Snowy River:Jackson Saga


From the Banjo Patterson poem The Man from snowy river, is Garrett Jackson “The Man From Snowy River. Based at Banjo Bridge in the snowy river valley a story of how Jackson became the most famous man on the planet of Australia and the world.

Action / Adventure
Colton Devore
Age Rating:


As he went down the mountain almost 90 degrees Garrett Jackson was chasing a herd of horses. The men of Banjo Bridge watch in shock as he captured all the horses after a death experience down the mountain. What he didn’t know was that event would earn him all the popularity.

Garrett Jackson would marry the girl of Banjo Bridge named Reagan a American. Him and her had 3 kids,(Clayton, Lannan, and Grace). Through many toils Garrett and rich Walter Thompson work together on their land.

But Garrett doesn't know the real stuff behind him. Walter is a evil stockman inside who will steal everything that Luke has, but karma is activated were Luke and Walter are pushed to death. All in all Garrett and his family keep their farm and take over Olgin Nest. The Man from snowy river has and will always become a legend of time and forever.

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