[Oneshots!~] Centricide, Realicide, and Everything in Between


You've walked into the fandom I see? Nice to meet ya! Welcome to the world in which Politics take the form of people. I hope you enjoy whatever I type up while slowly dying on the inside; I mainly do fluff but cursing is mandatory for a couple of characters. I take requests if you're wanting to see anything specific- but keep in mind, depending on motivation, plot, and my mood, it might take a bit for me to complete.

Age Rating:

🌠 Hello and Welcome!

- Hey everybody, Communal here! ❤

Okay, no, it’s just me. If you don’t know where in this green earth that little lyric came from, I suggest you look here --> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VskpJ0etaq0

Anyways, as the title says, hello and welcome to the wondrous world of Politics turned human! It's kinda like country humans I guess you could say, but, in my opinion, it's much, much better.

I write little stories based off of ships or scenarios that Jreg's characters inspire, but you probably already know that, yeah? Just in case you didn't, I hope you can Google his YT channel soon so you can catch up to what you've missed out on.

I accept requests!

I will happily write the following if you ask:

- Fluff

- Angst

- Them really suggestive scenes that cut off with a time skip

- Anything you have a decent plot for

- Anything you have a decent starter for

- Them rare ships that no one knows about but you

- Things based off of music you think would inspire me to write something

- Anything below 18+ (Not counting gore- I can write you a gore-y scene if your heart desires it >;P)

If you're curious as to why the hell I use emojis in my titles, it makes it easier (for me at least) to locate ships rather than by looking for the names.

Example: An Commie x Ancom story would have ❤💚 at the beginning to symbolize their main colours.

One more thing before I start typing away to my hearts desire, if you're going to request please write it out in proper sentences! I wouldn't want to get confused about what you asked for and accidentally write something you didn't want! That'd be a no-go >~<;

Happy reading/requesting!

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