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Masquerade suite


Illumi sees Hisoka at a masquerade and invites him to dance in disguise.

Romance / Adventure
Hisokas wife
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Clicking on the ground, Illumis heels could barely be heard as he made his way across the ballroom. There was no point in hiding his footsteps, nobody knew who he was anyways; this was a masquerade after all. Allowing his eyes to wander, a lift of an eyebrow planted itself onto Illumis face as his dark eyes landed on a familiar figure with pink hair. Scanning the taller male, bottom to top, Illumi couldn't help but admire the mans outfit. It was a perfect shade of red mixed with black, creating a sophisticating look that matched the magicians persona wonderfully. Illumi turned on his heels and made his way to the nearest bathroom as an idea popped to mind; something he never would have thought of doing, but decided to try. Walking up to the bathroom mirror, Illumi dug out several pins from his back pocket, and carefully placed them in spots hidden by clothing or hair. Slowly, Illumis face and body transformed into that of a young, about 20 year old girl. Taking in a deep breathe, Illumi exited the bathroom and made his way towards Hisoka.

"And now we have a slow dance."

The announcer spoke, and many of the people present could be seen joining up into pairs. Illumi lightly tapped Hisokas' shoulder as he approached, and stood in a 'shy'-like position; "care for a dance, sir?" He asked, making his eyes look as innocent as those dead eyes could. A look of confusion could be seen on Hisokas face, but he quickly covered it with a devilish one.

"Sorry dear, but I only dance with o-" he suddenly stopped, his eyes quickly running up and down Illumis body. A mischievous grin painted itself onto the magicians face as he stretched out a hand; "well darling, it would be an honor~" he hissed, as Illumi quietly took his hand. The pair made their way closer to the dance floor, and got into position for a slow dance. Although Illumi attempted to keep some distance between him and Hisoka, the magician pulled a sudden stunt of pulling Illumi up to his chest, the two being nose to nose.

"You're very beautiful, what's your name dearest?" He asked, while swaying them side to side to the rhythm.


Illumi quietly replied, while Hisokas grin just grew wider. Illumi was glad this was a masquerade, or else he would've gotten flustered by the way Hisokas eyes glowed when he smiles. But, this way he could at least contain himself. As the pair moved to the rhythm, Illumi gently placed his head onto Hisokas chest, which surprised the magician; but, of course, he didn't show it. As the song slowly came to an end, the distance between Illumi and Hisoka grew, but only for a mere moment; Illumi had tried to get out of Hisokas' arms, but the other simply pulled him closer, and planted a kiss on his lips. The assassins eyes widened at the sudden movement, but he couldn't lie that, deep inside, he knew he enjoyed it. To his surprise, Hisoka leaned down near his ears, and a low whisper escaped his lips; "my sweet Illu, did you think I wouldn't recognize you?~" he said in such a tone that sent a shiver down Illumis spine. Slightly biting Illumis ear, Hisoka chuckled lowly as he made his way back to the bar where Illumi spotted him, while the raven haired male stood in shock at the dance floor, all alone.

A/N: so I got the inspiration to write this by listening to "Masquerade suite" by Khachaturian 😌

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