Dealing without you

Chapter 3 - Perhaps I should be stopped from owning a pistol

'Why do I own a handgun?' I think to myself as I stare at the newly made hole in my door just above Teddies head. His eyes are wide. I can't tell if he is shocked or happy that I missed. My aim must be off. I'll have to practice later. In my defence this was all Teddies fault. Had he simply rang the doorbell instead of sneaking in and surprising me my door would not have its battle wound and Teddie would not have Post traumatic me shooting him in the face disorder. I'm beginning to wonder if this is partially to blame for my lack of friends recently. I should really stop having shooting people as my go to defence method. It works so well though.

I walk out the house dragging the still frozen Teddie then close the door behind me, useless as that may be now, and drag him and my still tired self to the central shopping district.

Teddie seems calm now. I bought us each a coffee when we arrived. Teddie ran into the textile shop and I had no choice but to follow and so that is why I'm standing here watching Kanjis mother use Teddie as a model. I'm not interested in this kind of thing. My mind begins to wonder towards the idea that Teddie and Kanji would be a good couple. I quickly avoid going through this as I don't want to be the kind of person that pairs all of their friends together. I take out my pocket notebook and begin drawing pictures of Kanji x Teddie. Once I realise what I am doing I burn the pages with my lighter. Teddie runs towards me wearing a kimono. I don't think guys are supposed to wear those... I don't bring this up. Without any word Teddie throws two shopping bags at me then asks me to pay for it. “No.” I say to him bluntly as I put the shopping bags on the floor and walk out.

It's still bright out and I'm feeling more awake now than I did earlier. I lost Teddie somewhere in the district. Should I look for him? Suddenly I receive a text. 'Sorry. Got busy.☺ See you later.' It's from Teddie. I don't feel like going home yet. I head towards the school and wait outside for the others. It shouldn't be long till they finish now.

It's late. It's dark. It's raining. I hate everything. I waited for hours as people came out of that school only to find that it is massively overpopulated and that people are stupid. I could see the others and as I tried to approach them a flood of students came running out of the school. This had the nice effect of separating me from the group and by the time the massive herd of idiots had thinned out enough so that I could hear myself think again the others had disappeared leaving me to stand there and wonder into the school thinking that maybe they had gone back in there. I was wrong and just as I was leaving a teacher caught me. This began the conversation of where I had been for the past few days and if I had any intention of coming back to school. It felt like hours and must have been because when I finally managed to escape it had become dark. It was not until I got to the school gates that life decided that 'No. Naoto Shirogane has not had enough for one day. Lets see how far we can push her.' And so that is why I am here. That is why I am once again running home at night in the rain and why none of it was my fault. Maybe life would be somewhat easier without the burdens that others bring? I mustn't think like that... It's true that people can cause 'minor' problems but they are still my friends. They understand me and care about me... And I care about them. I do sometimes feel a little out of place though... being the last to join the group. They've all been friends much longer so maybe I am the odd one out...?

I'm still running but I'm getting tired. I can hear the rain falling heavily onto my hat and bouncing off onto the ground. I run faster and faster but I realise that I can't see where I am going. I'm running based on what I can remember from the last time but this is taking longer than I remember. “Ah!” I scream as I fall over what must be a rock and hit the ground fast.

| 03/26 Sunday |

I open my eyes to see Dojima-san looking down at me, the early morning sun shining behind him. He is wearing his usual attire cigarette included. He has a worried look on his face but seems a little relieved that my eyes are open. “What's going on?” I ask leaning up into a sitting position. I notice the small pool of blood on the ground from where I lay. I move my hand to the back of my head to feel where it's coming from. My hair seems to be drenched in blood but I can't find the cut. I bring my hand in front of me and look at the crimson liquid dripping through my fingers. “I just found you here in the street. How did you get here?” He asks me as he assists me in standing. He's almost an entire foot taller than me. I struggle to stay standing and he offers me his shoulder to lean on. I accept his offer and throw my arm over his shoulder. I feel dizzy. “I was... on my way home. I must have tripped.” I tell him. He gives me an unpleasant stare as if I was his child and he had just caught me trying to drink alcohol. I guess that's what I must seem like to him. I mean... He is in his forties isn't he?

Dojima-san dropped me off at the local hospital. There I was given stitches in the back of my head and some headache medicine. I was advised by the doctor to go home and clean the blood out of my hair. I guess I'll just take a shower and go to sleep.

After having showered and gotten changed I'm lying on my bed with my hat over my face. I was supposed to go see the others today but that plan seems to have gone away. The least I expect is a phone call... As I think that my phone begins to ring. I take it from my bedside desk and read the name that causes my heart to stop for a second. The caller ID reads 'Narukami.'

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