Love With The Enemy

The Deal

Your mouth was slightly open as you looked to the floating triangle in horror, the person who saved your life was Bill?! Bill Cipher?!

You turned to Dipper, who had an equally horrified expression. The yellow triangle sat there, floating as silence overtook the entire cavern.

Bill broke the silence.

“So? Hiding below my kingdom like roaches to form your unsuccessful uprising.” Bill said, rolling his single cat like eye.

“How cute. But what if we-” He pointed his cane to someone in the crowd. A zapping noise came from it as a blue lightening bolt struck the unfortunate soul and he fell over, his body frozen in time. He looked like the most terrified person in existence.

“That’s good, he’d look perfect-” Bill started, but Candy cut him off like the brave girl she was.

“You leave our people alone! Gaesekiya!” She shouted, her korean language slipping out. Thank’s to her, you knew a few curse words and that one was ‘you son of a bitch’. She took the time to teach you things like that, she taught Grenda those things as well. It was like your own inside jokes.

Candy’s bravery was ‘rewarded’ by him. He sent a blue bolt at her, but you thought fast and picked up a rock, throwing at the bolt and causing the rock to turn bronze.

Bill’s eye set upon you. You kept his gaze, moving in front of Candy.

He floated down to you, coming close enough that you could see the veins in his eye.

He kept silent for a moment, as if thinking.

His body began to morph, his original human form appeared. His body straightened out, covering him in flesh and bone a white button down formed followed by a yellow tailcoat and black slacks and black dress shoes. Blonde hair fell close to his still cat like eye while the other was covered with an eye patch.

He began to walk around you in a circle, his back cane spinning in his hand.

“As I recall-” He began, breaking the deafening silence. “-you told me that you were in my debt.” He said, stopping in front of you. You stared ahead, he walked close to you. He used the bottom of his cane to tilt your head up so you’d be face to face with him. You locked eyes and were silent for a moment.

“That, I did.” You said, he pulled his cane away you but kept eye contact with him.

“How about we make a deal then?” He stated, swirling his cane around his index finger.

Before you could answer, you heard Dipper’s voice.

“[Y/n], no! You can’t do this, you said it yourself, the day we started this! You said ‘I never make deals’! Don’t you remember?!” He shouted, walking over and putting his hand on your shoulder.

You shrugged it off, ignoring his words.

“What kind of deal?” You inquired, staring at him as he tilted his head, putting his hand on his chin, rubbing it thoughtfully.

“How about…” His eyes widened and he snapped his fingers. “That’s it!” He said with a smirk.

“How about, I spare your little meat sack friends and in return you come back with me. Back to my castle.” He said with a mischievous smile.

You hesitated and took in a deep breath.

“[Y/n] no! You can’t!” Dipper said, putting his hand on your shoulder and gripping it tightly.

You pulled away from him.

“Dipper! What choice do I have? Would you rather me stay and everyone be destroyed? Dipper there are children here! Children who haven’t gotten a chance to be children! How would you handle this?!” You snapped, taking a few steps away from him.

Dipper stayed silent.

“What would you do in my situation? How would you handle it?” You asked solemnly, he didn’t say anything. Just looked at you.

Everyone in the room knew what he’d do.

“Yeah, Pine Tree! Listen to the girl! She’s smart!” Bill said, you flinched as he threw an arm around you, he smiled.

Dipper turned his head away. You shook your head slightly, you’d regret this and you knew it.

“So, let’s make the deal official!” Bill said with a smile, rubbing his hands together in anticipation. He held it out, a blue flame ignited.

You grasped his hand and the blue flame moved up your forearm, surprisingly it felt almost cool instead of hot like you’d expected. He released your hand and the flame disappeared.

Your arm held no trace that it was ever there, but when you turned your arm over to examine the other side you found a triangle shaped mark on your wrist.

“What the hell is this?!” You shouted at him, holding your wrist up to his face.

“A brand.” He said nonchalantly. Your face turned red.

“You BRANDED me?!” You yelled. He looked at you impatiently.

“It’s my mark. As long as it’s there, no one can touch you, as long as it’s there, you’re safe. Would you rather me take it away and every time you’re alone you’re in constant danger?” He said, raising an eyebrow.

“I…” You began, but couldn’t find a way to argue with him so you just looked away stubbornly.

“That’s what I thought.” He said with a smirk, crossing his arms triumphantly.

“Now, lets see.” He examined the area. “Three hours.” He spoke, you tilted your head.

“What do you mean by that?” You asked hesitantly.

“Before this place comes crashing to the ground.” He said simply. Your face turned red with anger.

“Bill Cipher! We had a deal!” You snapped, your body tensing up. He snorted.

“I’m giving them time to leave, that should be enough time, correct? Plus I can’t risk this becoming a problem.” He said, then shrugged.

“Four hours.” You said, glaring at him. He sighed, then put his hand on your cheek, which you quickly pulled away from.

“Anything for you my dear, four hours.” He said, his hand dropping to his side. Then looked around again, bringing his hand up again and snapping his fingers. Pebbles began to slowly drop from the ceiling at a steady rate.

“It’s time to go. Go do your human thing. Two minutes.” He said, waving his hand. You turned away and put your arms around Candy, you did the same with Grenda.

You walked to Dipper who was staring at the ground.

“Dipper…” You started, but had no idea how to continue your goodbye.

He wrapped his arms around you, holding you tightly, you put your arms around him in return. He was the first to pull away, he put his hand on your cheek, you leaned into it.

He leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on your forehead, your eyes widened. You could feel Bill’s stare boring into the back of your skull.

“[Y/n]... I-” Dipper began but was cut off when Bill came up behind you and placed a tight hand on your shoulder. “Let’s go.” He said darkly, you looked at Dipper for a moment and then to Bill.

“Alright.” You said quietly. “But first-” You said, turning to the crowd. Ignoring the rubble falling on your shoulders and in your hair.

“Everyone!” You said in a firm voice, it somewhat surprised Bill, you could feel it. The brand felt strange, almost like a tether that connected you both together. He must not have expected you to sound so commanding.

“I wish you all good luck, I must leave you now, but remember…” You threw your fist into the air. Everyone knew what that meant and they followed your motion.

Despite Bill’s presents, no one feared to say it out loud. A saying the Resistance lived by.

When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty!” Everyone voiced together, even the small children did it, mimicking their parents or guardians.

Bill grabbed your shoulder, twisting you around.

“What the hell kind of stunt was that?” He growled, glaring at you. You looked into his yellow eyes.

“Even when I’m gone, this Resistance lives on. No matter where these people are. They will hold Resistance within them.” You challenged, then continued with something you knew they all were thinking.

“If we fight, we may lose. But if we don’t, we already have.” His glare held steady, but you didn’t back down. He finally looked away, which you didn’t expect.

“It’s time to leave.” He said in a low tone.

“Let’s go then.” You said in an equally dark tone.

His grip on your shoulder tightening to the point that it began to hurt. His cane began to float as he pulled his hand away from it. A loud snap echoed through the catacombs and everyone gasped as you disappeared into thin air and the crowd went into chaos as they rushed to get their things to escape before the area around them collapsed into itself.

In the blink of an eye you were in Bill Cipher’s throne room.
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