Chapter 15: Trust

Chapter Fifteen:


AN: short, I know, but enjoy it all the same! ;D WIZADORA AWAY! *zoidbergwoopwoopwoop*

"Bane!" I cry, jumping against the bars like a cages animal as he approaches. I've been waiting since yesterday for him to walk past in order to get food. I knew I wouldn't have to wait long- the drop-off came last night, so everyone's been pining for the meat.

Bane acts as though he hasn't heard and veers to the opposing column of cells, but I won't be ignored.

"Hey!" I say as he walks past, "come on, I need to talk to you!"

He carries on down the corridor, and I decide not to shout after him; he has to walk back this way anyhow, and there's no way he'll get past until I've been heard.

I sort through piles of neglected clothes for a few minutes while I wait for him, then catch his frame striding back through the corridor. He walks quickly, clearly preparing to hurry past- I grab at my chance, and sweep back to the front of the cell;

"Don't fight him," I demand as he approaches, "promise me you won't."

He considers whether or not to respond for a split second, then goes to walk ahead.

"No," I say, reaching out and grabbing the sleeve of his thick shirt- the one I made, actually.

He could easily shrug me off if he wanted to, but he decides not to. He stands not looking at me for a second, then turns his strong eyes on me.

"Let me in."

I do so without a second thought, reaching for the key Andri keeps on the side and unlocking the heavy door. Bane moves inside, takes the key from me and locks the door himself. Then he turns, sighs a second, and grabs me by the throat.

I gasp in shock a second, as he drives me back into the room and pushes me up against the far wall.

"What are you-!?"

"Do you see?" He says in his usual tone, as though this were a conversation where one party didn't have their hands around the others neck, "how easy it is. What did I tell you?"

"You're hurting m-"

"Don't open the door to anyone." He says firmly, looking dead into my eyes. I struggle to free myself once more and he gently lets go of me, removing his hand from my now burning throat. I cough a second, pressing my fingers to my neck in shock. Then anger takes over and I bitterly cry,

"Is that your idea of teaching me a lesson?!"

"That depends on whether or not it worked."

"I- Well it was only you, I wouldn't have just been opening the door to anyone!"

"That wasn't the lesson; don't trust anyone, regardless of who they are."

"I can't believe you just-"

My words run out; I am utterly flummoxed.

Bane sits down on his old bed and looks across at me. I'm still stood motionless, struggling inwardly at what to make of the entire scenario. It takes Bane's own initiative to remind me why I let him inside in the first place.

"I will fight him," he says plainly, referring to Dandachi.

"I don't want you to," I say, and it ends up sounding far more pitiful than I'd hoped.

"I want revenge," he says, smoothing his hand over the stubble of his face then around the back of his head. "I need it."

"But you can't even be certain it was him-"

"Yes, I can. It's tough to keep a secret in a place as small as this- much more than just the walls have ears. I've more than enough conformation that it was his idea."

"And knocking him over in a game of last one standing will be enough to sate your vengeance?" I say doubtfully.

"Neither of us is going into this thing expecting a fair fight," he says knowingly, "I'm sure things will escalate rather quickly."

"Don't do it."

"Should make a good show."

"I don't want you getting hurt."

"There'll be a good turnout everyone's talking about it; they all know it was he who-"

"Stop ignoring me!" I shout over him, finally winning his attention. I know I'll never convince him.

"Just- at least think about pulling out." As soon as I've said it, I realise my choice of words- pulling out- will surely not improve the situation. In the short time I have known this man, I have learnt he is certainly not one to back down from anything.

"Be careful," I say, like a defeated mother who knows she cannot prevent her child's antics, and seeks only to lessen the damage of the consequences.

"And you," he says back, standing for the door. He turns away from me and I say quietly,

"Am I not worth an apology?", referring to the strangling incident earlier. He pauses a second, tilting his head to me whilst maintaining his gaze upon the outer of the complex.

"I won't apologise for keeping you safe," he says blandly, exiting the cell- then handing me the key through the bars.

I'd completely forgotten he even had it.

He gives me a telling look, then walks away into the chaos of the prison.

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