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My Previous Destination


Have you ever wonder what your past life would have been. Waking up one day discovering about it can change your life forever Here we take a ride through the past live of a 19 year old girl name Emma Willson This is about her past or previous destination

Mystery / Other
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The Walk Along The Valley

Buzz.....buzz....The unbearable sound of the alarm clock rushes through her ears. The morning beam of light hits her face. She gasp waking up from her awful nightmare. Ignoring it like every time she gets up and take a shower. After shower Emma decides to have a quick breakfast and then take a nice walk outside to clear her head.


As i step outside, the cool breeze of the valley hits my face. Leaving in the city was not as fun as the valley, so coming here once every month refreshes my mind. I kept walking admiring the beautiful sight infront of me. The fluffy cotton in the sea blue sky sat as a canopy from the bright sun. As walking i forgot where i was now. Everything seems familiar but i have never been here before. Then it hit me. This place was from my DREAM!.

I was so confused and scared. Then my sight caught a familiar looking shop. I decided to head there.

This was a baker's shop. The crack door of the shop greets me with a loud. I enter the shop and my eyes felt on the chocolate chips cookies. I immediately ran over to buy some. Then i went to the counter to pay but was greeted by a very familiar but unrecognizable man.

The old man greeted me with a smile and said ,

''Don't you recognize me? Ahh, it has been so long has it ?''

Something was quiet confusing about this man even though i never met him, he look so familiar.

He saw my confused look and a small smile crack on his face. He said,

''Come i'll show you something.''

I was scared at first but my curiosity got the best of me.

He took my hand and we left the shop. He then bought me to a very beautiful place which did not only confused me but also send chillz down my spine.

Hi guys! I hope you aren't bore. Just to remind you this is my first time writing a story so sorry if it disappoint you....

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