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Carmen and Graham's alliance


Carmen has had many up and downs in her life, but she fights back whenever she's in trouble. But now the real problem is VILE wanting to get Gray back and Carmen won't let that happen. Will she save him from the clutches of VILE? Will she recruit him on her team? Let's find out!

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

It's been over two years since I've escaped the island. I have dedicated my life to stop VILE at any costs. And how you may ask? By stealing from them. It's that simple; they steal from the people, and I steal from them. So much has happened in two years which I'm not so happy about.

Gray has lost his memory and doesn't remember me or anything of his past. I found out that shadowsan was the one that found me when I was a baby. I also found out that my father was killed by the ACME leader and that my mother is somewhere out in the world. VILE has destroyed their hideout and fled to a new place.

Perhaps all this was for the best; Gray won't have to steal for VILE anymore and shadowsan is with me along with my crew. "Hello, Red. What's on your mind?," asks player. "Oh nothing. Just remembering how the first time we started this heist. Talking about heists, what's on the agenda today?", I ask.

"I've been looking through the Vile's database and found something very interesting. I have suspicions that VILE might have their new hideout somewhere in Antarctica. "Ah, the world's coldest and driest place, with hidden lakes, and a trench deeper than the grand canyon; suits them very well," I chuckled. "But there's something else, and I'm afraid you won't like it," said player warily. I moved my earpiece to listen carefully. "What is it?"

I hear player on the other side of the mic sighing. He calmly proceeds to speak. "I found a file filled with pictures of your friend Graham, and his whereabouts. I even found surveillance footage of both of you talking to each other." I widened my eyes in terror. This could only mean trouble for him. "Are they tracking him?", I say softly.

Player clicks through the files and types in codes. A sound of a bell rang and Player responded,"They are. It shows that he's at the airport, taking a plane to New York City. His flight will arrive in two hours." I bit my thumb nervously and glared at the distance. "Give me his coordinates," I respond. "What? You really want to do this?" "I have to get to him first before VILE takes him back."

"But what about finding VILE's base?" We will find their location, but right now, this is very important. If they want to steal gray back, then I'l just have to steal him first. I jumped off the building and used my glider to glide through the wind. I look at my watch to look at the time. Hopefully, VILE doesn't get there before I can get to him.

I make my way to the top of the building of the airport. I can hear the loud rumbling engine of airplanes taking off into the sky. "Player, scan the area. Can you find him?", I ask impatiently. Player types in codes into his computer and stays quiet for a moment. "Ah, yes. He's in the lounging area, reading a magazine,"he responds.

I sigh in relief and respond back,"Alright, I'm going in." "Hold on, Red. There are two VILE members near," he says cautiously. I jumped down and tilt my red hat down to my eyes as I enter. I look around at the signs and find the lounging area close to the boarding station. I look around warily and instantly hide behind a wall. "It's VILE's new recruits; Spin-kick and Flytrap, wearing trench coats?", I say in amusement. They were standing there, eyes flickering back and forth, looking for Gray.

I swiftly run to the lounge area, to find Gray. My eyes searched desperately, but he was nowhere insight. "Player, he's not here", I mutter. "Surprise seeing you here," said a voice from behind. I knew that Australian accent anywhere, and I was glad to hear it. "Gray, what a coincidence,"I chuckle. He crossed his arms in amusement and said,"It's Graham, for the 10th time, but I guess I'll let it slide." I smile at him, but it quickly disappears when I see Flytrap and Spinkick in the corner of my eye. I pull him quickly and run for the exit. Graham was hesitant as I led him away from the airport.

"Hey, I'm gonna miss my flight," he said. I looked around till we were 100% in a safe place. I turn to him and said,"You can't go to New York." He looked at me quite shocked and said,"How did you know I was going to New York?" Oh no, I let that slip... My eyes quickly searched at him, until I caught my eye on his plane ticket.

"You're ticket says you're leaving New York. Would've been nice if you told me," I say with a clever smile. He looked at his ticket and said,"Oh. Well, this was very unexpected for me as well, but I was given an opportunity to work in Broadway. There was this french accented man who talked to me about it. He told me the arrangements were made for me, isn't it great?"

Le Chevre, of course. But, this must been a set-up to kidnap him and take him to VILE's new base... As I thought to myself, the silence was interrupted with an awkward cough.

"I really am gonna miss you. It was fun, talking to you, drinking coffee at the cafe, not to mention, bringing me to an interesting adventure back when you hired me as a technician in that pre-recorded theater act," he said bashfully, as he brushed his hand onto his neck. I bit my lip awkwardly, finding the right words to tell him that he couldn't go. As he wanted to leave back to the airport, I clutched his hand, not letting it go. He turned me, surprised. "Carmen?" I look up to meet his gaze. "Graham, don't go. It's not safe," I said softly. His gaze was flickering back and forth, uncertain of my warning. "What?"

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