Pureblood Traditions

Chapter 4

Chapter 4:

Despite the horrible sensation due to tired eyes and sore muscles, Luna still tried with all her might to be cheerful as she entered the great hall for breakfast. As crazy as it sounds, the main reason as to why she’s hiding this current situation is because of the fact that she doesn’t want Ginny to be fussy all about her. Ginny being fussy is like having Mrs. Weasley inside the castle and the Ravenclaw didn’t actually know whether or not she can put of a kind face in front of her. You see, her overall attitude towards other people and sleep deprivation doesn’t actually mix well.

Much to her luck though, Ginny—and Colin; since he can be like the redhead sometimes— were not yet already. So, upon reaching her usual seat at her house’s table, Luna immediately grabbed a piece of fruit, sat on the bench and began to eat slowly. Sadly though, at the same moment, her head throbbed just like the way it had disturbed her last night. In addition to that, it seems that the current feeling is much stronger making her drop what she has been eating and hold her head.

“Luna?” a voice said from her side which the blonde ravenclaw registered as Orla Quirke, her usual seatmate during meals. “Are you okay?”

Luna released her grip from her head and smiled weakly at the girl.

“Yes. Yes I’m fine…”

The ebony haired girl raised her eyebrows and bit her lower lip nervously.

“Are you sure? You seem rather pale. I can bring you to Madam Pomfrey if you want to…”

“No, no…” Luna replied while shaking her still aching head. “Seriously. I’ll live.”

“Okay…if you say so…” Orla said uncertainly before moving back again to eat.

With that, the blonde ravenclaw sighed in relief and eventually grabbed her fallen fruit. She was about to take another chew when she felt all of her hairs rising in a way as if a person is looking intently at her. Sure enough, when Luna drifted her eyes around the hall, she met the silvery eyes of Draco Malfoy and that directly send chills down her spine.


A few hours later, on her class of Ancient Runes, Luna could still feel her mind and body drifting to space. Well, it certainly has happened before since of course, she possesses a very wild erm ‘knowledge’ about certain magical creatures. However, this time though, she doesn’t have the capacity to multi task daydreaming and listening to the lecture.

With all her might, she forced herself not to think about the another strange look that blasted Malfoy had given her and focus herself in writing down the facts that will surely come up in the later quizzes and essays.

The whole class actually lasted the whole morning and it is already time for lunch when Luna found herself being dragged by Ginny. Being a good friend as she was, Luna let the redhead do what she’s bloody executing until they came to a stop in the middle of the transfiguration courtyard.

Much to Luna’s nervousness, Ginny began to purse her lips, put her hand on her waist and tap her feet.

“Okay Luna. Tell me. What the bloody hell is happening?”

Luna widened her already big eyes as she decided to feign innocence. Darn. Ginny does catches bad air that easily.

“What are you talking about?”

The redhead rolled her eyes.

“Come on Luna. Don’t play dumb. You’re placed in the Ravenclaw House for Merlin’s sake.”

The ravenclaw groaned internally as she began to feel short trickle of sweat on her forehead.

“Ginny…” she said slowly “I really don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Ginny rolled her eyes again, crossed her arms and began huffing.

“Okay. First. You look bloody pale that it seems you’re already dying. Second. You look absolutely distracted that it seems that even Voldemort will come; you’re not going to notice. Third, if Orla Quirke hadn’t dropped her morning pumpkin juice on my shoe, I hadn’t known you had just experienced a weird headache this morning, and fourth, you’re still wearing those gloves despite the fact that your mother is not here to reprimand you. Luna tell me the truth. You’re certainly not like this before. You’re acting a little bit ODD.”

Luna fought the urge to laugh at the irony. Her a little bit odd? That’s a huge understatement for most Hogwarts students.

“Really Gin? As if I’m not already known as odd…”

Ginny chuckled a little bit before remembering that she must be annoyed with her bestfriend.

“You know what I mean…” she said.

The ravenclaw smiled widely and joked “I don’t know what you mean”

At that, the Gryffindor punched the blonde girl in a playful manner before her eyes widened in absolute distress as she developed some sort of conclusion in her head.

“You’re not PREGNANT ARE YOU?! I mean, in all circumstances, maybe you’ve met someone during summer without telling me.”

This is the last straw. Luna couldn’t possibly control herself anymore. She guffawed loudly making the present students look at her strangely.

“Oh for Merlin’s sake! NOOOOO!”

Ginny sighed in relief and was about to say something when unexpectedly the clock tower clang. With a slight pouted lip, the Gryffindor bid her farewell to Luna and walk towards the hallway that will lead her to the Charms classroom.

The Ravenclaw then shook her head both from amusement and anxiousness.

“I should ask mother for her special headache remedy. This is turning into a nuisance” she thought.


When he woke up the next day after the feast, Draco could still feel his head throb. He really don’t know what to make of it since he really don’t want to go to the hospital wing—because it will cause darn suspicions— and writing to his mother for help is totally out of the question. So, just to occupy his head, the Slytherin decided to go to the great hall for breakfast.

“Mate you look like shit” Blaise Zabini said as he looked up from his cereal to take a look at the blonde who has just sat across from him.

Draco glared at him before grabbing a piece of toast and nib at it slowly.

“None of your business” he replied between chews.

“Cerosly..wump..huppem thu you?” asked Goyle, who was currently pigging out some oatmeal and was clearly oblivious to the fact that the blonde wanted to be left alone.

Sighing at his mate’s stupidity, Draco decided to linger his eyes around the hall and look for the certain Ravenclaw who seems to have worm her way in his dreams last night. Sure enough, when his orbs rolled its way towards the girl’s house table, he caught the gaze of two silver irises.

As bizarre as it was, the blonde boy honestly felt shivers run down his spine during that eye contact. Is it because he hates her more than he thought? Or she just had that creepy disposition that can make anyone squirm? Just before he can produce the answers to his questions though, Luna then decided to look away.

Feeling dejected, Draco groaned and swallowed the remains of his toast. On his absolute discomfort, when he was about to grabbed another piece, Blaise;being a compassionate and caring friend as he was (Note the sarcasm), laughed at his antics.

“Honestly Draco, what’s got your knickers in a knot?” the black haired boy asked between chuckles.

The questioned boy, who just decided to ignore the hideous structure of his friend’s sentence, just shrugged in response and grabbed a swig of pumpkin juice.

At this, Blaise rolled his eyes and smirked evilly.

“Don’t tell me you’re having a crush on some Ravenclaw?”

Draco, who is just half way at his glass of juice, coughed heavily.

“W-h-att makes you say that?”

“Oh mate,” Blaise chuckles again while crossing his arms and wiggling his eyebrows “Your eyes are crossing at their table from time to time. I just thought-“

“Wrong. You thought wrong”

“Then why are you so defensive?”

“I am not”

“You are.”

“Am not”

“You are”


Goyle, who seems to be the only one to have a rational mind (shocking as it is though) at the moment, rolled his eyes and snapped

“Merlin. You two sounded like two old married couple. Shut it”

Draco and Blaise’s eyes widened before snickering.

“Damn. I didn’t know you have the capacity to look beyond your thick head Goyle” Blaise joked while Draco nodded in agreement.

Goyle smiled in return and was about to say something back when Professor Snape appeared out of nowhere (as unnerving as it could be) and began handing out schedules.

As usual, it was Blaise who made first commented.

“Oh aren’t we the luckiest blokes in the world.”

Draco rolled his eyes at this. This happens every bloody year.

“And why is that oh great Zabini?” he said lazily. “Is it because we have potions first with the ugly griffins?”

Blaise giggled like a school girl (What a nitwit. Draco thought) before slapping Goyle’s back.


A few hours later, even though Draco Malfoy seems to feel drained because of the loaded facts he just encountered, the blonde headed Slytherin still felt satisfied. Well, why wouldn’t he? Potter as usual became a laughing stock during potions (Scoffing at the memory, Draco still couldn’t grasp the fact that Git’s talent in potions is equal to a gargoyle) the Umbridge woman—which he thought as an ugly teacher (physically anyway) —was actually really great and of course, last but not the least he is still good looking.

Smiling to himself, the blonde haired Slytherin then began to descend the stairs where he was lingering for a moment. He was pretty sure some of the students have looked at him strangely and whatnot because of his creepy out of the space demeanor but who actually have the right to judge him anyway? For all he know, having some personal time is not a huge crime enough to send him to Azkaban.

When he reached the bottom however, a scene before him turned this cheerful disposition of into a much more painful one. He blinked twice before gulping and holding his throbbing head.

‘Well, it is now or never.’ He thought before shouting the name Luna.

The said girl who was staring at the window fondly, turned her head towards him. She then frantically looked around the empty hall, sighed in relief and replied.

“What do you want?”

Draco willed himself to walk slowly towards her.

“We need to talk.”

Luna rolled her eyes before gazing back again at the window.

“Well, we are talking aren’t we?”

The Slytherin stopped a few inches from hers and narrowed his eyes.

“You know that’s not what I meant.”

The Ravenclaw huffed, turned to face him again while at the same time, jabbing the boy in the stomach.

“As far as I know, I really don’t have the knowledge as to how your brain works. I’m actually REALLY REALLY shocked that you’re acting civil and calling me by my first name”

Draco swatted the girl’s hand away.

“What I am supposed to call you anyway? MALFOY? That’s really preposterous especially for the fact that I don’t like you in some way when we are FORCED TO marry each other.”

Luna’s face flushed in anger.

“Well, we can’t do anything about that can we?! For Merlin’s sake! Just get to the point to why you came near me in the FIRST PLACE.”

“DAMMIT! Can you be any louder?! I will tell you if you stop shouting!


At this, Draco couldn’t help but wince as his head is throbbed more than it should be.

“Can you please speak more calmly?”

Luna’s eyes widened. She was pretty sure she had never seen Draco Malfoy as white as sheet before.

“Are you okay? You look like you’re about to faint.”

“Well, I – ugh” the blonde boy stammered before pointing at her face which seems to be copying his “I’m not the only one who’s feeling this one I suppose…”

The Ravenclaw looked at him bewildered for a second until the look turned into a clear fear as the realization hit her.

“What-are… uhm you talking about?”

Draco shook his head in amusement and crossed his arms.

“You know exactly what I’m talking about.”

Luna’s eyes widened even more. She really don’t know how to handle situations like this. So, for the lack of better judgment, the girl did the only thing she knew.

She ran.

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