Chapter 3

The 3rd chapter is updated :) thank you all for reading my stories :)

this chapter will set in our beloved characters' wedding the song will be : " this is really happening " of Taylor . Hope you enjoy :)

"Beneath the chandelier of stars and atmosphere

tangled like the roots on the ground

the window is opened

the wind is blowing and we're both not making a sound"

The moon spear it's beautiful silver shining lights through the black coast of night, the fresh atmosphere is fulled of the scent of the unknown flowers and the sound of the insects making the wonderful melody . Akira stand by the door lead to the garden,closing her eyes and enjoy the night ,relaxing from the tired but happy day. Suddenly, she feel the arms embraces from behind, tighten the hug and the chin press against her shoulder, the common scent in the air, the light kiss on her cheek then burn down her neck making her laugh and yell:

"Stoppp, Hikaru..."

The two tones hair man look up, smile and tease :

" Ya know, you have a beautiful smile...Akira, or should I say Mrs. Shindou?"

Blushing lightly,Akira smile and say :

" Laugh when you still can, my Shindou, 'cause I'll make you cry when I take away your Jyudan tittle"

Only pouting Hikaru answer her , which make Akira laugh again " oh, Hikaru, sometime you just like a little kid" and she press a light kiss on his lips. Realizing what she have just done,she immediately blushing and put her hands on her lips, look at the surprised Hikaru. It's took him seconds to understand what have just happening, and when he does, his face turn from surprise to happy, still holding his love in his arms , he lower his head down and kiss her lovingly, whisper in middle of it : " I love you too "

" it's like I'm melting on into you

give me a reason why we should ever move and tell me

you'll never leave me and I'm not crazy

oh baby tell me

this is really happening"

She has dreamt about today for times since the day she know her love is being returned but never before in her dreams, she can imagines that her weeding day could be this much happy, that finally she'll be one and only to Hikaru. She can still see it, clearly as crystal, the day he proposed her, like it was yesterday with his nervous face before their Jyudan tittle game, the clumsy moves he made at first, then her scolded at him demand for his best at the game, his determine eyes look at her, and the war on the board began. That was a most frightening game they have, every moves they make getting stronger and stronger as the heat fire up in the room...she remembered how she lower her head in defeated when she realize that there's no way out for her , she can't win this game, she is defeated...her shaking voice saying that words, not because of disappointing but excitement still in her body. That game is one step closer to the Hands of God, that's unquestionable statement saying that they are eternal rival and fated ones will walk on that path... after that game, in the hallway down , he ask everyone else to give them some private minutes, when everyone's out of the sigh, Hikaru knee down and took out the ring, blushing face and say : " Touya Akira, will you marry me?" It feel like suddenly there's no air in her body, that something has hit her head, she can only nod her head while tears drop down with her hands close her mouth in surprise... it's still feel like a dream even now, the happiest, breathtaking beautiful dream that she never want to wake up...all the memories, all those words he has said, everything they has been through, every messages he has sent to her whenever they are separated...

"all those kisses up against your car

for all those wishes on plane

we thoughts were stars

memories like photographs"

" My dearest Hikaru, you have driven me crazy since the 1st time we met, please tell me you are mine now and even in the life after and after..."

"could this be better?

You write me letters so you see me everyday

you tend to treat me like

my name is up in light

it really blows me away

lock me up in a darkest room and I still can't take my eyes off you"

" Sai, do you see ? I'm alright now, I'll continue your path, I'll connect the past and future...I'm not alone in that path anymore, I have Akira with me now, she is my wife now...Funny right? Who could think that I'll marry her when every time we met, there'll be a shouting contest no matter what..Aghh, you are there today, right? On our wedding, I feel your present, we both and Akira..."

"tell me

you'll never leave me "

" Hikaru, I'll be here with you, I'll never ever go anywhere out.." those word Akira whisper into his ears while hugging him, the day when he decided that " someday" finally come...Akira, the name has become so familiar to him that he never thought how his life could be without her.

He close his eyes, memorizing the pictures of her through years, since 1st time he saw her at the age of 12, the time of their 1st date,how her eyes lighten up and sparkle light every time she smile, how breathtaking she is in the white wedding kimono ...can this be real? Can someone be this much happy when he still alive?

"all those kisses up against your car

for all those wishes on plane

we thoughts were stars

memories like photographs"

So this is what they called " love" , he smile, kissing on the forehead of the his love's sleeping form...

"oh baby tell me

you'll always need me ,that I drive you crazy"

"It's feel good, really good" he thought when hugging his still sleepy wife, hearing her unaware yet voice asking : "...uhm, what's up? Hika.." "I'm so glad that you are here with me, Akira" he whisper while smelling her unique scent, enjoy how soft and small her body is,pressing his head in her neck, he fell she is smiling and say : " So do I , we are here" ..." Yes, we are here, together, never separated, forever like this baby" he thought before closing his eyes, falling in sleep

" oh baby here we are

tell me

you'll never leave me and I'm not crazy and this is really happening

oh baby tell me

you'll always need me that I drive you crazy

tell me you'll always need me

that I drive you crazy"

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