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Water Reunites with Ice


Gray Fullbuster has never been the same since the death of Juvia. Everyone has moved on, but something seems to be holding him back. Was it guilt? One day something unbelievable happens...

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

The rain was pouring strong. Everyone was in a hurry to escaping the wet rain, while Gray Fullbuster stands there, unconcerned about being drenched in the rain. He looks up in the sky and closes his eyes, feeling drops of rain fall on his cold face. "How long has it been since it had rained," he wondered. He look down to the ground, his hair covering his sad eyes.

He puts his hands into his pockets and walked his way to town. The streets were empty, but a few people were rushing in and out from the train station. Merchants had closed up early and houses were lit up. The sun was covered by thick, gray clouds that held endless amounts of water. Gray had his head down, staring at the sidewalk.

He suddenly heard a voice call from the far distance. "Gray!" Gray completely stopped and turned around quickly, but there was no one insight. He turned back, gritting his teeth, angry words silently coming out from his mouth,"No, she's not here. She's dead. I...couldn't...." He dropped to his knees and slammed his hand on the floor, freezing the street ahead of him. "She's dead because of me! How did I let this happen!," he screamed from the top of his lungs. His screaming was silenced into a soft whimper. The rain started to pour even heavier, making puddles everywhere. Tears ran down his eyes and he wiped them off his face with his drenched shirt.

He stayed on the ground for a brief amount of time. He stared at the sidewalk blankly and raised his hands to look at them. He was trembling; not from the cold, but something else that he couldn't explain.

He slowly stood up and walked towards the guild. He arrived at the entrance and was about to go in, but then, SWOOSH. Something fast past him. He turned around, cautiously, and looked around if there was anyone there. There was no one insight. It was isolated everywhere and the only sound he heard was the heavy rain and the loud talking in the guild.

He stayed hesitant and didn't take his eyes off from the scenery around him. He shook his head, and grasped the door handle to enter the guild. He went inside, and the mysterious figure watched from the shadows.

The mysterious figure ran out to the rain and into a house far off into town. The individual clenched her hood and knocked on the door. The door opened and a small fox that was standing on two feet opened the door. "Ah, you're back so soon? I'd thought you'd take longer Ara. Most of the time, you stay out till night," the fox said.

Ara entered inside and turned to the fox. She removed her hood and said,"Yeah, I thought so too, but I didn't. Not many shops were open today due to bad weather." The fox jumped up to her arms and said excitedly,"Did you bring me apples?"

Ara chuckled and said,"Yes, I brought apples and some vegetables. I also brought this book that talks about new teachings of magic. It sounded interesting so I bought it. You have no idea how difficult it was to get." The fox snatched the bag of apples and jumped out of her arms. He got one out of the bag and munched on it in satisfaction.

Ara sat on the table and said," It was awfully pouring outside, which should be sunny according to what the merchant said." Ara took out the book and opened it to the first page. She leaned against her hand while reading the long page of words. When she was about to read the next page, a paw covered a few words from the page. Ara looked at him confused an said,"Huh? What's wrong?

The fox looked at her suspiciously and said,"Hm, I know that look." Ara looked surprised and said,"What look?" The fox sat on the book and said,"Alright, what happened?" Ara smiled and said,"Can't get anything past you."

The fox pouted and said,"Come on! Tell me! There are no secrets between us!" Ara responded calmly,"Well...While I was on my way out of the bookstore, I barely realized that it was raining, so I was getting soaked. I tried going back into the bookstore, but it closed as soon as I left from it. I left with my book and ran to get out of the rain, but as I was rushing by, I saw a boy just standing there, not caring about the rain drenching his clothes. I found it a bit odd." The fox simply laughed and said,"Ha! That guy must of been totally nuts."

Ara leaned back on her chair and said,"I thought the same. I stopped and watched to see the reason why. The rain looked like it didn't bother him, but I saw a sad look in his eyes. I thought, maybe he was having a bad day. Just then, he started walking into town, which confused me, since the shops were closed. I followed him quietly, to see what he was up to. Suddenly, he halted and was about to turn around, so I hid. He turned around and I could've sworn I heard him talking to himself. Then..." Ara stopped talking for a moment and the fox was curious to what she was gonna say next. "Then what?", asked the fox.

Ara continued, but with a worried look shown on her appearance. "He fell to the ground and started crying. He was even screaming; said something about not being able to save her. And that he thought it was his fault. I found it quite sad, that even I wanted to cry. He got off the ground and continued walking. I followed him further, but almost slipped on a puddle so I ran past him and hid, hoping he didn't hear that. He turned around and looked around to see if he saw someone. He stood there for a very long time. I thought he wasn't going to leave. Finally, he went inside into a place called Fairy Tail and that's all."

The fox stared in amazement and said,"Woah, did you say Fairytail?!" Ara looked at him annoyed and said,"Is that what you wanted to hear? Did I really waste time telling you?" The fox shrugged his shoulders and said,"It's sad and all, but when you said Fairy Tail, I couldn't help myself!"

Ara sighed and said,"Okay, what's so great about Fairytail? Because I'm not sure what it is." The fox stared in shock and exclaimed,"You don't know about the greatest guild of all time?!" Ara stared blankly and said,"Um, no?" The fox smacked his face and said,"I'll tell you everything about this glorious guild. So listen up.."

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