Arms of Safety

Chapter 4 - Dark Safety

When she slammed the door behind her silence filled both the room she just left and the hallway she walked into. This time they've gone too far, Haruhi thought, rich bastards.

Normally she wouldn't be this angry, but they stepped on her pride and she'd been feeling down lately, which was not helping her calm down. And maybe she shouldn't have reacted this fierce, but… She sighed. Okay, she did overreact. It was not that bad what they did. Even if it insulted her pride, being treated like she was walking on eggshells. Haruhi wasn't the frail little girl they thought she was. And she thought they knew that.

Still grumbling but unwilling to go back and apologize for snapping Haruhi decided to go home. There she would calm down and let it rest for a night and tomorrow she'll go to school and after classes she would apologize. Yes, that's what she would do.

And minutes later, when all but Kyouya and Mori, who sat quietly by the window, were searching for the girl, the two lone members saw her hurrying over the school grounds.

Neither did anything to alert the four searching members or to stop Haruhi, knowing she would come around tomorrow.

And Haruhi took the bus home. The ride was quiet and uneventful. Until the last few minutes, when Haruhi looked out of the window and gritted her teeth when she saw the dark clouds hanging over the buildings on her right. That would go right over her house, she know, as she willed the bus to go faster.

At her stop she hopped off, giving the driver a nod as thanks and turned to walk the last part home. It wasn't very long, but the wind blew the clouds at an alarming rate through the sky and she could only hope she would be home first.

Haruhi almost jumped when she heard the first of the thunder, a lightning flash close after.

And then it started to rain, the thunder only a second after the lightning and Haruhi ran. She was only a few streets away from her home, she saw, relief fighting for domination with the fear on her face. Which quickly vanished after another lightning flash.

Turn the corner, cross the street, quick, quick, another corner, there! Tears appeared in her eyes when her house appeared in front of her, and she hurried to the stairs, careful not to slip and fall.

Where is her key? For a second she panicked as she couldn't find it in her bag. The panic disappeared however when she brushed with her hand against her pocket and felt the shape of her keys.

Haruhi slipped out the right key and threw the door open, quickly disappearing within her house, slamming the door behind her. Trembling from relief and fear she dropped her bag and curled up in the corner, trying to block out the sound of thunder by pressing her hands against her ears.

She didn't know for how long she laid there, uncomfortable and with her eyes closed. Then something was draped over her shivering body and a hand softly stroked her hair.

Who–? Her dad was still working right? Did he come home early?

Haruhi opened her eyes, seeing someone sitting beside her.

"…Kyouya-senpai?" she whispered.

Kyouya turned his head to look at her and simply nodded, his hand still stroking her hair.

"Why are you here, senpai?" Haruhi asked, her voice almost breaking when the sound of thunder filled the house.

"I saw you walking off the schoolgrounds, figured you'd go home and settle this thing with the Host club tomorrow. Then I saw the sky turn dark and checked the weather forecast. There was a thunderstorm coming and I knew Ranka-san would be working. And because the others would be worried if they knew I came to check if everything was alright," he answered while pushing up his glasses.

And even though it was still storming outside Haruhi smiled just a little. 'Tsundere,' she thought. Then trembled when a lightning flash prevented her from continuing the conversation.

"Sleep," Kyouya said, and Haruhi closed her eyes and nodded.

And with his hand stroking her hair she fell asleep.

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