Little Fangirl


Bunny goes to a BTS fan signing and there are so many people they push Bunny into the wall hitting her head against it before getting kicked in the face blacking out. When she comes to she's in the hospital surrounded six idols she had always wanted to see. She opens he mouth to speak but she gets embarrassed because she's in little space.

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Names, Ages, and My Usual Note

This is just a note if any of you did not know: this is a work of FICTION. If I wasn’t clear. I do NOT own BTS nor BigHit that would be impossible for me since my ass is BROKE and I do NOT withhold millions and billions of dollars sooooooo yeah.

I know what the main characters name is. Yes, I understand it’s suggestible but I have my reasons as to why I named the character that. Not really I just couldn’t come up with a name I thought would fit.

What Bunny calls the boys in little space. The ages are based off of Bunny’s Birthday which is a on the 7th of October. 19

Jungkook - Daddy
Age: 22
Taehyung - Dada
Age: 23
Yoongi - Papa
Age: 26
Hoseok - Bapa
Age: 25
Jimin - Oppa
Age: 23
Seokjin - Omma
Age: 26
Namjoon - Appa
Age: 25

What the boys call Bunny
Jungkook - Babygirl
Taehyung - Princess
Yoongi - Queen
Hoseok - Raspberry (Bunny’s favorite fruit)
Jimin - Bunsy
Seokjin - Bee
Namjoon - Bun

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