Love Sick

The kiss

Fred's P.O.V.

''You're sure this will work?'' Fred said to Ginny when Hermione came into the room.

''Will what work'' she asked while she closed the door behind her. Fred and Ginny turned around to see a confused looking Hermione standing before her bed.

''Oh, it's nothing.'' Ginny told while Fred turned Crimson red till his ears.

Hermione sat down on her bed while she took of her work cloak and when she sat took of her shoes. When she was ready she looked pleading to Ginny and me.

''We are planning to play a prank on Harry but I didn't know exactly how so I asked Fred for help.'' Ginny told her, that she could come with an excuse so quickly was a surprise for me. She had definitely some mischief in her blood.

I turned around to sit on Ginny's bed while Hermione spoke to her. ''maybe you could do something else to him'' she said to Ginny with a smile on her face and then winked to her. So if I got her right she meant that my baby sister should have sex with Harry. Holy Godric, that's not going to happen.

If I see Harry I'm gonna have a serious talk with him about this. When I faced Ginny I saw that she was blushing to a little bit. ''Oh yeah, Ginny your mother asked me to send you downstairs she needed some help with the preparing of dinner'' Hermione said and Ginny nodded and got away as quickly as possible.

So I was left with Hermione, in one room. Not just some room, her bedroom. I was beginning to feel more nervous by the minute. So instead of looking to her I looked at my hands. They were folded in my lap.

''So, you had a nice day?'' Hermione asked while she got some papers out of her bag and began to read it.

''Y-yeah, you?'' I stuttered. It was hard enough to be in the same room with her. Let alone talk to her.

''Wasn't great but it wasn't a disaster.'' she said still looking at her paperwork while she got out a pen and wrote something down.

''What h-happend'' I said looking up from my hands. Now looking at her face.

''Well, there was a werewolf who wanted to attack me but I disarmed him before he could do anything. I only hope he doesn't go to Azkaban for it.'' she looked up from her paperwork and looked me right in the eye.

How much I wanted to I could not look to something else but those beautiful chocolate brown eye's.

Just when I wanted to say something she looked away blushing.

''uhm'' she stottered. ''I have to go ask Ginny something, see you at dinner.'' she said while she stood up and got out of the room.

Right now she's gonna avoid me. What am I gonna do now?

I got up from the bed and walked downstairs, where I saw that the living room was already packed with family. Just when I wanted to sit down George stood before me.

''Where were you all day? I asked you to come back.'' he said anger all over his face.

''I was talking to Ginny about you know what'' I said looking at my shoes. How could I forget the time so quickly.

''Alright but next time could you owl me that you're gonna be late. It was so busy that almost the hole shop was packed with people. I even had to ask Ang if she could help.'' just the Angelina came towards us.

''What's with me?'' she said smiling when George put his arm around her shoulder.

''Nothing love, just telling him how busy it was.'' and with that George and Angelina walked towards the couch where they sat down next to Bill and Fleur. So I was on my own again.

Looking around I saw that Mum, Ginny, Hermione and Harry were missing from the group, even Charlie was here with his new girlfriend. They shared a passion for dragons and both lived in Romania where they worked with the dragon.

So I walked into the kitchen where I found the missing people.

''Hey, Harry can I talk to you?'' Harry turned around I could see that there was joy in his eyes but his expression quickly turned to concern when he saw me.

''Sure'' he said while quickly looking to Ginny and then to me. ''Outside'' I said to him and together we walked outside so nobody could here us.

''What's up?'' he asked when we were outside. Looking really scared to me. I said with a mischief smile '' I just wanted to talk to you about my little sister'' he gulped.

''What about her?'' he looked to the door if he expected Ginny to come burst trough the door.

''Just checking if you treat her right.'' he sighed and was a little relieved.

''Of course I do. She's the world to me.'' I took a step towards him ''If I here that you're hurting here of you're having sex with her. Then I'm going to take that balls of yours and rip them of your body'' I said not even angry but when I was done Harry stood before me really scared even Voldermort was nothing compared to this. He gulped and then I walked back into the house.

''What was that about?'' I heard Ginny ask Harry when he came back white faced.

''Nothing'' he simply said.

When I came into the living room I saw everyone's eyes on me but simply ignored them and sat down on the couch.

When dinner was ready the awkward situation returned because now I was sitting next to Hermione. Thanks to my twin and sister. But I was not that happy about it. The table was packed with my family and the space between me and Hermione was really short. So almost every time my elbow bumped into Hermione's elbow.

When dinner was over everyone was sitting in the living room. Some people got home early because they had work tomorrow. So finally that leaved Harry, Ginny, George, Angelina, Ron, Hermione and I. Because mom and dad had already gone to bed.

Just after they leaved for bed we started a game named trued or dare.

Ginny and Harry where sitting in the love seat while George, Angelina and Ron where sitting on a couch. And Hermione and I where sitting next to each other on the other couch.

''Hermione trued or dare?'' Ginny asked her.

''dare'' she said. Ginny quickly looked towards me and than back to Hermione.

'' I dare you to kiss someone in this room. Not just any kiss it must be at least 15 seconds.'' Ginny said with an almost evil smile on her face. Hermione began to blush but she had to do it.

''Alright, I'm not gonna kiss Harry because he's like a brother to me.'' so she got to the next men in the circle.

'' I'm not gonna kiss you George because you're in a relationship with Angelina.'' she faced the next men.

She faced Ron but then quickly turned towards me. I saw Ginny smiling to me. The little devil that she was.

''then there's only one option over. Fred is it okay if a choose you?'' she looked a little flustered at me and I nodded so she came closer to me. Her face came closer and closer and closer. Until her lips met mine. At first it was just a soft kiss. We were not even kissing 5 seconds when she deepened the kiss and her tong ran over my bottom lip asking to explore my mouth. When I opened my mouth her tong came into my mouth and we were fighting for dominance.

''You know that the 15 seconds are over?'' Ron said with anger in his voice. I couldn't see his face because I was still kissing Hermione. When Ron had finished speaking Hermione pulled back. Her lips where swollen and her whole face was red. So red that a Weasley would be proud of it.

Hermione sat down next to me. Another hour passed while playing the game till the girls fell asleep. Because Hermione was sitting next to me she fell asleep on my shoulder. So we were just talking of anything and everything.

She's so cute while she's asleep. I have to thank Ginny later about the kiss.


I woke up rather uncomfortable. I was lying on something soft but there was lying something rather hard on my chest. I opened my eye's and looked to a dark ceiling. So I had fallen asleep on the couch. But what was still a mystery, what in Godric's name was lying on my chest?

I tried to sit up when I saw some bushy hair. So I quickly lie down again. So Hermione was lying on me. What was happening. Yesterday when I came here I just asked Ginny for a way to tell her. Then Hermione is kissing me and now she is lying asleep on my chest. This was not going to bed good. But what could I do? I'm not going to wake her. So I fell asleep again.

Hermione's P.O.V.

I woke up lying on something hard. When I looked up I saw Fred's face. A peaceful expression on his face and from what I heard he was snoring a bit. A blush crept up my face and I quickly sat up.

But when I sat up Fred woke up too. I quickly looked around the sun was rising so Mrs. Weasley would be downstairs shortly.

''uhm, I'm sorry I will just go upstairs to change.'' I said while looking at the stairs. I wanted to get up but Fred pulled me down. So I had to look at him to see what he wanted.

''What's wrong? Did I do something wrong?'' Fred asked quietly. Because George and Angelina were lying on the other couch.

''No, you didn't. It's just weird waking up on your chest. I never fell asleep on someone. Let alone a boy.'' I looked at my hands while I spoke and Fred came closer to me.

''Hey, it's not that bad. Angelina fell asleep on George many time's.'' he glanced towards them. And indeed they were sleeping on each other.

But this is different. You're not his girlfriend.

But I want to be his girlfriend. But you're not.

''I see, but I have to get changed, I have work in a few hours.'' and with that I stood up and walked quickly towards the stairs towards the room of Ginny and I. When I came into the room I saw Ginny still fast asleep with Harry next to her.

Great what am I gonna do now?

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