Arms of Safety

Chapter 3 - Unexpected Safety

She didn't expect a storm heading over the building when she was still in school. Still in class even, and though she did her best not to show anything, the tensing of her body whenever she heard the thunder or saw a lightning flash was very much visible to anyone who might look at her.

Like the twins.

Haruhi did notice the worried glances they tried to hide, which they kinda failed at, but decided to ignore them. They would only fuss over her and she didn't want that at school.

However, the storm was far from over. She heard the thunder getting closer and she shivered. She knew that she couldn't pretend she wasn't afraid. That, and the whole host club would probably go look for her, since all of them knew of her fear.

So as soon as classes were over, Haruhi decided to disappear until the storm had passed.

She slipped through the doors, through the hallways that the other students were quickly filling since the classes were over for a while.

The noise drowned out the worst of the thunder, and though she was grateful for that, she still sought for a more quite place. Which normally would be a library or an empty room, but the library was a sea of people chattering, and any empty room was either locked or a closet of some sort.

She gritted her teeth, determined not to show her fear to the other students, or to break down crying. She was a strong girl. Why did she feel so weak when it came to thunder and lightning?

Haruhi's step faltered when a particularly loud thundering sound filled her ears, and she tensed. The lightning flash came only a second later and shook her out of her freighting daze.

Why were all the rooms occupied?

Trembling she checked room after room, hallway after hallway, closet after closet. Tears gathered in her eyes, but she was determined not to let them spill, still opening door after door.

Until a hand grabbed her from behind and dragged her inside a dark room. Empty except for the black-clad male with a single burning candle in his hand.

Haruhi focused her wide eyes on the hand puppet in his other hand. 'Nekozawa-san,' she whispered.

The black male nodded and the puppet urged her to the sofa standing in the back, half hidden by a black curtain.

She hesitated but sat down.

Uneasily, she looked around and noticed that the sound of thunder was almost inaudible. A relieved look spread over her face while relaxing a little on the sofa.

A black blanket was pushed into her hands by Nekozawa, who smiled shyly.

Haruhi smiled back, but tensed when she saw a lightning flash.

Nekozawa turned and quickly closed the curtains. Walking back he saw the grateful smile she gave him and he blushed a little. Glad that it went unnoticed in the dark room.

Haruhi tried to stay awake, but it seemed that her body shut down every time there was a thunder storm.

She almost didn't notice the gentle hand guiding her to lay down. She didn't notice him pulling the blanket over her trembling body.

A tear spilled out of her eyes as she closed them and fell asleep.

The black was nice. It was quiet and without thunder and lightning. Still something had her attention.

Or someone.

Someone was caressing her hair. Stroking it by her left ear.

That woke her out of the deep sleep.

Then a loud sound filled her ears, made her tense, but it wasn't thunder.

She opened her eyes, seeing the members of the host club standing in the room.


She counted the heads. Six.

Six…? Then who's stroking me?

Her eyes widened and she quickly sat up, seeing Nekozawa sitting on the sofa beside her. His hand still in the air, a surprised look on his face. Followed by a fierce blushing as he averted his eyes.

The look in Haruhi's eyes softened and she gave him a small smile, which made him blush even more.

'Thank you,' she said, sincerity and gratefulness clearly in her voice.

Nekozawa only nodded, still not speaking.

Then Haruhi focused on the stunned males standing in the room, just out of the doorway.

She raised an eyebrow and chuckled when her friends, except from Kyouya, Honey and Mori flushed and each pointed to another, Honey simply smiling and joining in.

Kyouya fiddled with his glasses, trying to act like it was troubling him having to search for her and he walked out of the room. Knowing that the others would soon follow him.

Mori nodded to Haruhi, glad to find her safe and sound instead of in a trembling mess.

Honey smiled brightly waved, dragging Mori with him into the hallway.

The twins and Tamaki started to ramble which was totally not understood.

Haruhi just smiled and the twins each took an arm from the blonde and took him with them, giving Haruhi a little time with Nekozawa.

It was quiet for a moment, till Haruhi said: 'Thank you.'

Nekozawa blushed and mumbled something before ushering her out of the room, smiling once before closing the door.

And Haruhi smiled before walking towards her friends somewhere ahead.

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