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Crown of Light

Droids in Distress

“I don’t have a shot!” Kanan called from his dock, holding the gun controls in his hand on one side of the ship.

“Neither do I.” Petra agreed from the other, trying to lead into a nice shot but able to do so although her nerves were relatively calm.

“Chopper do you have the coordinates?” Hera asked, looking over her shoulder to Chopper who beeped at her in agreement.

“What did he say?” Zeb asked leaning forward, Hera gaining a smirk on her face.

“He said, ‘Hello, hyperspace’.” Hera repeated, pushing the steering forward as they moved into hyperspace.

“That’s not what he said.” Zeb muttered.

When the ship evened out, Kanan and Petra entered the room, standing side by side since all the seats had been taken. “Told you we’d get away.” Kanan called with a small smile as he crossed his arms, getting comfortable where he stood. Petra leaning against the back, not wanting to get into the following argument.

“With the shipment.” Sabine stated, leaning onto her knees. “You said we’d get away with the shipment.” She groaned.

“Kanan, we’re low on everything.” Hera agreed, turning away from her steering.



“Fuel.” Ezra, Sabine and Hera stated. Hera continued her thought, “We need to make some money, or we might as well put the Ghost in storage.”

“There’s always Vizago’s job.” Kanan stated.

“So we’re arms dealers again?” Zeb grumbled, crossing his arms.

Kanan smirked looking down at the Lasat, amused. “Mmm, more like arms redistributors.”

“Come on. We don’t even know what kind of weapons we’re talking about here.”

“Hey, if it puts food on the table and frees up some time for oh, I don’t know Jedi training, then I’m in.” Ezra agreed with Kanan, for his own purposes.

Kanan walked forward to stand next to Hera, “You game?”

“Say I am. What then?” She asked, crossing her arms to look up at him.

“I already know the mission. Let’s head to the spaceport.” Kanan smirked, Hera nodding moving forward to set in the coordinates.

“Now boarding star-commuter shuttle ST-45, bound for Garel.” The dispatcher called, Sabine and Zeb standing in line behind Ezra and Chopper. The Droid pinching at Zeb.

“How rude.” He muttered, as they entered the ship. Ezra towards the middle while Zeb and Sabine sat one back from the front.

“This way, Mister Wabo. We have seats in the front.” A blonde woman called, boarding the ship with an Aqualish man. Mister Wabo began to speak to her in his native language but she seemed to be uneducated with the language, quickly scoffing, turning towards the entrance. “Where is that translator?”

“Coming, minister.” A golden robot called entering. “Come along, R2.”

“Final call for star-commuter shuttle ST-45, bound for Garel.” The dispatcher called once more, Kanan and Petra jumping on at the last second. Kanan holding her hand to make sure she didn’t hurt herself. Her nose still throbbing with a bandage on top from being broken.

Kanan had lent the young woman a hood, since with high treason hanging above her and the known fact they’d be around at least the senator, she would need to be hidden.

“Sentients, please prepare for takeoff.” The robot at the front called before turning back to the window before him, going into hyperspace.

“Thank you for lending me your hood.” Petra whispered to Kanan who turned to her with a small smile.

“It’s the least I could do.” He whispered back, his hand still holding her own. She blushed faintly when Ezra began shouting.

“Will you cut it out! You have plenty of room. Stop crowding me.” Chopper beeped a couple times at him before shocking him. “Ow!”

“Kid, how ‘bout you get that rust bucket under control?” Kanan asked, leaning over the seat, his hand slipping away from Petra’s. Chopper’s arm moved towards Kanan who jumped away hurriedly into Petra, before the robot went back to shocking Ezra.

“Mind your own business!” Ezra called crawling up onto the seat to shout at Kanan before being shocked again.

“Hey, pilot.” Kanan called, the robot turning back to him. “Isn’t there some rule against droids in the passenger area?”

The pilot sighed, “I am sorry, sir. Your astromech must proceed to the back of the craft.”

“Hey, if my astromech's banished, then those two astromechs are banished too.” Ezra shouted, pointing up to C-3PO and R2-D2.

“Astromech? Me? I have never been so insulted.” C-3PO stated, sounding horribly offended.

“I’ll have you know that I am a protocol droid, fluent in over six million forms...”

Minister Tua sighed before addressing the droid pilot, “Pilot, these two droids are with me, and I am on Imperial business.”

The pilot looked over to her, “Sorry ma’am. but these are...” He knocked his visor down, “Imperial regulations.”

“But Minister...!” C-3PO continued to defend himself but Tua quickly interrupted him.

“I can’t risk an incident spoiling these negotiations. Go! Oh, this is so humiliating. Trust an astromech to ruin everything.” She muttered to herself, the crew of the Ghost watching them pass with small smirks on their faces.

Mister Wabo turned to Minister Tua trying to speak to her again, “I’m sorry, Mister Wabo, I don’t understand.”

“Hello.” Zeb slurred as he put his arm against the top of the chair to look at the woman who seemed disgusted that he was even talking to her. “Excuse me, I couldn’t help noticing your predicament. If it’s of any help, my ward here is quite fluent.”

Tua looked down at Sabine who was smiling innocently up at her before thinking about what Zeb had said, “Oh, I would never presume.” She said before looking down in thought. “Though it would be good practice for my level five exams at the Imperial Academy.” She looked back up at the woman. “No, no, but I couldn’t.”

“You’re a level five academy student?” She asked, turning back to the front, leaning into her chair. “I was too, once upon a time.” She dazed before turning back to Sabine after a few moments. “Now, please ask Mister Wabo where the shipment is being held.” She asked.

Sabine turned to Mister Wabo, asking the man, then turning back to Tua grinning, “He said Bay Seventeen.”

“Sentients, we are approaching Garel, please prepare for landing.” The ship landed and everyone began to unload from the ship.

“My dear, you did great service to your Empire today.” Tua thanked Sabine, “Now focus on those level fives.” She called, leaving her and Zeb.

“Oh, I will, Minister. It’s been such an honor. Thank you.” Sabine called after her, selling her act too hard. Zeb quickly put his elbow into her side.

“Take us straight to Bay Seventeen.” Tua told the Stormtroopers awaiting her, while Kanan and Petra quickly ran past them.

“Bay Seven.” Sabine whispered to Ezra, passing him without a look. Ezra nodded, making his way to the slim vents and entering them.

“Kanan, I thought you were gonna teach me Jedi stuff. So far, all I’m doing is thieving and I already knew how to do that.” Ezra stated while crawling through, Kanan looking to Petra where they waited with a roll of his eyes before responding.

“Just get to Bay Seven, open the door, and we all get paid.”

“So we steal to stay alive. See? Told you I already knew this.” Ezra stated, moving on top of the building.

“Damn it!” Ezra heard over the comm. link while watching a ship raise from below him and off into the sky.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, making his way across the rooftops.

“It’s nothing, Petra just about killed herself again.” Kanan said with a small chuckle before the two stopped talking and Ezra made his way into Bay Seven in no time.

“Okay, I’m in Bay Seven.” He called, opening the gate for the rest of the crew.

Zeb clapped mockingly as he and Sabine stepped forward with Kanan and Petra behind the two. “Well, kid you pulled it off.”

“Was there ever any doubt?” Ezra asked, as if he knew the answer already though he was thoroughly disappointed by their response.

“Yes.” Zeb and Sabine said together while Kanan ran off to help Hera land the Ghost while the other four began for the crates.

“Do we know what exactly Vizago has us stealing yet?” Sabine asked, the crate opening by Zeb who quickly jumped back in surprise knocking Petra down to the floor by accident.

“Karabast.” He cursed, his whole body shivering in fright at the sight of the disruptors. Kanan helped Petra back to her feet as the two tried to calm the Lasat down.

“Whoa. They’re T-7 ion disruptors.” Sabine said pulling one up into her hands in amazement. “These were banned by the senate, you can short-circuit an entire ship with these.”

“That’s not why they were banned.” Zeb muttered under his breath, eyeing the weapon warily.

“Get ‘em aboard before company comes.” Kanan commanded taking a crate, Petra and Sabine together and Zeb and Ezra on the last one.

Chopper had informed Hera of the Minister finding Bay Seventeen empty and was told to stall which only ended in the Minister's suspicions rising, ordering the guards to go forward double time.

“Hurry! We’re running out of...”

“Time’s up! We’re busted.” Ezra stated, looking at the Stormtroopers coming their way, guns at the ready.

“Hands up!” They shouted.

Zeb began to walk forward, hands up in surrender looking at the Stormtroopers as Ezra tried to call him back, the crew watching him disdainfully.

“There a problem here?” Zeb asked, his face smug as he continued forward.

Mister Wabo began to speak, though C-3PO came behind to translate, “Amda Wabo says those crates contain his disruptors.”

Zeb came to a stop as he continued, “Uh, must be some mistake, can’t possibly be disruptors ‘cause they’re illegal, right?” He asked mockingly, his hands still in the air as Minister Tua made an annoyed grimace towards him.

“That’s irrelevant. We’re going to search your crates.”

“Be my guest.” Zeb offered, watching as two Trooper walked past him. “On second thought...” He said under his breath, catching the Stormtroopers from behind and knocking the two of them into opposing sides, leaving one standing. Zeb ran forward, barreling into him, stating, “You want disruptors, you gotta come through me!”

As Zeb fought - pulling out his own weapon - Kanan and Petra came beside Ezra where he was hidden behind a crate so that he wouldn’t be shot. “Get those crates aboard ship, now!” He told him, Ezra watching Petra cautiously, the woman was not the most graceful person he'd met but left anyway.

At the dock of the ship, Ezra watched Kanan and Petra fire their weapons, the young woman seeming more graceful now than ever. When focused on a task she became much more than she could ever when just continuing through her average day. Now, she had something she needed to live for. Though this small group of Stormtroopers were about her capacity to being held as calm.

“Specter Four, time to go!” Kanan called to Zeb as he and Petra began to run back to the Ghost, Petra tripping over her feet a couple times but making it back to the ship safely as Kanan called, “Specter One to Ghost, we’re good to go.”

“Oh, look. Chopper made friends.” Sabine cooed looking down at R2 and C-3PO.

Petra rubbed a hand along R2-D2’s top and he made a soft grumbling sound which she smiled at while C-3PO introduced the two of them. “I was translating for Minister Tua when we were attacked by thieves like,” C-3PO looked up to see Zeb and Kanan enter, gasping in surprise. “uh, you.”

Kanan gathered the crew around so that they could discuss the astromechs that had recently joined them, “We have company. Imperial droids. Specter Five, let’s get a couple restraining bolts on these two, Specter Seven can help.” Kanan ordered, Sabine and Petra leaving the room.

“On it.” The two called, leaving.

“Specter Six, Specter Three, keep an eye on ‘em.”

“Right, that’ll happen.” Ezra stated.

“Excuse me, sir, but this is a terrible mistake. My partner and I are in service of Minister Tua of Lothal...” C-3PO tried to explain to Kanan but he just left the room.

“Kanan.” Zeb called as he began to climb the ladder. “A word?”

“Can it wait?” Kanan asked, stepping onto the ledge with Zeb. “If I don’t confirm our rendezvous with Vizago, we’ll have done all this for nothing.”

“Yeah, about that... maybe this time we don’t sell to Vizago, eh? Maybe we get those disruptors out of circulation instead.” Zeb offered sheepishly, Sabine and Petra began to climb down the ladder.

“I agree, they’ve done their fair share of damage.” Petra stated, stopping for a moment, only to get Sabine’s foot shoved in her face. “Sabine!”

“Sorry, Nellie," She apologized before continuing. "but least we got ‘em out of Imperial circulation.” She offered, “When I was translating, I found out they were shipping those T-7s as prototypes so the Empire could mass-produce them on Lothal.” She explained, the girls getting off the ladder to restrain the droids.

“See, Zeb? Perfect crime.” Kanan tried to console the Lasat, putting his arm around his shoulders. “We steal weapons meant for the Empire and sell them for credits we desperately need to keep this bird flying.” He moved away going back to the ladder to leave the room.

“Oh, hey.” Sabine called from below, “If we need credits, maybe Vizago will buy those two droids.”

“Yeah, good idea.” Kanan agreed, finally making his leave.

“And stay out!” Zeb shouted, pushing Ezra out of his room in annoyance, Ezra glaring at the door in front of him.

“You can’t do that! It’s my cabin too.” Ezra shouted back, Petra peeking her head out of Kanan’s room - where the two had been talking.

“Ezra? Come in here.” Hera called for him and Petra made her way inside the room once more.

“The kid has a lot to learn.” Petra pointed out, flopping on top of his bed while he stood on the wall opposite of her.

“Yes, and so do you, but the two of you are about as ready as school children.” Kanan stated walking over to the bed and sitting on the edge of it.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She asked, opening her eyes to glare at him.

“Ezra’s still about himself as ever and you can barely keep yourself upright without falling over.” Kanan pointed out.

“It’s not my fault.” She muttered, flipping onto her side.

“Yes, well it doesn’t help anything either. If you’d stay as focused as you do when you have full control then there wouldn’t be much of a problem.” He explained, rubbing his calloused hand over her arm lightly, the hairs on her stuck up straight when he ran a hand over him.

“I know, I just get so wrapped up in my thoughts I can’t pay attention to one thing. It should work itself out though.” Petra turned herself back so she could grin cheekily at him. “And I don’t think you’d have me any other way, you get to be my Jedi Knight in shining armor.” She laughed at his expression before pushing him off the bed.

“Kanan, we need to talk.” Hera said in the doorway looking at the two.

“Can we discuss this later?” Kanan asked, helping Petra down the ladder when he noticed her foot get caught in a railing, Hera setting her hands on her hips.

“That’s fine, love. But we will discuss it.” She stated.

“Oh, right.” Sabine said as R2 beeped to her. “This R2 says its real mission was to make sure the T-7s never reached the Empire, and that his master will pay handsomely for their return.”

“I’ll think about it.” Kanan stated, narrowing his eyes.

“So, we’re not selling the droids, but we’re selling the T-7s? We don’t even know who Vizago’s buyer is.” Zeb bitterly muttered.

“We know it’s not the Empire, and I already made a deal with Vizago.” Kanan stated, his tone meant for the last time he’d have this conversation. “So, let’s get these crates off the boat.”

The crew stood in a small, deserted area where Vizago and his own crew holding out the supply for the Devaronian. “Oh, I can make some beautiful music with these.” He stated, holding up one of the disruptors.

Zeb, with his arms crossed, glared at the crime lord “They’re not that kind of instruments!” He growled.

“Ah, you just have to know how to play them, and how to play those who want to buy them.” Vizago chortled, looking to Kanan instead of the Lasat.

“You have to buy them from us first.” Ezra elucidated from where he leaned against one of the crates beside Petra who gave him a sharp look. Her lecture of not messing with Vizago had gone right through his head. She squeezed her eyes shut, turning her head away quietly.

“Finally!” Vizago praised, turning to Ezra in amusement. “Someone on your crew who understands business.” He looked to Kanan placing one of his claws on his chest before it got smacked away.

“Let’s just get this over with.” Kanan grumbled in annoyance.

A starship came forward towards the dealing pair with a loud engine, allowing everyone knowledge to their presence. Vizago whipped around in surprise, seeing the ship. “What is this? You were followed!” He accused, Hera stepping forward in shock.

“That’s not possible.”

“Tell it to the Empire!” He told Hera before running off. “Leave the rest. We’re gone.” He commanded, jumping onto his ship with half of the Ghost’s shipment.

“You haven’t paid us.” Kanan called running forward grabbing his arm tightly, smacked away instantly.

“Cikatro Vizago doesn’t pay for a half a shipment, and he doesn’t pay for trouble with Imperials.” His ship began to hover above the ground where he gave his goodbyes. “My friends, I hope you live to bargain another day, and if you don’t, eh.” He shrugged, their ship gone.

“Shouldn’t we be going too?” Sabine asked, pointing towards the ship.

“We can’t let these disruptors fall into Imperial hands.” Kanan stated, turning to his explosives girl. “Sabine, destroy the guns.”

“Ha, now you’re speaking my language. I’ll go get my gear.” She called, running towards the ship.

“R2-D2, stop! What are you doing?” C-3PO shouted after the droid, the droid responding after him. “Joining the crew?”

Sabine, caught by the astromechs approaching, listened to what R2-D2 had to say. “Of course, overload the disruptors and boom! Good call, little guy.” She praised, Chopper beeping at her jealously. “You can join our crew anytime.”

“Well short my circuits.” C-3PO cursed towards Chopper who spun in agreement.

“Hera, help Sabine open the crates. Zeb, Ezra, line ‘em up. Meanwhile, I’ll deal with the walkers.” Kanan commanded turning to the girl standing behind one of the rocks trying to keep hidden from anyone seeing her. “Petra, you’re gonna help me. You’re a good shot, you just have to calm down.” He told her, motioning his hands downwards.

“Calm? I can barely stay calm when I’m trying to sleep, it’s less likely I’m going to be okay now!” Petra exclaimed, holding her hands tightly to her sides in annoyance. Kanan tossed her a disruptor before taking one for herself.

“You’ll do fine, just follow my lead.” He told her, motioning her to follow.

The Walkers detached from the ship flying towards them and walked forwards, Kanan and Petra split from each other taking aim at each one. Kanan was able to take a hit towards the first one, but not before one of its shots landed near Petra flying her back.

Kanan went for the second, but blown back by its own shot, laying on the ground just as Petra was. Hera ran around the two, taking out her own mini blaster and shooting at the Walker to divert its attention, quickly making a run for it so she wouldn’t be blown to bits.

Zeb made his way to Kanan helping her up to her feet while Ezra was doing the same for Petra, the four crowded around a rock, pairs on each side at the ready watching the Troopers drop from the ship.

“Advance and fire.” Agent Kallus commanded from his position behind them.

C-3PO walked into the line of fire with his hands raised in happiness, “Thank you! Thank you! I knew some form of rescue would arrive. I told R2, but he thinks so ill of Stormtroopers.” The robot rambled, but the Troopers did ill of listening as they began to shoot at him and the crew. “Wait! Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! You’re here to rescue me!”

“Chopper, ready the ship for takeoff!” Hera called to Chopper as she ran past him, the droid making his way to the ship.

Ezra and Petra leaned against the rock, taking aim for the Troopers. Ezra watched Petra wairly. Her hands shaking harshly as she held her gun. “Are you okay?”

“I’ve never been too keen on getting into these... situations.” She admitted, trying to take another shot but the damn blast running a mile over the man’s head. “I can act all pretty for you if you like, get in and get out missions are fine, maybe a little bit of self defense, but when it comes to the line of fire, it is not my favorite thing.” She explained, creeping around the rock watching Kallus taunt Zeb with his bo-rifle.

“Only the honor guard of Lasan may carry a bo-rifle!” Zeb growled as the two clashed bo’s.

“I know.” Kallus cackled on the ground, his pupils dilating with adrenaline. “I removed it from a guardsman myself, I was there when Lasan fell.” He stood to his feet with a malicious happiness beneath him as the two continued to fight. “I know why you fear those disruptors. I gave the order to use them.” He continued to taunt, his rifle making contact with the man’s skin, making Zeb groan in pain.

“That fool Lasat’s gonna get himself killed.” Kanan growled, watching from the sidelines unable to help his friend.

“He needs this.” Petra whispered, setting her small hand on top of his.

“Okay, we’re ready.” Sabine called, Petra quickly making her way to her crate to help push. “Everyone, push!” She shouted, the four moving the crate in front of a group of Troopers who were instantly destroyed.

The group made their way back to where Zeb fell to his knees, Kallus standing above him with his bo-rifle at the ready for a deadly strike.

Ezra watched fearfully, the man may had gotten on his last nerves but he knew that clenching feeling of his family being dead, his family long gone and his heart leaped out of his chest with a forceful, “No!”

Everyone was stunned, Kallus had been flung across the terrain and into the nearest rock, crumpling down into unconsciousness. Kanan was the frist to move, “Specter Two, get the kid aboard.”

“Right.” Hera said warily, taking Ezra’s wrist - which he had been watching in fascination and shock - to pull him forward. “Move, all of you, now!”

Kanan ran over to Zeb, Petra following quickly behind setting her fingers to his neck. “Zeb! Come on, big guy, we gotta get out of here!” He emphasized, watching Petra nod in confirmation and his hand twitch slightly, as he held the large purple Lasat’s head in his hands. “Come on, big guy. We gotta get out of here.” He told the man, the two pulling Zeb under their arms to pull him inside.

“Chopper, get us out of here.”

“Will he be okay?” Sabine asked, everyone standing above the three on the ground waiting for the dazed Lasat to come to. He shuddered a bit before pulling himself back together.

“Yeah.” He groaned, looking up at the young woman with a small, wary smile.

“Thanks, mate. Appreciate the save. You too, Petra.” Zeb said to Kanan and Petra who helped him to his feet once more.

“Wasn’t us.” Petra told him with a small smile that everyone had come to love.

“It was Ezra.” Everyone looked to the boy, who straightened himself out with a proud smile. “And Ezra, your formal Jedi training starts tomorrow.” Kanan explained with a small smile of his own.

Hera set a hand on his shoulder while Petra came up to hug the kid happily, giving all the weight to Kanan. His grunts filling her ears but she paid no mind. “Now, you’ll be the coolest kid on the block. I’ve never known anyone that was a real live cool Jedi.” She gushed, tapping his cheeks between her hands.

“Hey!” Kanan shouted from behind her, annoyance lacing his tone. Petra rounded Ezra so that she’d face Kanan, her arms wrapped lightly around Ezra’s chest, her chin laying on top of his.

“You’re not very cool Kanan.” She mused.

“I am totally cool, I’m not the one who broke my nose, falling out of a vent!” He exclaimed, raising his hands above his hands.

“Hey, that’s so not cool.” Petra stated, setting her hands on her hips removing herself from Ezra before grinning cheekily at herself. “See, what’d I say.” She laughed, walking out of the room.

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