Pureblood Traditions

Chapter 1

Chapter 1:

Ever since she’s a little kid, Luna Lovegood likes Mornings. She likes how the early rays of the sun flow in such an exquisite manner compared to the later parts of the day and how it never fails to give her hope and joy even in the darkest moments of life. However, In this one particular morning, which is dated as September the first and beginning of the term for her fourth year at Hogwarts, Luna felt sick and roughly horrible that even this celestial body cannot heal it.

Much to the Ravenclaw’s dismay, this sickness of hers cannot be deciphered as one of the upsets she usually felt when she had eaten something wrong or when she catch a nasty cold. Actually, what she’s feeling now—according to her observations in the last few days—is mainly because of her nerves. Ever since the shocking ceremony, Luna had already felt the nervousness running in her veins. Most of the time, the fuels that are feeding this emotion always centers about the fact that she had been married to a son out of a well-known death eater family and about the responsibilities (including the attitudes) that is expected of her because of this situation.

Not that she’s complaining or whatever—Luna didn’t really have the choice really…especially that her mother agreed to it-- it’s just that, in the small amount time that she had been married—No, TIED FORCEFULLY is much better-- to Draco (which is only two days) the pressure is already getting into and bugging her.

“Oh, for the love of Merlin!” a voice exclaimed, making the beeline of thoughts shatter “Why are you not dressed? The train is leaving in exactly three hours!”

‘Speaking of Pressure and Force’ the girl muttered while glaring at the person who just entered the chamber and at the same time, fighting the urge to blow something up. One of the things Luna really loathed (which is a small list really) is for someone to dictate her about time lacking. Well, she’s a RAVENCLAW for Merlin’s sake! So as expected, since she’s a member of the so called ‘House of Wits’, time management is not that hard. However, because she still respected and loved the person who just intruded her room—which is her mother—giving hate and making a huge explosion out of this statement is totally out of the question.

With this vulnerability, Luna can only scratch her head, sigh heavily and reply in the weakest yet dreamy voice ever;

“Which is an awfully long time mother”

Pandora narrowed her eyes at the response and clucked her tongue disapprovingly.

“An awfully long time?!” she quoted, feeling aghast “Three hours is not a long time especially for us purebloods.”

“Us purebloods? Are you sure that US is US mother? Don’t you think it’s just Narcissa?” Luna scoffed.

The elder woman gritted her teeth and decided to ignore the comments.

“You must also call Narcissa, MOTHER you know …. “ she trailed on, thinking it’s much better to change the subject “I mean, you are already binded to each other…”

The ravenclaw rolled her eyes. Leave the award to Pandora Lovegood of being the worst conversationalist/listener of all time.

“I think I’ll better go…” Luna said cutting her mother’s rant. Now, is not really the time to talk about THAT bind. “You know, just like you said… to get dressed.”

Pandora nodded and exclaimed just before the girl dashed towards the closet door.



The sound of the train’s whistle seems to aggravate Draco Malfoy’s anger as he stood at the platform of Hogwarts express. It is already thirty to eleven and his so called ‘WIFE’—Merlin, how he hates that word—chose this moment to be running late.

If it is in any other circumstances, like when he is at the leaky cauldron to catch some few drinks with Blaise and he is waiting for her or something (well if like that really happened, they’re still married for only 48 hours) the young Malfoy wouldn’t mind her being delayed. AT.ALL.

Growling under his breath, Draco decided to open the book that his mother gave to him that morning to past time. The book is about as thick as the book of HOGWARTS: THE HISTORY and it looks like it has been passed on to and fro from a vast amount of generations--judging from its paper and cover. Beautiful, handwritten words were present at the front causing his hand to caress it lightly. The words read: Pureblood wizards and witches who are bound to each other shall follow all the lines encrypted. Circumstances may commence if it will not be done.

“Huh, so this is the fuss all about” he muttered while staring at it and remembering the fact that his mother almost turned into shambles when she ran from her room to his to give the book. Remember, Narcissa Malfoy never runs…so this thing must be THAT IMPORTANT.

A few minutes later, after flipping a few pages from the literary work, Draco is found in an undesirable shade of red. Some of the words and paragraphs written there is very personal and intimate, that the Slytherin couldn’t really think straight to why his mother gave it to him. Sure, he and that Lovegood is married but the things written there are definitely beyond the status of their relationship in the present moment. The truth is, the two had never even slept together in one room or even talk to each other in a civilized manner. Most of the time, when they utter words to each other, it is composed of words braided into sarcastic combinations.

Sighing heavily the boy then closed the book and stood up from his stool to get a better view from the wall. He had been whispering ‘we were totally screwed’ for a full five minutes when three blonde headed human beings with a trolley appeared from the glued up bricks.

“I thought we agreed to meet up at 10:20.” Draco snarled as he reached up to them with his arms crossed “Unlike you (he shifted his gaze at the shortest person of the group)I wanted to get an empty and comfy compartment ”

The youngest of the three (which is also the one he is gazing at) rolled her eyes at him and pushed the trolley to the train’s crew who had been lingering.

“Which is quite early, mister excited” she huffed. “People doesn’t really appear at the station until quarter to eleven”

Before the Slytherin could respond, one of the elder blondes send a glare at Luna who just shrugged and look at him apologetically.

“I’m really sorry Draco, Luna is currently experiencing a rough morning” Pandora said.

Draco smiled as he looked at the said girl sending death glares at the elder blonde after the sentence is released.

“Oh it’s alright…I’m already…uhm accustomed with her treating me that way” he sniggered.

“Accustomed? What do you-“

But Luna cut her off.

“Yeah, like you were any good MALFOY” she retorted, as her face released some steam.

“Malfoy? Really?” The slytherin chuckled while making sure to raise his voice for the people to hear in the station “Maybe you had forgotten that that’s your surname too?”

The girl shut up at that and began to shoot her eyes around the platform nervously.Given with her and his reputation at school, she didn’t want anyone to know just yet.

Narcissa, who had been quiet throughout the conversation looked at Pandora who just shook her head.

“I think you two must go inside now” she said in a curt voice.

Luna didn’t need to be asked twice. She quickly kissed her mother at the cheek, embraced Narcissa, said her farewells and hopped on the train. Draco did the same as well but before he hopped on the vehicle, his mother pulled him back and whispered something in his ear that will surely make him uncomfortable until the next century;

“You better do the things written in the book” she said

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