Pureblood Traditions

Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

As the train rattled across the rails and the views outside the windows gradually turned into grassy fields, Draco Malfoy thought fondly that throughout his whole fifteen years of existence, he had learned it the hard way that every rule book connected to the pureblood heritage contains a magical contract that can eventually hurt and destroy if not followed. So, by the time his face successfully went back to its natural skin color, the Slytherin had every intention in his body to speak to Luna.

In his defense and the absolute reality though—well he won’t really talk to her if he had a choice— the reason behind the boy’s gusto to produce this supposed to be discussion (If they actually acted civil to each other which is quite impossible but still, Draco hoped) is not really that pure and caring as one ought to think. Well sure, he might be telling that bloody Ravenclaw about their demise and whatnot but the purpose actually less revolves around the said girl and largely revolves around HIM. All the pain and fatigue he had experienced when he was younger (even though most of it his fault) were excruciating and agonizing at it is and the Slytherin is very sure that he doesn’t want to experience it EVER AGAIN.

Sighing heavily, Draco then ruffled his quite longish blonde hair and started to walk towards the Ravenclaw carriage where he last saw Luna running to in her ever satin green glory. She looked a bit per say…Loony at that point making him chuckle. (It’s quite an irony you see…since most of the student body thought that she is already). Suddenly much to the boy’s exasperation, —because of the blessing from the God who make bad timings —when he was about to take another step, an eerily familiar voice shouted his absolutely loathed nickname.

“Drakie!!!” the voice shrieked.

The boy, upon knowing that there is only one person in the whole wizarding world—hell even in the Muggle world is included Draco thought grimly—that uses or speaks that nickname, even though he kept telling AND threatening this person not to, he stopped in his tracks and turned with a very menacing face.

“Pansy what the bloody hell are you doing?” Draco said while crossing his arms and darting his eyes around him. Sure enough some students are sniggering at the scene. He frowned.

“Oh Drakie, don’t you remember?” Pansy said—clearly oblivious or not caring at the boy’s discomfort—while laughing in a very faux manner and giving him a flirty punch at the shoulder.

Draco looked at her blankly, shrugged and shook his head that clearly shows annoyance. She sure has a mental disability.

“No.” he replied.

“No?” the ebony haired slytherin asked confusedly while arching her eyebrow and tiling her head on the side. “That’s Odd…it is written in the Prefects’ letter that we have a start of the year meeting just after the train took off…Wait, did you even read the letter Drakie?”

The blonde slytherin blinked his eyes and thought about what the girl had just said. After for a good full minute and a few curious—not to mention UNCOMFORTABLE—piercing gazes from Pansy, the boy then remembered…

It was just the day after the wedding and the day before the term starts. He remembered being so angry and distraught that time because he was married to a girl he didn’t really even know and the fact that he actually don’t have a bloody clue what to say to his friends when they saw him wearing an infinity wedding band (it’s called infinity because it will never be removed from your finger as long as your other half lives)—not that he can’t cover it with other jewelries…but still! When an obnoxious letter came about mid morning just after the school letters—which her mother snatched directly so that she will buy them for him in the diagon alley—he commanded his personal house elf to burn it towards oblivion without even reading it.

“If I really think about it…” Draco trailed on. “I actually haven’t read that”

At a split second, Pansy showed different set of emotions. She went shock to discouraged, to shock again and lastly to admiration.

“Oh DRAKIE!” she squealed while grabbing his right arm and pulling him towards the opposite direction of the place where he intended to go “You’re just being confident are you? That’s why you didn’t read it because you already know you’re going to be a Prefect!”

Even though the blonde Slytherin is a little bit thankful because at least the CRAZY girl didn’t go for his arm where the band lay—covered with a big snake ring but he can’t fall down his defenses at that—Draco still sighed heavily and tried to pull away from her. However, it seems that Pansy has a troll like strength. The boy grunt and groan…If only he has the heart of hurting—physically anyway—or hexing a girl he would have.

“I guess Luna and I will have to talk later” he thought before eventually surrendering at the grip and turning off his hearing senses since the chuckling and whistling went into a higher decibel.


Ginny Weasley had been Luna Lovegood’s best friend—her only friend really…not that she’s boasting or anything— ever since they were kids and she had known the girl for her absolute disdain to anything that holds the colors green and black. The ginger didn’t know what had happened that triggered this loathe (and she couldn’t understand it really since Luna who had a pale skin for a trademark absolutely looked good in those colors) but she do know that it’s because of the blonde Ravenclaw’s mother.

Pandora Lovegood—at least from Ginny’s observation—is a very caring and loving parent. She literally gives Luna all of her attention despite the struggle of juggling her responsibilities as a wife and as a profound owner of a publishing company. However, it’s still never escaped the ginger’s notice that this woman is very strict and uptight. She wanted all of the things flow according to what she likes even though it concerns something much more personal such as clothing and jewelries. Though, she might not be like that when it concerns with her colleagues, AKA the other ‘ROYALTY PUREBLOODS’(Most of the witches and wizards at Magical London thought that Pandora discriminates other bloodlines since she grew up and produced friends at the pureblood community. But no, she’s not like that. Sure, she may be snobby and a little bit scary at times but she literally cares for other people too—no matter if you’re Muggle born or from a Wizarding family) — since she is more of like the go with the flow woman when it comes to them— that didn’t stop her from controlling her family in the way that she deemed proper. (The example for this is the mandate of wearing darker shades of color for dresses such as green and black)

Luna on the other hand, is not quite what we call the ‘PROPER ONE’ when it comes to her mother’s book. She’s much closer to her dad —since he is the one who’s mostly left at home to produce ideas for The Quibbler (their company) and its definitely fascinating page for the erm… unknown magical creatures — and is quite a rebel. Actually, Luna only follows the rules when her mom is around and literally breaks it when the Pandora’s away or when she’s at school.

So, it comes to Ginny’s shock and bewilderment when Luna appeared at the doorway of their compartment, wearing a green satin dress with black gloves and totally out of breath.

“Luna?” Ginny asked while standing up and avoiding the “Who is she?” and “Did you know her?” questions from Neville “Is that you?”

The blonde girl opened the door and arched her eyebrow at the Ginger.

“Of course it’s me…Why, did my face change or something?” she said while chuckling and placing her hands on her hips.

“No, of course not, it’s just that…” Ginny trailed on while shaking her head and laughing a little “I mean… what possessed you on wearing that? I thought you hate dark colors.”

Luna sighed heavily and frowned.

“Moved in a new house, mother snatched all of my things and replaced them” she said simply.

Ginny gave her a sympathetic look and said something about ‘that’s why your house seems to be awfully quite when I glance at it while we’re at the village’.

Guilt fell at the blonde girl’s stomach at that. Though her wedding is an arranged—not to mention, CHAOTIC since she and Draco literally have a battle there (both in words and wands) that eventually ended up with Narcissa tying them both into chains that can only break after the ceremony—and literally not traditional and romantic, it still bothered her that Ginny is not invited to be her bridesmaid. Now it is added that the ginger is currently blind to what was happening in her life (‘Transparency is the way to make a friendship strong’ is their vow you see).

She forced a smile and waved her off.

“It’s alright really…” she assured. “ Anyways, are you gonna let me sit or not? Not that I wanted to bother or anything, I just can’t find an empty compartment”

Ginny laughed and motioned her to the empty space between the window and an ebony haired boy that is currently holding a cactus thingy in his hand. Luna muttered a ‘Thank you’ and sat directly.

“By the way Luna, I almost forgot…” The ginger said as she waved her hand at the two boys present .First at the one with glasses which Luna knew and then at the boy beside her whom she didn’t knew. “This is Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom”

Luna gave them a smile and raised her hand.

“Hullo, I’m Luna…Luna uhm… “The girl trailed on confused. Well, she might hated the fact that she’s already a Malfoy but since she was taught to be proud of what she is, Luna thinks that it’s quite unfair that she will be ashamed of her new surname. However, since the people inside the compartment actually hated the whole family who holds the surname… “Luna Lovegood”

“Lovegood?” Neville asked while scratching his free hand on his chin and looking thoughtful “Are you somewhat related to the family who owns the Quibbler?”

Ginny rolled her eyes a little bit and chuckled.

“She’s the daughter of the owner Neville” she said.

The ebony haired boy’s orbs widened and his mouth curled into a huge grin.

“I absolutely loved the last month’s article in the Herbology section!” he exclaimed.

“It’s nothing really…”Luna replied trying to be nonchalant. Though, she must admit that it actually feels good that someone appreciated her first ever article. “Are you a subscriber or anything Neville?”

“More on the word ANYTHING…” Neville replied while grabbing his bag and putting the ‘creepy spiky plant’—at least for the blonde girl— in it “My grandmother is the subscriber.”

Luna smiled at the boy and went to divert her gaze at the people in front of her. Harry Potter is leaning at the windows looking rather detached and melancholy. Not that she blame him though. She would literally went like that also if she’s going to witness the murder of her fellow schoolmate—well at least that what she believed that happened despite the The daily prophet’s and Ministry’s announcement that it’s ‘ALL JUST AN ACCIDENT’. Ginny on the other hand is quite immersed in reading The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self Protection by Quentin Trimble that it looks like she’s going to bite someone’s head off if someone dared to disturb her.

Sighing contently. Luna then muttered something quietly before leaning at the glass window and drifted off.

“I think I must catch sleep for a little while…” she said

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