Love With The Enemy

Your Awakening

You opened your eyes, it was hard to see and your body felt like it had been hit by a truck while at the same time falling down a flight of stairs and being stabbed with knives.

Your sight was blurred and you had no idea where you were. You shifted uncomfortably and felt dirt and rubble below your body. You sat up nervously and seen the silhouette of another person.

“Dipper?” You asked without thinking, you quickly whipped away whatever was on your eyes, which you soon realized was crust from dried tears.

Your vision finally cleared and you seen a boy in front of you, blonde hair, a blue eye with the other hidden by an eye patch, a ripped white t-shirt and dirty ripped jeans. You had never seen this boy before, the last thing you remembered was being hit and punched and scratched by two demons.

The boy seemed dumbfounded, almost speechless.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think when I asked about my first luetinant. I suppose your the one who saved me?” You asked, he nodded and stared at you for a moment.

“Then I guess I am indebted to you. So, I owe you one.” You said with a smile, then moved to stand up but you quicly recoilded in pain, falling back down.

You looked at your body and seen how badly it looked.

“Heh, guess I’m pretty banged up, huh?” You chuckled, you noticed he hadn’t said anything sense you had woken up.

“So, my name is [Y/n], and you are?” You asked, he cracked a bit of a smile but then hesitated, like he didn’t want you to know.

“It doesn’t matter, you don’t have to tell me now. But at least tell me where you’re from.” You said, despite the pain to keep your body upright so you could see him.

“I’m from… No where. Don’t really have a place.” He shrugged nonchalantly. You thought for a moment, then sighed.

“Would you like to come back with me? Back to my home, I mean.” You said, moving your body so you were up against the cave walls, laying your head against the cold stone.

“That is where exactly?” He asked you, clearly intrigued.

“How about I show you. It’s the least I could do, you saved me. That means I'm in your debt.” You told him, pulling a vial of pink liquid from your pocket, it was made of indestructible glass, one of Ford’s many inventions. It was probably the most useful in the medical department.

You opened and began to put a little of the pink liquid on your finger and rubbed it across your stinging cheek, to the boy’s surprise, the gash in your cheek disappeared without a trace.

You put a little more on your finger and applied it to all the wounds on your body, causing them to disappear.

“How…?” He asked, staring at the vile of pink liquid.

“New and improved Mabel Juice!” You laughed. “It’s genetically engineered to heal instead of tasting like glitter! We’re still working on the micro toy dinosaurs though.” You said thoughtfully, then stood up like nothing had happened.

“But how? I mean I know that huma- we have decent technology skills but-” He started, you cut him off with a wave of your hand.

“Two words. Fiddleford Mcgucket. He’s almost as good at inventing as Ford is… or… was.” You said hesitantly near the end.

“Oh.” No-name said, now seeming uninterested in the conversation. You walked cautiously toward the cave entrance, poking your head out and examining your surroundings, you seen a few familiar things and quickly knew where you were.

“YOU IDIOT!” You fumed, he jumped back at your sudden aggression.

“DO YOU KNOW WHERE WE ARE?! WE ARE IN THE DZ YOU PRICK! WHY WOULD YOU BRING US HERE?!” You shouted, it echoed off the cave walls making it sound even louder.

The blonde boy moved away, but his face suddenly contorted in confusion. “DZ?” He asked, you sighed and began to rub your temples.

“Danger Zone. This is one of the most eyebat infested places there is!” You growled, putting your back to him and looking back out.

“I don’t think there are any out right now. They come through here at about sunhigh and around last light. They won’t be around for another two hours, maybe a little less.” You said more to yourself than to him.

You walked over to him and grabbed his wrist, tugging him to his feet. He was clearly taller than you, standing at about 6”1’.

Before he could object, you pulled him out of the cave and kept to the shadows. Your clothes darkened, he wasn’t sure how it was possible but after the Mabel Juice situation he wouldn’t put it past them.

You looked almost invisible. You shifted on your heels and pulled him along, keeping a firm grip on his wrist.

You both continued to walk, he was clearly confused at how you could so easily navigate through the dense forest. You heard something and yanked him to the side.

“Ma’am?” Came a voice, you turned to where the sound originated and watched as a familiar face came from behind a tree.

It was Candy Chiu, co-head of mission planning.

“Candy!” You half yelled half whispered.

“[Y/n]! We were worried sick, why’d you leave like that?” Came another, deeper, voice. Another person came from the shadows, a lizard perched on her shoulder. Grenda.

“I thought I might be able to make it to the Mystery Shack and get the-” Candy stopped you, her pale face becoming red in anger.

“You tried to do that alone?! [Y/n] you know how dangerous that is! Think before you do something so reckless!” Candy scolded. You looked away from the angry Korean girl.

So that’s how the great and powerful leader acts when threatened by a girl who’s 4”9’? Bill thought with a smirk.

You sighed, looking back to the two other girls. “We should get back, all of us.” You said, peering over your shoulder at the blonde boy who was now leaning up against a tree, smirking.

“Who is that?” Grenda asked, looking over to him, Candy followed her gaze.

“This is the boy who saved my life. I was attacked but somehow, he sent the demons away.”

Candy examined him, noticing he had scratches and bruises and you didn’t.

“You didn’t think to give him any... Mabel... Juice.” Candy said, hesitating to say that name. Mabel had been murdered in cold blood by a demon one day when they were out on a food run. Candy blames herself for not being there, so does Grenda, who put a hand on Candy’s shoulder.

“We’ll do it when we get back, the bats will be here soon. We need to make it before they get here.” You said, moving the subject quickly.

“Yeah.” Candy agreed.

“Dipper is really worried. You’ve only been gone a few hours and Dipper is already overwhelmed with the tasks you handle everyday. Plus with you missing, he doesn’t know what to do. He can’t run a group of over six hundred people by himself!” Grenda added, you nodded and walked over to Mr. No-name.

“Let’s go.” You said simply before turning around and walking with Candy and Grenda, he stayed a few paces behind.

You all walked for about an hour, everyone keeping a close watch for the eyebats.

Everyone finally arrived at a wall covered in vines.

You walked over to a large rock wall and pulled a key shaped like a triangle at the end and pushed a vine aside. A keyhole in the shape of Bill Cipher sat there, you pressed the end of the key against it and the wall shifted slightly, opening up under a group of vines.

It almost looked like stairs that lead into darkness below the wall.

You turned and placed the key back into its original place. Looking up at a red light that was flashing. The wall would close in a matter of seconds. You gestured for them to all go, but the boy was hesitant so you had no choice.

You shoved him through the hold and followed down soon after, the rock wall closing fast just as you entered.

After going underground torches lit the walls, illuminating the large tunnel that they were following.

Everyone continued to walk until you came to a halt in front of another rock wall. Candy leaned in close and put her hand to the wall.

She knocked on it in a specific pattern. It sounded almost like she was knocking on a wooden door instead of a stone wall.

Dun. Pause. Dun dun. Pause. Dun.

There was a moment of silence, but her knock was returned.

Dun dun dun. Pause. Dun.

The wall of stone opened and you all were met by many people looking at you, all in silence.

“Out of the way!” Came a voice in the back of the crowd.

“Excuse me, let me through!” People parted ways and a tall boy, brown hair and brown eyes was running toward them. His hair flopped slightly, revealing an odd birthmark on his forehead.

“[Y/n].” He said when he finally got to you, bending over slightly to catch his breath.

You were about to answer, but the voice of Mr. No-name came forward first, you turned and seen none other than the maniacal triangle himself.

“How’s it hangin’ Pine Tree?”

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