Chapter 2

author's note: the 2nd chapter of "Red" , sorry for making you wait :) this chapter is Hikaru's POV with the song :I'd lie- Taylor Swift. And for your inpormation, this one set on few year before the 1st chapter, so the confession ( kiss) they make hasn't happened yet .Enjoys :)

Late at night, Hikaru wake up from his sleep. Oh my, this oversea-competition is killed me here, he throught for second before get out of his bed, take a glass of water ,turn on the musicplayer and sit on the chair next to window, take a good view to the L.A night. It must be morning in Japan, I wonder how is she doing...Akira...he remembe her game that he see on TV this afternoon...

"I don't think that passenger seat

has ever look this good to me"

Her game is good, like any other game she lips lit up to a smile when he remembered the 1st time he realise his love for's when she attened in the 1st international Go competition for ladies only , somehow, she is outstanding between the ladies come from other country, like every others is slowly dissapeared , only she ...still here in his eyes

"he tell me about his night

and I count the color in his eyes"

She is excited when told me about all the other girls she met, played and how good are they, how she glad that there're a lot of female players in Go's world and all he remembered is her sharp eyes lighted up with joys. He has had a hard time to find out what is going on with his heart, and until today, he still can't believe that he has passed out when Akari said that maybe he has falled in love with his rival. He shock his head, oh my, Akira, you always bring chaos into my life. The 1st game they have after came back to Japan, Akira, of all the moments, made he choked with his Coca when asked him what he think about Elizabeth, the one who win 2nd place ( 1st place, of course, belong to his Akira ) . All the contumers have the good laugh when Akiwara teased him that finally, there's a girl set eyes on him. And he took the chance to ask her how she think about love, she just shock her head , saying that she doesn't have time for it, then she give him number of Elizabeth, smiling and wish him luck with that girl. Akira, how can you...i can't believe it

"i'm laughing 'cause I hope he's wrong

I don't think it ever crossed his mind

he tell a joke I fake a smile"

All he could do is laugh and say "thank you" while his heart tanged up and wish that she won't see his eyes lost in sad for a moment

"that I know all his favorite songs and

I could tell you his favorite colour's green"

Yeah, he can tell about everything she like, dislike, love or hate... it's simply to him like telling about hiself

"he love to argue, born on the seventeeth

his sister's beautiful

he has his father's eyes"

Nobody know that Akira love to watch the sunraise, she say that it's a most beautifull scene she has ever seen. And for someone who ususally sleep until noon like him ,the most difficult time was when he try to get up early, drive to the beach to take a video of sunraise on the sea to be her birthday's present but all the exhauted've gone when he saw her smile, it's the most beautifull scene for me, he thought for himself. As much time they spent together at each other's house, he soon know that Akira have the Mejin's sharp eyes, which at the 2nd game she has with Sai, has haunted him for days and nights, he want her to look at HIM, not Sai by that eyes. Now think again, maybe I has falled in love with you since then, can someone find their destiny at the age of 12 ?

"and if you ask me if I love him

i'd lie"

Of course he'd lie, hell, he doesn't want his lovelife become the gossip's topic, if there's anyone he want to talk about, it's Akira. He want her to be the 2nd person know his love 'cause the 1st one already is his BFF-Akari

"he look around the room

innocently overlook the truth

shouldn't the light go on?

doesn't he know that i've had him memorized for so long"

His lips become a sad smile, will you ever see that I always look at you? Everytime we walk in playing room of Go's Accademy, you'll look around to find your player that day, innocently doesn't know that there's me always look up to see you, until you sat down and began your game. "shouldn't the light go on?" why don't you see that i'm here? He shock his head, try to fight back the feeling that smashing his heart

"he sees everything in black and white

never let nobody see him cry "

He burns out a laugh,and look at the scene to see the signer's and song's name. I gotta remember this song, of course she only see everything in black and white, it's Go and Akira we are talking about. She probaly won't have anything in her head beside Go, and on the same way, she always make a clearly, unquestionable decisions, never let herself confusing about anything

"I don't let nobody see me wishing he was mine"

He laugh again, this song is so fit for his situation right now

"he stands there then walks away

my god if I could only said

i'm holding every breath for you"

How will she reacts if I tell her that I love her? Will she refuse me ? Or worser, would she never speak to me again or won't play Go with me anymore...aghh, why do love must be that hard? "if only..." he heard himself whispers again

"he'd never tell you but he can play guitar

I think he can see through everything but my heart "

Nobody but her family and he know that Akira is sweet lover, and she can make a great tiramisu cake, that she has eyes can see through everything: she can tell you that whether or not you should trust someone, or there's something weird is going with one of his friends, though he would never understand how she do it, she barely spent time with them, somehow, mostly she seem to be always right. Is there any super power that only girl has? I wonder...then again, how can she doesn't see my love?

"first throught when I wake up is god ,he's beautiful

so I put on my make up and pray for a miracle "

Ever since the 1st time we met, you are the 1st person and the last one I think about after I wake up and before I sleep. Back then when we are still kid, the throughts are about that oneday , I'll make you see my as your one and only rival, about your talent of Go...slowly,but firmly, you have become a important person with me... somewhere before I realise, the word "rival" has turn onto the word " lover" . " ...miracle" …. Sai, the Heian ghost that is a miracle to me, he is the one who show me the wonderful world of Go, the one who drag me to this world, to Akira...but how many time in one person's life can have a miracle for twice?...

The cellphone's ring drag him back to reality, surprisedly, he fall out of his chair. Nursing his head by one hand, the other hand take the phone ,press the button and half yelling at the caller:

" Who is that?"

"Uhmm...Hikaru, is that you?"

Napped out of pains, he said:

" A...Aki...Akira, it's me"

" Do I wake you up?" the girl at the other half of the Earth asking, worriedly " I'll call you later then, goodn..."

" It's ok, I can't sleep anyway" he laugh sheepingly, nervously " why do you call me ?"



"…..pray for a miracle ..."

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