Part Two:

Hell Ascending

Five years.

Five years stuck in this pit, this chasm of hell; constantly filthy, constantly hungry, constantly just... constant.

He lingers in the shadows now. I hardly ever see him; when I do it is in the dead of night, when he ventures downstairs to mutter through the bars of the cell opposite ours to Barsad, who has equally hardened. He never speaks to me even when he knows I am wide awake there, lying still and listening, which I am most nights.

Some of the prisoners say that he is ill; others say dying. There's even rumor that he and Barsad are planning some sort of an escape, but that is just foolish.

There is no escape from hell.

I don't say his name any more. Andri pointed that out to me a few weeks ago. It burns the back of my throat whenever I try, like the acid which grates after vomiting. So I have decided to write everything down instead. That seems somehow easier. Five hours of washing and scrubbing my fingers down to the bones is what this paper cost me, plus ten minutes of charming the supply handler in the most flirtatious fashion which makes me feel ill to think about. I hope it will be worth it.


His name is Bane.

AN: Well hello there, beautiful people! Consider this the return of 'Condemned'; coming soon to a webpage near you. I'm hoping for it to have a much darker feel (as though it wasn't dark enough already with all the murder, rape and prostitution), which you hopefully get the feel of from this little prologue. Our gal is far older now, far wiser to the world, and has her fair share of scars, all with their own stories to tell.

And Bane? Well, he's another story all together.

I'm just wrapping up 'Imprisoned' at the moment, my Walking Dead fic (it's over 100 chapters now and almost 400,000 words... it has to end soon ;D), and then this fic will be returning. In celebration of that, I have decided to do the one thing this story has been lacking ever since the beginning;


Yep, that's right; I say we because I want you guys to vote. I have narrowed it down to my favourite four, but any other nominations would be welcome; we'll add them to the list (names beginning with the letter 'D' are particulary welcome; I just think it would be a good, punch-packing letter). Here are the four names I like (none of which actually begin with a D):





Only one request for name nominations; no names beginning with 'M', please. We already have Melisande and Molina, any more and we'll be drowning in 'M's :D

See you soon, guys- let me know what you'd like to see in the upcoming chapters and, of course, your name of choice!

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