Love Sick

Birthday Girl

Hermione's P.O.V.

A week had passed since I woke up on Fred's chest. And after that morning I never saw him again. George told Mrs. Weasley that he had something to do. But I doubted that that was the trued. Today was the day. My birthday. I was finally gonna tell him the trued. After a serious discussion with myself, Harry and Ginny I finally convinced myself to tell him. But it was gonna take all my Gryffindor courage.

I woke up the sun shining in my face. When I sat up I looked to the bed on the opposite of the room. Ginny was nowhere to be seen. So I got up from my bed and walked out of the room. Deciding to shower first I brought a towel with me. When I was ready I walked with the towel tight around my body back to our room. I was just standing before the wardrobe when someone knocked on the door.

''Who's it?'' I asked because I was still standing in a towel.

''It's Harry, can I come in?'' taking just a blouse and jeans out of the closet. I answered.

''just a second'' so I quickly shot in my clothes. And then got to the door to let him enter.

He walked towards me and gave me a peck on the cheek.

''Happy Birthday, Hermione.'' he said and gave me a present and then walked past me to sit on my bed. I closed the door and walked with my present to my bed to sit next to him.

When I opened the package there came pink bubbles out and when I looked inside I saw a card where on stood.:

Weasley's Wizard Wheezes

Gift Voucher

I took it out of the package and looked to Harry suspicious.

''Thanks, Harry.'' I said while I put down the voucher and gave him another hug.

''Not stealing my boyfriend are you?'' said a voice from the door.

When I let Harry go and looked around I saw Ginny standing by the end of my bed. Harry was turning a valentine sort of pink.

''Good morning to you too.'' I said to her. While gathering my stuff. I stood up and gave her a hug too.

''Big day today, hé'' Ginny said with a mischief smile on her face. I didn't quite understand it at first but when I thought about today I got the message. Fred.

''Is he downstairs?'' Ginny's face fell and then I looked to Harry who wasn't smiling anymore too.

''Is he still avoiding me?'' I asked. That was the obvious thing otherwise he would have come here at least once for dinner or something else.

''I have to tell him today, don't I? I said while looking scared at them.

''If you don't tell him today, it will never happen.'' Harry said. When he stood up and walked towards Ginny and gave her a quick kiss. I looked towards them, why was everything so easy for them and for me so difficult?

''I'm heading downstairs are you coming?'' because they were now kissing each other with much desire. Ginny's hands flew from Harry's neck to his hip and under his shirt to feel his abs.

''Have fun'' I said with joy in my voice. Walking out of the room and closing the room so nobody would see what was happening there.

When I walked into the living room I saw no one waiting so I could make it to the floor without breaking something. Thinking of were they could be I thought immediately of the kitchen so when I set foot in the kitchen the first thing I saw was someone with red hair who was crushing my ribs and pushing all the air out of my lungs.

'' Can't... Breathe.'' I managed to say. So Mrs. Weasley let me go and was smiling in front of me.

''Happy Birthday dear! Do you want some breakfast. What am I saying of course you want some, just sit down.'' so I sat down on the only empty chair. The chair next to George.

''Happy Birthday'' he said while handing over his present. ''It's from Angelina and me'' he said quickly after he handed it to me

''Where is Fred?'' I asked while looking around the kitchen. I saw George quickly looking towards Angelina and then back to me. ''He's not coming he says. I'm Sorry 'Mione'' he gave me an apologetic smile and then pointed towards the present as if he wanted to say open it now or I will do it. So I opened it before he would snatch it out of my hands.

He too had given me something from his shop, it where the Patented Daydream Charms. When I picked them out of the box I saw something else lying in there. It was a train ticket. I picked it out to and looked questioningly from the ticket to George.

''Thanks George and Angelina but what do I have to do with the train ticket?'' I asked. Looking to them both.

'' I thought you were so smart Hermione. What do you think you have to do with it? Take the train of course.'' looking a at the ticket I saw that it was for a train to London. Time: 7PM. Tonight. Why tonight I wanted to celebrate my birthday tonight.

''But... But...'' I began but was cut of by George. ''Just take the train'' he said. There was nothing, not even a hint to see in his eye's or face.

Fred didn't come by all afternoon. Every time I asked everyone began to talk about something else. So around 6PM I was standing before my wardrobe hair bushy around my head as always ad looking for something to wear. Because obviously George did think it would be funny to trick me while I was standing before the pound. So I fell in and gave him quite a nasty shock. That look on his face was priceless and when Mrs. Weasley saw what he had done he began almost to plead for forgiveness every time telling me he was sorry. So I took my orange t-shirt out of my wardrobe when Ginny came running into the room. Her cheeks pink and her hair slightly messed up.

''No, you're not gonna wear that.'' she said while she took my shirt and threw it on my bed.

''Why not?'' I asked utterly bewildered.

''Because it's your birthday and today I'm gonna choose you're outfit.'' she said while looking through my wardrobe for something nice to wear.

''Where are your dresses?'' she said.

''I'm not very fond of dresses'' I said to her while I sat down on her bed.

''Well, then you're gonna where one of mine. I know the perfect dress for you.'' she said while walking towards her wardrobe.

She was looking really quick to every piece of clothes she came along until she found it.

A blue dress, the color of the sky.

''Here you are.'' she said to the dress. Then she walked towards me and handed it to me. And then came back with matching heels.

''just put it on 'Mione'' she said when she saw me looking rather suspiciously. So I put the dress on and when I looked to the mirror, it was just like the Jule ball. Only my hair didn't match the picture of then. The dress was that shade of light blue you only see in the sky. It was strapless and came towards me knee's.

''It's beautiful.'' I managed to say to Ginny who was beaming next to me.

''Do you want me to do something with your hair. And maybe some make-up would do good.'' she began.

''Ginny stop talking.'' I almost screamed because Ginny didn't stop talking.

'' I just want my to hang loose and I don't want make-up so are we ready?'' I said to her and gathered some stuff that I wanted to take with me. Because I didn't have pockets I took my handbag with me. But I couldn't find the ticket so I thought I let it downstairs. Ginny and I walked downstairs everyone was now in the living room talking about something when first Ginny run downstairs and run towards Harry. That was when everyone turned around and looked my way. Mouths fell open and the faces of the boys went pink. They looked at me like I was Cinderella. Maybe I was for the evening but it wasn't that much of a transformation was it?

George stood up and walked to me.

''Your ticket my lady.'' he said while he maid a bow before me. He took my left hand and gave a kiss on it. I giggled.

''thank you'' and then looked around. And saw that Ron was blushing crimson red.

''what do I have to do when I am out of the train?'' I asked him when he was serious again.

''Just wait by the entrance until someone will come and get you.'' he said simply.

So half an hour later I apperated towards the train station. I took the train. Where everyone was looking at me like I was going to a ball and was really rich. Finally my last stop came and I got out of the train. Looking around I saw no one familiar. So I walked to the entrance to wait.

'' and what now?'' I muttered to myself. What if this was all a joke?

But then a familiar red head came walking towards me.

''Fred!'' I said when he was almost before me.

''What are you doing here?'' I said with much curious in my voice.''

''Taking you out for dinner'' he said when he stood before me. Lightly blushing but with a big smile on his face.

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