Arms of Safety

Chapter 2 - Calm Safety Within the Storm

The second time a thunderstorm surprised her outside, was when she was walking home from a friend's house. One of her old friends from junior high had asked for her help and she agreed. It was a beautiful day, with the sun shining bright and just a hint of a soft breeze.

She'd used her money for food and bills, so she couldn't take the bus back home. She had to walk.

Though she didn't mind that, after all, the weather was nice.

Until the wind started blowing. And with the wind, dark clouds took over the peaceful, blue sky.

Haruhi shivered, fearing the worst, and she glanced around, searching for shelter.

She couldn't find anything.

So Haruhi started running, hoping to find somewhere she could hide. In only minutes the rain came pouring down and in only seconds she was soaking wet.

Then she heard the sound of thunder, and she tried to hold back a sob.

Tears gathered in her eyes after the first lightning flash, and she tried to run even quicker. There had to be somewhere she could hide, Haruhi thought, flinching when there was once again a lightning flash.

She found it difficult to keep running. It was as if her body was receiving signals as to curl up somewhere safe, away from the storm.

The sound of thunder was overwhelming and pressing her hands against her ears didn't help. At all. Though she kept trying to block out the ominous sound.

She'd stopped running. Simply huddling against a nearby wall, head on her knees, arms pressed against her legs while her hands still on her ears. Eyes shut tight, still soaking wet, the rain still pouring down.

Haruhi trembled whenever she heard thunder or saw the lightning flash through her closed eyes, as she sat sobbing and scared at the side of the road. Hoping it would stop soon.

She screamed when she felt a hand on her shoulder and she lashed out, her mind in survival mode. Trying to hit what was a potential threat.

A hug surprised her. The soft whisper of her name was almost lost in the sound of thunder, but she heard it and her eyes widened when she recognized the voice, before closing them to shut out the lightning. Her hands desperately grasped the shirt of the one trying to comfort her. Sobs wrecked her thin frame when she whispered his name over and over again, scared out of her mind.

She didn't notice him sliding his arms under her legs and carrying her bridal style towards a waiting car. He wrapped her inside a warm blanket and put her beside him, in the space between him and his protégé. Honey was already asleep but he unconsciously noticed Haruhi's distress. Mumbling something while turning, he wrapped one arm around his bunny and used the other one to push himself half onto Haruhi.

Haruhi was still trembling and still clutching onto Mori's clothes. Her eyes shut tight and silent tears streaming down her cheeks.

Mori put one of his long arms around her cold shoulder and pressed her closer, trying to rub some warmth into the shivering body curled up beside him.

He watched her relax just a little, but enough to actually fall asleep. And with her sleeping on his chest, they drove home.

When Haruhi woke up, dried tears on her cheeks, she noticed something warm pressing against her leg, using it as pillow. She grasped the blanket and held it up, giving her access to the sight of Honey, curled up with his stuffed bunny.

She laughed slightly and searched for the one saving her from the storm.

She smiled when she saw him, sitting on a chair by the bed, his head on his arms. Asleep.

'Thank you,' Haruhi whispered, with a grateful look in her eyes.

She let her head fall back in the soft pillows and while petting and stroking Honey's hair she slowly fell back asleep.

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