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A story about Phoebe a girl who loves history and is set to discover a lot but when she goes to this old French chateau with her friends they witness a man dying and tge man thought it was them who killed him. The guy called Harry Apollo comes back to take revenge on the kids by killing them brutally one by one. Phoebe then realises by the help of her guardian angel that Harry's death wasn't an accident as they thought. He was shot. But the question was. Who and why?

Mystery / Horror
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Chapter 1

"Mummy, what has happened to the lights? " Little Ammy asked.

"Let me go check what has happened to the lights. Just stay here I will be right back. " Sarah, Ammalia's mother told her.

"No mummy don't live me alone. It is going to come back. " Ammalia cried out.

"No child . IT was just a nightmare nothing is going to hurt you . OK just stay here I'll go Check on the lights. "

"Ok mummy , " she said reluctantly " but don't stay for long."

Sarah went to check what had happened to the lights down stairs.Ammy was being haunted by a memory that had happened in the near past becauseof an incident that had happened. She had witnessed a man being killed.

"Aaaaahh! Go away from me. Go ! Please go! " Ammy cried out.

" Just look at me look how I am because of you and your friends." "Mummy help! Mummy mummy its here.


"Ammy!" Sarah was shocked. She rain upstairs to Ammy's room .Within a fraction of a second she had arrived in Ammy's room.

"Ammy what's wrong ? Ammy my child, where are you? "

Using a candle she could see that Ammy was not on the bed where she had left her.She then went on the other side of the bed where she found her lying helplessly.

She was Breathing hard. She ran and knelt right besides her. She tapped her but she never Responded.

"Ammy, Ammy dear what's wrong . Ammy why aren't you talking dear. "

Although she Was breathing she never responded.

"Doctor, I need a doctor .Oh I forgot to charge my cellphone. What will I do? "

She Whispered to herself.She carried her downstairs whispering the hail Mary .

It was almost nine in the evening. At this time of night it was very difficult to get a taxi in California .

By luck, a car driver saw the distress in her eyes and decided to help them.

" What's wrong ma'am ?" the man asked. Without even hesitation she replied.

"My daughter is ill. Please help us. "The man thought for while then said

" I have to catch a flight to New york tonight but I will drop you at city hospital.

"Thank you sir."

"Place her gently on the back seat." The man said.

Sarah placed Ammy on the back seat. Since there were few cars at this time of the night, there was less traffic . They arrived the hospital and Ammy was immediately taken to the emergency ward.

"Thank you sir. I don't know how am going to repay you . Thank you. May the almighty bless you. " Sarah told him.

" No need to worry , I f you want to repay me then.............how do I put this. I don't have a secretary , I just fired the one I had because she was too slow, maybe if you want......."the man said.

" Sir but.........." Sarah was cut short by the man.

" Don't worry, I can get you a trainer if you want but if you don't want there is no problem. Actually am getting late I have to leave. " The man said .

"At what time was your flight taking off? " Sarah asked the man.

"At one thirty five after midnight, why? " the man asked .

"Nothing I will take the job. I have been working in Seattle Central Dairy Production for over a year now. I resigned recently after being given a transfer to Indianapolis and the option were either I resign or I go. My salary was to be reduced by sixty percent and as you can see I have a daughter to take care of. " Sarah told the man.

"Am lucky then. This is my card. All my details are in here. Call me tomorrow. See you . " the man said as he left and Sarah stopped him. This time called him by his name.

"Mr. Wellington ." Sarah called out to him.

"Yes " he answered as he turned around."You will have to catch another flight. Its already twelve forty after midnight and the time you are going to go it will be too later. It's an hour drive from here. " Sarah told him.

He looked at his wrist watch and sighed.

"Don't worry am not using a public plane I've got my own private jet. " he replied.

"Oh! I didn't know. We..............Doctor, how is my daughter. Is she fine? " Sarah asked the doctor who came out of the operation room.

"Well tried our best and............" "And what? Tell me doc tell me ." She was crying.

"She is in a state of shock. If not treated as soon as possible she might go into a comma or even die. We were able to inject relaxant medicine but that want help after twelve hours . "

Sarah had broken into tears. She was crying loud enough to scare death itself. She pulled herself together and sat at the waiting couch near the operation room.

"You can go pay the bill at the counter desk so that we can start the operation as soon as possible." the doctor said to Sarah.

She stood up and walked over the counter desk. She looked like one who had lost hope in this life and is waiting for death to play its role .

"How are you madam? How may I help you? " the lady behind the counter asked.

"I would like to know the bill of the girl in the operation theatre number 8." she said.

"Just a minute, " she typed something on the computer then continued. "Ammalia Howards?"

"Yes please." she replied.

"That would be 600,000 dollars ma'am. This is with all the medicines the doctor has prescribed for her. Anything else madam? "

The lady asked.Sarah stepped twice backwards lost in deep thoughts and sat at the waiting bay bench. Wellington stood at the corner looking at Sarah with that evil look . He then started off towards her. He then came close to squatted just right besides her.

"Hey Ammalia's mother what's wrong?" He asked.

Sarah looked at him and never said anything . He stood up went to the counter desk and talked with the woman then removed a credit card from his wallet and gave it to her.

She swiped it and returned it to him. Wellington was given a receipt and a certain blank form to fill. He took it to Sarah and requested her to fill it so that the operation may start immediately. Sarah looked at the form and a ray of hope for the survival of a daughter was came upon her. "You can not die that easily Ammalia.......ha....."Wellington whispered to himself and by good or bad luck Sarah heard. "What did you mean by that?" Sarah asked. Wellington blood went cold due to the fear hr had. He thought as hard as he could to remove himself from the mess he had put himself in.

"I.........I..........what I meant was that if she dies you will feel very lonley and sad." he said in his defense.

Sarah thought for a while, while Wellington was hoping that she buys the lie.

"Oh am sorry I thought otherwise am sorry. Wait a minute, who paid for the operation, was it you?" Sarah asked.

"Don't worry, it was a well-wisher. Anyway, sign so that the operation may begin soon as possible." Wellington said.

Sarah filled in the form and gave it to the doctor. Ammy was taken to the operation theatre and the operation begun.

"Ammalia Howards, what yu did to me together with your friends I must revenge. You killed me, my body is still rotting there. Even though Sarah you were my friend I don't care what you wi go through all I know for me to rest in peace this children must pay for all that is happened to me that day. The six of you must pay for what happened to me that day. Ammalia you are clinging between life ad death. Just wait. Am coming for you first let me finish off your friends." He thought for himself

"Mr. Wellington, Mr. Wellington." Sarah called out to him but he was deep in thoughts. Sarah shook him and he came back to reality.

"Mr. Wellington anything wrong? "Sarah asked

"Who are you? Why am I here? How did I even get here?" he asked.

The spirit that had possessed him seemed to have left his body.

"Am Sarah, have you forgotten. You brought me here to the hospital together with my daughter. Should I call the doctor? " Sarah asked.

Both of them were real confused with what was happening.

"No don't call the doctor, am completely fine. It is just that I don't seem to remember anything. What time is it?"

"What do mean you mean you do not remember anything. Its almost four A.M." Sarah replied. Wellington looked at her for a while then took his phone and searched his current location. "Am almost seven and a half kilometers where I was the last time I remember." Wellington said in a more confused manner. Sarah was actually the one who was more confused by the words of Wellington . He helped her all that time then he claims he isn't remembering anything.

"I know men like you. You help someone then claim you don't remember anything and then say that I had hyptonised you so that I may repay you and go to jail if I don't heed to you demands." Sarah was aware of such men and he had encountered with one before and she knew this one was no less.

"What! Do I look cheap to you? Please I can never do that to a woman that is despicable. All I want to know how did I get he.............Oh my Gosh! " Wellington exclaimed.

"What now has your stupid memory come back." Sarah in a more mocking manner. Wellington started remembering what had happened in the old the old Chateau. Then started ," Am I the one who told you that my name is Wellington?" He seemed to be like one who is about to get his conclusion.

"No a stupid dog NKT! Who else if not you? Don't tell me you even forgot your name you fool!" Sarah replied in a rage of anger. "My name is Kane Walker not Wellington. The last thing I remember I was at an old chateau collecting data, historical data, am an historian . " Walker said.

"What you mean is that all this happened at the old French building? Ammalia nightmares started there after he saw a dead man." Sarah said .

"Exactly even I saw a rotting corpse in that place " he started telling what happened when he was about to leave the place and call the police a door opened upstairs and he couldn't resist to check what it was.

He went upstairs cautiously incase of anything. He removed his penknife and held his torch firmly. When he arrived at the door and entered the torch he had started flickering. The door behind him shut hard and te torch went off. He felt a sense of foreboding inside. He then felt motion around him but didn't see anything. It came closer and closer.

He tried to break the door open but it was all in vain. Blood started oozing from the door handles and his blood was filled with blood. Something went inside him that caused great pain and from there he couldn't remember anything that happened after all that.

"This means that Ammy was right when she said she saw a man commiting suicide." Sarah said.

"What had your daughter gone to do at that place anyway? " Walker asked.

"Well she had gone to take her friend Phoebe who wants to be a historian and was collecting data so from that chateau so as to begin her career. Why ask?" Sarah replied.

"If your daughter didn't kill him this means that Phoebe is the one who killed him and he has come to get revenge and is using me as his host body." Walker said.

"Are you mad? What you are trying to imply is that it is a ghost. Ha ha don't make me laugh," Sarah said as she giggled " ghost don't exist my dear friend . Those are superstition , nothing of sort is real."

Walker seemed to have been hurt by those words. He took her by her hand and pulled her close to him.

"I have been collecting data all over the world for almost a decade now. I know what am saying and don't make me lose it. Am in this because your daughter killed someone and its here for revenge. Don't try my patience. It will use me as his host in your presence so go to this guy his name is Fred de Suarez he is a ghost hunter he will help you catch it and do it fast before it comes back. He lives downtown by the stream only he can help you. I need to go as far as possible from this place and don't tell any one else about this." Walker left the hospital in a hurry got in his car and drove off to who knows where.

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