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Okay, whatever


Fern Andrews is a typical stuck up rich girl who attends Blaten private school. She has everything, the money, the popularity, the house the only thing she doesn’t have is the boy. But when new boy Emmit Wilson joins will she have everything? Emmit is sweet, smart, funny, cute the total opposite of the Blaten boys. The only thing is, he’s not rich in fact he only just had enough money to pay for his first year at Blaten. But despite that all the girls love him, all except Fern, she hates him especially when they get partnered up for a project. But Emmit is still nice to her and when worlds collide, Fern might just start to accept Emmit, that is until he starts dating one of Ferns ‘minions’. Is it hatred or jealousy that Fern feels? Who knows but will she finally push him away for good or will he still care about her?

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Meet the Blaten girls

Chapter 1

Fern Andrews is Blaten Private schools ‘it girl’ she is the richest,smartest, most popular and some would say the prettiest out of the Blaten girls. She has her minions or as she calls them her squad. There is: Caitlyn Reid with her longe, blonde, curly hair and blue eyes that make any guy fall at her feet, then there’s Tamara Humphrey who’s a complete know it all, with her perfectly manicured nails next there’s Beverly Phillips who has perfectly clear skin and the smartest in New York and then there’s Fern who is beautiful, the most devious and also owns like half of Manhattan.

“No, I said the NEW ferlon couture velevet shoes.” I whined hanging up the phone. It was 7:30 in the morning and I hadn’t had my coffee. Where were the girls? Ah speaking off I saw a glimpse of Tamara’s new bow pumps from down a few streets. ‘Come on!’ I mouthed to them. I checked down at my phone to see two new text messages, one from Caitlyn and one from my mother.

*text from Caitlyn*

Sent at 7:15

Hey boo,

Sorry Tam was running late (nail emergency) we just left the coffee shop, it was the usual right? A hot chai skinny matcha whip latte extra whip no cream no sugar extra latte. Yep I got it right. Catch ya later!;)



*my reply*

Hey bae,

Yes you got it right, now hurry up before Armani opens! My feet cannot handle waiting in line for ages.




I didn’t have time to read my mom’s message, the girls were here and there was only one thing on our minds...shopping, especially the new Armani collection. “Ready to hit the stores ladies.” Asked Caitlyn with that grin she always does when she asks a question she already knows the answer to. We took our coffee’s and left our meeting spot chatting about which bags we were going to get, and where we were getting our back to school outfits, because sadly summer was coming to an end and the new school year was nearing.

It was 16:00 and me and the girls just got back from shopping. “I am so ready for the manicure and pedicures.” Beverly groaned, “Same being on your feet all day is so not good for them.” Added Tamara with a pouty frown. We all laughed, god Tamara is such a know it all! “What is all this racket?” Said my mother as she waltzed in the room. “Ah hello girls...darling.” She continued. “Hi mrs Andrews!” The girls chirped. “Hello mother.” I replied. “Fern I’m going out, there’s money on the counter if you want food and I left the hot tub open, so feel free to use it. Bye girls.” She strutted off putting her diamond earrings in as she left. “Ok so what shall we order I’m starving.” I said grabbing the menus and phone. “Ooo I want a big greasy pizza.” Beverly admitted. “Eww!” Tamara whined. “Do you NOT know how bad that is for your body? You’ll get fat.” She judged. We all rolled our eyes. “Seriously Tam you’re being such a buzzkill.” I shot back. Tamara squeaked and the girls tried hard not to laugh. “So what are we ordering?” I smirked. “Ooo lets get a stuffed crust pepperoni extra cheese large pizza.” Said Caitlyn her eyes widening at the sight of the menu. “Let’s not forget the large Diet Coke!! Oh and I want garlic bread!” Beverly remarked.

“ I just got off the phone with the pizza guy and he said the food will be one hour.” I announced. “So what should we do first?” Tamara asked now suddenly in a brighter mood. “Facials!” We all yelled. We put on our favourite music and before we knew it, the pizza was here. “Oh my god that was soo good.” Caitlyn groaned, pleased and slightly annoyed that she ate so much. “Yeah because you ate like the entire thing! Pig.” I teased . She threw a pillow at me but because she wasn’t looking she completely missed and shattered my mother’s favourite vase. “Shit!” I muttered all the girls now bolt up right because of the noise the vase made. “Oh my god Fern I’m so sorry!!” She pleaded. I turned and glared at her just to burst into a fit of laughter. All the girls nervously joined in. “Don’t stress my mom has a billion vases, there must be one similar.” I comforted.

Time flew by and it was one in the morning. We all said goodnight and drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

Authors note:

Hey guys I hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Ok, whatever! This chapter was just a glimpse into what the girls are like. The next chapter will be more about the school so I hope you enjoy!!

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