whispered in amazement.

"All Troopers, focus your fire on... on the Jedi." Agent Kallus commanded, pointing forward at Kanan.

"Time to go!" Kanan shouted to Zeb who nodded helping the Wookiees forward.

"Right. Everyone into the container!"

Ezra began to leave before noticing the Wookiee struggling against Zeb, earlier noticing her child running away. He turned back to the crates, slamming his hand against the crate before running after it.

"Kid, stop!" Zeb called back. "Karabast! I swear, if he's left behind again, it's not my fault!" Zeb growled moving forward once more.

"Zeb! Hera's incoming!" Kanan called, running with them.

"Get in, you furballs, now!" Zeb shouted at them, the Wookiee he was holding continuing to growl, pushing against him.

"Kanan, I think you inspired the kid into, well, doing something like you would do!" Zeb muttered, the two watching his small figure dash after the young Wookiee.

"Magnetic seal locked." Hera called, taking the container and lifting up.

"I hate this part."

Ezra found the young Wookiee blocked by a Stormtrooper. "Hey." He called, getting the Storm Trooper's attention before shooting him down quickly. "Gotcha."

Agent Kallus found Ezra trying to unlock the Wookiee's chains, "It's over for you, Jedi. A master and an apprentice. As well as a woman with treason hung above her head. Such rare finds these days." He taunted, walking forward slowly.

"I don't know where you get your delusions, buckethead. I work alone." Ezra stated in annoyance, bending his knees in defense.

"Not this time." Kanan called, shooting Kallus off the bridge, standing on top of the Ghost. "Jump, kid!" Kanan called, Ezra and Kitwarr both jumping onto the top of the Ghost, making their escape.

Kitwarr, Ezra and Kanan returned inside the ship, the mother seeing her son and her face relaxed as the baby quickly ran over to her. The two hugged tightly. Kanan looked to Ezra with a soft look, holding his shoulder lightly before walking down the ladder as well.

Petra quickly ran up the stairs almost tripping over her feet before catching herself into a hug with Ezra who returned it as well. "I'm so glad you're okay." She whispered into his hair, stroking it as she held him tight.

"Yeah, I'm fine Petra." He whispered to her softly, patting her back.

She pulled away with a smile the two making their way to the ground floor.

They made it to a safe planet where they would drop off the Wookiees, "Uh, she says if we ever need help, the Wookiees will be there."

The mother growled once more and Ezra said his goodbyes to the child, "Good luck, Kitwarr. Try to stay out of trouble." The Wookiees left and Ezra watched, his eyes shutting slightly in happiness.

"Look who's talking." Zeb laughed, walking past him.

"So... I guess you drop me off next?" Ezra asked, turning away from Kanan with his arms crossed.

"Uh, yeah." Zeb stated, clearing his throat. "Finally, right?" Zeb asked. nervously chuckling.

"Right." Ezra muttered.

Kanan sighed looking to Petra, "What about you?" He asked.

"I'm sticking with the kid." She told him, Ezra looking up at her in shock.

"You're going to get yourself killed." Kanan muttered, and she rolled her eyes at him.

"I'll be fine." Kanan sighed once more at her before leaving the room, bumping into Ezra who had left a few moments before.

"Oh, uh, sorry." He apologized, walking past. Ezra held up the light saber to his face in satisfaction.

"We need to talk kid." Petra called, walking over to him, her hands sitting on top of her hips.

"Look, I'm not giving it back." Ezra defended shoving the light saber into his backpack.

"I could care less what you do with that thing. I'm talking about your parents." She told him harshly but when his face fell instantly she calmed herself walking up to him.

"How long's it been?" She asked quietly, setting her head on top of his as she wrapped her arms around his body, moving the two slightly side to side.

"Eight years now." He choked quietly, trying to hold in the tears. "The Empire found them."

"Ephraim and Mira Bridger were wonderful people, helped our society and were a big inspiration to me, and now you're walking in their footsteps." She pulled away holding him by his shoulders to look into his eyes. "I'm so glad that you are, they'd be so happy." Petra's eyes misted over with tears, a few escaping. Ezra hugged her tightly again at the sight of her, sobbing into her shirt. "I won't leave you kid, I'll stick around. Wherever you go, until you're tired of me."

Ezra said his goodbyes inside the Ghost to Sabine and Zeb while Kanan and Hera stood outside talking with Petra.

"I'll be here, so if you ever need the Ghost to be checked out, try here first." She told the two while Ezra walked down the docking ramp.

Hera nodded to her while Kanan looked at Ezra, "I think you have something that belongs to me." Kanan stated holding out his hand. Ezra tossed the opened cube to Kanan, not looking at him.

"Good luck saving the galaxy." He told him, quickly running past the two.

Petra quickly hugged Hera and then Kanan, whispering to him, "See you in a bit." She quickly ran after Ezra, catching up to the boy.

"He opened it. He passed the test." Hera pointed out excitedly.

Ezra and Petra entered the tower that he had been occupying for a few years now, "Sorry for the mess." He apologized, the room full of Trooper helmets. "We can get another mattress for you to sleep on or something." Ezra scratched his head thoughtfully.

"Don't worry about it. We'll figure it out later." Petra told him with a small laugh, sitting down on the couch lightly. Ezra pulled out the light saber, looking at it intently before he felt the presence behind him.

"What's the force?" Ezra asked Kanan who had come up behind him.

"The force is everywhere. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together, and it's strong with you Ezra. Otherwise, you'd never been able to open the Holocron." Kanan explained, gaining Ezra's full attention, turning towards him.

"So what do you want?"

"To offer you a choice. You can keep the light saber you stole, let it become just another dusty souvenir, or you can give it back and come with us, come with me and be trained in the ways of the Force. You can learn what it truly means to be a Jedi." Kanan told him, holding out his hand in a kind gesture.

"I thought the Empire wiped out all the Jedi."

"Not all of us." Kanan stated.

Kanan sat on his bed, meditating, opening the Holocron. "This is Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. I regret to report that both our Jedi Order and the Republic have fallen, with the dark shadow of the Empire rising to take their place. This message is a warning and a reminder for any surviving Jedi: Trust in the Force. Do not return to the Temple. That time has passed, and our future is uncertain. We will each be challenged - our trust, our faith, our friendships. But we must persevere, and in time, a new hope will emerge. May the Force be with you... always." The hologram dispersed, Kanan looking up to Ezra who waited for him, Petra beside him.

Ezra walked forward, handing Kanan his light saber with a small smile.

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