Love Sick

The Dinner

Fred's P.O.V.

There she stood in her beautiful sky blue dress. Waiting for someone. But what she doesn't know is that I was planning this all week with George and Ginny. This day, her birthday could turn out as something more for us both. So when I saw her standing at the entrance of the train station I walked towards her.

''Fred!'' I heard her say. Of course I knew that she had spotted me. With my hair it would be rather hard not to.

''What are you doing here? She said. Of course she didn't know it was a complete mystery to her what I was doing here. And what she was doing here, on her birthday of all days.

''Taking you out for dinner.'' I said a light blush on my face while I was smiling.

''You're doing what?'' she said. No anger but confusion was to see in her face.

''Do you trust me?'' I said while gazing in her chocolate brown eyes.

''Of course I do but why are we here?'' she asked. But I didn't answer. I took her hand and together we walked into a alley. Where I apparated us to the place where we would be having dinner tonight.

When we apparated into the next alley, confusion began to appear again on her face. This was not the UK anymore. This was her favorite holiday.


We walked out of the alley and were almost immediately near the Eiffel Tower.

When I looked to her I saw her eyes go wide of shock and maybe pleasure.

And her mouth fell open.

I squeezed her hand and she looked at me. Tears began to fall and a smile of pleasure was on her face.

I took her in a hug so that she was crying on my shirt. It was quite cute. And how many years had I waited for her to be in my arms. I patted her hair and said soothing words to try and comfort her..

A little while later she tried to pull out of the hug to face me. I wiped some of her tears away.

''Thanks'' she muttered. While she got further out of my hug and turned around to look around.

''Shall we go to the restaurant?'' I asked while I kept looking at her face. She turned to look at me and looked me in the eye.

''I'd love to.'' she said and I put my arm around her waist. And I directed her towards the restaurant where I had made a reservation for tonight. We walked towards the restaurant, it was close to the Eiffel Tower and when we were sitting at the table we had a perfect view.

''So, how was your birthday today?'' I asked her while I was studying the card. Everything was in France so I didn't really know what to take.

''It's perfect, really. But I missed you this morning.'' she said while she laid down the card.

''I'm sorry but I was buzzy with the shop and I was planning something for later.'' when I looked her in the eye I saw something twinkle. Her hands came towards mine and she took my hands in her own when I laid down the card.

''This is the most beautiful thing someone has ever done for me.'' she said and I took one of her hands in my own and kissed it.

''You know Hermione, I've got to tell you something.'' I said getting more nervous by the minut.

''Tell me.'' she said.

'' I -'' at that exact moment the waiter came to the table.

( I can't speak or write France so I decided to just do it in English)

''And have you already decided?'' he asked while he set down our drinks and got out his notebook and pencil ready to write.

''I'll have the Lasagnes à la bolognaise and the Crème Brûlée.'' she laid the card down and then faced me.

The waiter now focused on me.

''Well, I didn't exactly know what everything was so why don't you pick something for me Hermione?'' I said blushing pink, because I didn't asked her earlier. For the very first time I saw a mischief smile appear on her face. This was not gonna be good. She took the card and looked for a second.

''He takes the Poulet rôti aux croûtons et pommes de terre and the Fondants au chocolat en ramequins.'' when the waiter stopped writing he took the cards and walked to the kitchen.

''So what were you saying before the waiter came? The blush that I got when the waiter came got back but this time it was not only my cheeks but the rest of my head to.

''Uh, nothing. It's not important.'' I said while I took a sip of the drink that was called Coca Cola. And Hermione took a sip of her Fanta Orange. It was nothing like pumpkin juice but it tasted delicious.

''So what did you get today?'' I asked her to break the silence. She had her Fanta in her left hand and was glancing in it for some time now.

''Well, I don't know why but almost everyone gave me something from your shop.'' she looked up from her drink and looked me in the eye. Why I don't know but maybe she taught she could find the answer by me. Only I didn't have a clue why, because this whole week I hadn't been in the shop.

''Alright, but what did you get that was not from the shop.'' I asked while playing with my thumbs.

''Uh, I got the train ticket, this date and two tickets for the Holyhead Harpies.'' she said while looking at her drink again. This wasn't good.

''Hey, is something wrong. You're looking worried.'' I took her head in my hand and she began to blush. She began to look every where but my face. So I let her go and there came and awkward silence until the food came.

''Mmm, this is so good'' she said while she was eating. She was eating her lasagna and I was eating something that had chicken and potatoes. But delicious it was.

''What did you order for me, this is so delicious.'' I said while looking at my chicken. If France food was always so delicious than I would be getting here more.

''it's just a chicken with croûtons and potatoes. It's really delicious but I like this more.'' again there was an awkward silence until desert came. I got something what looked like it was made all out of chocolate. She got some sort of cup with something roasted.

I took one bite and it felt like I was in 7th heaven. It was so delicious that if it could I would never eat something else again.

''you've got to try this out'' I said to her. She looked at me with that typical Hermione smile on her lips. So I took my spoon and directed it to her mouth.

''Here comes the airplane'' I teased. But the spoon came in her mouth and if she was honest she also liked it.

''it's delicious'' she said when I had my spoon back.

''You've got something.. no there.'' I took her head in my hand and brushed the chocolate from the corner of her mouth. She began to blush and took her spoon again.

''You've got to taste this, it's really nice. And you can't go to France without trying this.'' she directed the spoon to her mouth and I tasted the delicious flavor of Crème Brûlée. Just when she wanted to lay her spoon back I took her hand in mine and kissed it.

''Hey, I'm sorry if I did something wrong. But whatever it was I'm really sorry.'' she didn't move she just sat there looking at me. A blush creeping up her cheeks.

''It's nothing.'' she said. But there was something in her eyes that said the opposite

''Alright, let's just finish desert and then I will take you somewhere.' so we ate our desert while talking about the day and her smile never leaved her face. So when we were ready, I payed and we walked hand in hand out of the restaurant.

''So where are we going?'' she asked curiosity again in her eyes.

'' where going to the Eiffel Tower and then we go home.'' the sun had gone under so now you could see lights everywhere on the Eiffel. I bought tickets for both of us and we took the lift towards the 3th floor where there was a fantastic and romantic view.

We walked towards the railing where we had a view of Paris. It was really beautiful, but nut as beautiful as the person who was standing next to me. Why had that waiter had to interrupt me.

Maybe I should try it again now. There's no one who is going to interrupt us here.

I was still holding her hand so I gave a little squeeze in her hand and she looked up at me.

''What's wrong?'' she asked me. Her hand was coming up to my face and she cupped it. This was going to be hard. I could see in her eyes that something was bothering her.

''Yes, there is something I want-'' I couldn't finish my sentence because she had come closer to my face and had crashed her lips on mine. After what felt like hours we got apart both of us gasping for air.

Her face was turning pink and in her eyes I could see that she was pleading for more.

Was this seriously Hermione or was this someone who had drank polyjuice potion.

''Wow, Hermione you knew all this time?'' I asked her it was now or never. I moved closer to her because after we broke the kiss she walked a little away from me.

''What do I have to know?'' she asked staring at her hands. Shifting from one leg to another.

''That I'm madly in love with you.'' I said quickly before I could regret it.'' I took her face in my hands so she had to look at me.

''I love you, since your fourth year. You're always in my head Hermione, you have to believe me.''

she looked at me like I had just died right in front of her eyes. It was weird maybe she loved me too.

''Hermione, say something to me.'' she was standing white faced in front of me. Not even moving an inch.

Finally after a few minutes she breathed deeply in and out. There came some color back on her face and to my relief she began to talk.

''You mean, you... you.. really-y-y'' she began to stutter but I stopped her. I proofed her I really loved her to kiss her again and deepen it. My tong ran over my bottom lip asking to explore her mouth. She let me and after a few we broke apart. She was red faced again but she didn't look away.

''How could I think you didn't love me?'' she asked gazing into my eyes. Her lips were swollen again and people around us where staring at us.

''Of course I love you, you silly. Come here.'' I said and I gave her a side way hug. So we stood there a little longer gazing at each other and into the sky. Asking myself how it was possible that I got such an beautiful date and possible girlfriend.

A little later after we got out of the shop from the Eiffel and later standing by the exit of the Eiffel it came to me. I had to ask her.

''Hermione I began.'' she looked up to my face and saw something.

''Yes.'' she said. ''I would love to be your girlfriend.'' she leaned onto my shoulder and so we walked towards the Alley where we would be Disapparating.

I've never been in France so it was a little difficult for me to search the perfect dinner. The end was rather hard because I couldn't find the right ending.

And I would like to thank Nymphadoralover because she gave me the courage to write more

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