Dealing without you

Chapter 5 - Life hates me and I know it

I'm not really a fan of going outside. There really is little to do out there if you don't like many things. I do however enjoy being in high places. There is a place I went to with Narukami a few times that looks over the entire area of Inaba. I like going there but to get there I have to venture out into the dangers of the real world. Plus its cold. Never mind my thoughts! Mind your own business.

I did end up going into the city to see if any cases were available or if someone needed help with their own. That was my intention. Really, I swear it was. It did not go as I had planed as things usually do not for me. Thanks life. Anyway, It's all Rises fault. Had she not found out that I was going into the city from Teddie then I would not have ended my day with an ambush of 'Demons' and nearly losing my hat. I swear to God, If Teddie can not get that clean I will tie him up and lock him in Kanji's basement. I'm not happy, I'm very tired, and I don't want to talk about it. It's best that this be kept away as one of those things that disappears from the universe forever. I wish that was the case but in order for that to happen I would have to kill Rise, Teddie, and almost half of the population of Inaba. I don't have that kind of power. On the other hand. I'd be a murderer and I'm kind of against that career path. Well, For the moment. Maybe Rise will do something seriously embarrassing and I'll just explode causing anyone within 1000 feet to cease existing. Technically not murder on my part since it would be Rises fault again. I'm going to bed now. Like I said, I'm tired. Plus, I'm meeting Kanji tomorrow. I'm unaware of what he wants but it cant be that bad can it? Of course it can, But I'm used to it.

The week earlier ~ 03/28 Tuesday

I could go to school... Or I could do my job. Job or school. Learning stuff I already know while being surrounded by people who I don't know and having an awkward meeting with Kanji at some point or earning some money from doing something I like. For whatever reason, you figure it out, I choose to go into the city to see if my services are required. As I'm getting all my things ready to leave my phone begins to ring. Strange, I wasn't expecting a call from anyone. I continue getting ready and leave my phone until it stops ringing. It immediately begins to ring again and I answer it. On the other end I can hear Yosuke and Chie arguing over something, Possibly stupid, and Yukiko 'Giggling' in response. Out of nowhere a loud and happy high pitched squeal attacks me from down the phone causing me to throw it at the nearest object that happens to be a vase. Strange how it didn't shatter, Just made a phone sized hole in its side. What's this thing made of? I'm in a rush and I can't be bothered getting my hand stuck in the vase so I just throw it off the table it was on and pick my phone up from the broken bits. I'll clean it later. Then it hits me. I could have just held it upside down. Too late now. I hold the phone to my ear and, just as I thought, Rise is still squealing. I doubt she even took time to breath during that whole vase smashing event. I advise her to calm down noting that someone may try to remove her vocal cords if she continued. That someone would be me but I left that part out. When she had finally calmed down she tells me that school has been closed and that they are all going to Okinawa Station. I'm invited but I'm busy causing Rise to question me on this. I eventually give in and explain where I am going but this causes her to get angry at me. “You're going to see him aren't you?” She screams. I pause for a second to try and realise who 'Him' is supposed to be. I assume Narukami but before I can say anything she screams. “You can't take him from me! I wont let you.” She hung up on me. I don't care enough to call back and try explain. She wont listen. She has it set in her mind that I'm going to see him. I hope she doesn't attack me when I see her next. I may need to avoid her for a while.

While I don't feel I have any obligation to do as I'm told by those higher up in rank than I am,though according to Dojima there is some sort of law(?), I make up my mind and choose to wonder around alone instead of actually doing work because reasons. I don't need to explain myself to myself. However I must remain hidden to some extent. I fear that Rise will be here looking for me at any moment. My years of being a detective would have increased my ability to remain unseen if it weren't for the fact that I'm tired, hungry and cold. I look over towards what may or may not be a cafe and head inside. It's cold in here too... I would have thought they would at least have some sort of heating in here... Oh well. I order a drink and take a seat by the back so I can see the entire place. I'm not paranoid. I just know that anyone could kill me at any second. It's being prepared!

It seems I was not well enough prepared. As I sit on one of the chairs I feel a sharp pain in my knee. I look down to find Rise attacking me with what seems to be... Is that... My letter opener? Before I can react she quickly stands, sending the table flying into the people in front of us, and jumps on me. I really wonder sometimes... Am I even in control of my own life anymore?

Rise is insane! She's hitting me from all angles and I cant see a thing! I feel pain though. Lots and lots of pain. This demon is fast! I think hard for a solution out of this and blindly throw my fist out in front of me, Feel the it smack against something hard, and hear the quiet moan of defeat coming from something on the floor. Free at last! Before she can get back up I run out and head to the cafe bathroom and lock myself inside. While I have the time I do a quick clean up of blood and a damage report only to find that my face is covered in deep cuts where she either used her nails or one of the knives from the kitchen. I don't care which really as I feel that neither of them are particularly clean. I probably have more internal damage but since I have no way of knowing right now I shall just have to deal with the stabbing stomach pain and the numbness in my everything. As I clean up a little more of the blood I jump at the sound of what can only be described as the sound of a Singapura screeching after a Mastiff has tried to mate with it. The door is banging and that noise is coming from the other side so I can only assume that Rise is back up and trying to kill me. Lucky for me there is a large wooden door standing between the two of us. Unluckily for me Rise has the body of an anorexic and the strength of Kanji when questioned on his sexuality. As soon as she manages to break down that door I am dead... Unless I can escape somehow.

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