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Love Life


This story is about two Love Birds, while Daniel is going through a ruff time in his life, Bonnie lightens it updates and helps him through a lot of ruff times. While they go through fazes as a couple and help each other. They also share their first kiss, as grow up. And later have kids...or will they? Read to find out.

Romance / Mystery
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An Awful Beginning

Bonnie had woken up, turning to Daniel, realizing that he had been asleep. A smile had spread to her lips remembering how she had fallen for the man and also when they first started dating and now they had been dating for a few years being Daniel was twenty six and she was twenty five, while they had been dating since Daniel was fifteen and Bonnie fourteen. She loved him, and would do almost anything for him. He was her number one priority. She grabbed his hand still smiling and held it. Then looking at his hand and started gazing into his hand. ‘He’s so handsome, he’s my man. He’s so adorable when he’s asleep.’ She thought as she looked into his face and leaned in for a kiss. Just as she did this, she saw his eyes open. “Hey, love.” She said smiling even more. “Good morning.” She added holding his hand tighter and kissing his hand. “Good morning,” he said as he sat up and smiled. “Hungry?” She asked not really wanting to get up but he always was hungry in the morning so she would of course get up for him, but his response gave her a great surprise. “No.” Is what he said. This made her question. ‘Is he okay?’ She thought. The more that she thought about it, the more it made her look into his face and see him look more pale then ever, which made her put her hand on his cheek. “Are you alright?”

She knew her answer right as she put her hand on his cheek though, his face was as hot as a hot summer day and it wasn’t any better with his forehead. “No..” he replied quietly. She frowned, sighing up more so he could lay on her. “I’m sorry.” She said. “Why don’t you lay down, I’ll get the thermometer, and check your temperature.” She said worriedly. She was worried, and hoped that he wasn’t too sick. Daniel nodded. She kissed his cheek. “You need some rest, I love you. I’ll be back.” She replied before leaving and before she let she heard a “I love you too” which made her smile.

As she got what she was looking for she went back to Dan, of whom looked even worst. “Oh, Dan, I’m sorry you don’t feel good.” She said as she sat down allowing him to lay his head on her which was exactly what he had done. Which made her take his temperature and when she did that she looked at it. “Dan..this is really high..” she said as she ruffled his hair. “You can stay, I understand, you need rest. I’m sorry you don’t feel good. Do you think your going to get sick or need help to the toilet?” She asked as she rubbed his back lightly. Dan nodded. “Like now?” Dan nodded again looking like he was about to get sick. Bonnie nodded and helped him to the bathroom, as he was leaning over the toilet, she was rubbing his back. “It’s okay,” she said in a comforting voice as he threw up. “I’m sorry. I wish you wern’t sick today..I never wish that your sick. If you need, my hand is here.” She said holding her hand by him and not by her surprise he had grabbed it still leaning over the toilet. While she held his hand and rubbed his back. “Let me know when you think your done, love. I think it’s best to take off your shirt. So you don’t get too warm.” She added in a comforting voice.

After a while Daniel had been done for the time being, and Bonnie took off his shirt leading him back to the bed and helped him to the bed and flushed the toilet then layed in bed next to him and rubbed his shoulder. “Just let me know when you need to go to the toilet. Or think your going of get sick.” Bonnie whispered. Daniel nodded.

Not even an hour later, Daniel gapped Bonnies shoulder. “Going to get sick?” She asked. Daniel nodded not able to talk. “Okay. Okay.” She nodded and helped him to the bathroom and he kneeled down again, making her rub his back, during this he threw up again. “I’m sorry, love.” She said as she started to think about what could have gotten him sick. Just then she had gotten a text from Emma, asking if they wanted to go out for lunch. ‘Sorry Emma, we can’t. Dan isn’t feeling good he’s very sick at the moment. I’m sorry. ‘ Bonnie texted back and almost immediately, Emma wrote back. ‘Oh, tell dan I hope he feels better. That really sucks, how sick is he?’ Emma asked.

‘Pretty sick, he keeps on getting sick almost every hour. I might take him in, he isn’t doing well.’ Bonnie texted back.

‘Yeah, I’d do the same if I were you. Just bring a bag in case he gets sick in the car.’

Bonnie read it but didn’t reply. “Maybe we should go in, hun. Your not doing well.. also Emma says that she hopes you feel better. You stay here love, I’m going to go get a bag and your stuff ready for the hospital.” She said and left. She grabbed a plastic bag putting it in the car, and packing some of his clothing and put i in a bag and put that in the car. Hearing him still throwing up, she felt bad. ‘Poor guy,’ she thought as she grabbed a bowl knowing that he would need it being he wouldn’t be by the toilet. She went upstairs with the bowl, and went to Dan and kneeled down putting the bowl close to him. “Hun, everything is ready. You can take this, I don’t think you’ll make it to the car.” She said as she saw him grab the bowl still unable to stand up, being he had gotten weak. Bonnie had helped him up, and helped him downstairs and to the car. And she was quiet right about him not making it to the car being he had thrown up quiet a bit and Bonnie made sure to go slowly. When she reached the car she opened the door and helped him inside the car, closed the door and got in herself. “Are you going to be okay?”

Daniel nodded. “Okay, it’s okay, we’d going to the doctor.” She said and she held out her hand for Dan. While driving to the hospital. On her way Evanna and Emma had called. “Hey” Emma said.

“Is Daniel any better?” Emma asked.

“No, he’s actually worst. I think he might have the flu or got food poisoning, very badly.” Bonnie said.

“Oh, poor thing. I hope he feels better soon.” Evanna said.

“Are you in the car?”

“Yeah driving to the doctor.”

“Oh alright, let me know how it goes.”

“I will.”

They hung up.

Bonnie had arrived and gotten out grabbing the bag, and helped Dan out. Holding onto his hand and making sure he wouldn’t stumble over too. “You will be okay.” She reassured him.

After about an hour, they had went back to the car, finding out that Daniel had both the flu and food poisoning, she helped him into the car and got in herself and headed home, holding his hand. “When we get home. I’ll help you to bed, you can keep the bowl by the bed in case.” Bonnie said as she rubbed his hand, and he threw up again. She loved him, she really did. She hated seeing him like this and really hoped that he would feel better soon, she knew he would get better soon but it felt like it was too long and she wanted him to be better. But of course, she would help him get better.

As they got home. Dan threw up again in the bowl on her way to helping him to bed, when they got to their room she helped him to bed and felt his forehead. “Your still really warm.”

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