Little Fangirl


Bunny’s POV
When I wake up I look around to see that I am in a hospital bed. I look around the room to notice that I am not the only one in the room. My eyes land on the seven males who I have always wanted to see in person. This isn’t how I imagined meeting them. I look at all of them before my gaze stops on Jungkook who is holding a grey rabbit plushie. Upon seeing it my eyes go wide before I make grabby hands for it.

“Kookie tan I’s has da bunny pwushie pwease? Bwunny wan bwunny.” I ask him before my eyes go wide in fear and horror before covering my face with my hands to hide the tears that now fall from my eyes. I hear shuffling before feeling someone’s hands on my wrists before they pulling my hands away from my face to reveal....

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