Little Fangirl


I can’t believe I was able to get tickets for the BTS fan-signing tomorrow. I’m overly excited. I just hope I don’t go into little space while there especially in front of them. How would they react towards me if that happens? They’d probably get disgusted.

Ugh, it’s to late to bail now since I’ve already gotten the tickets and they cost to much to just give away to someone. I pick out my outfit for tomorrow that is a pink and white bunny button up, a pink and white matching bunny poof skirt, white thigh highs, and my pink bunny heels. I grab a pair of my pajamas and head to the bathroom to get ready for bed.

When I’m done I go into the kitchen and fix something to eat, sitting on the couch and watching Criminal Minds since I’m not little at the moment. I will be before I go to bed since I sleep better when I am. I look at the clock to see it’s 10:00p.m.

I turn off my tv, turn off the lamp before walking to my room closing the door, turning off the light before crawling into bed cuddling my giant elephant that takes up one side of my bed while on the other side is a makeshift wall made of a pillow and my Cooky pillow making it resemble a baby crib. I grab Violet my light purple baby seal stuffy before drifting off to sleep.

I wake up to my alarm clock yelling at me to get up, I groan sitting up. I stretch before getting out of bed heading to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and wash my face. I go to my room and change my clothes before going back the bathroom to put on minimal makeup since I hate having it on.

I go to the kitchen and get yogurt and raspberries from the refrigerator along with orange juice and set them on the counter. I reach up to the cabinet and take out a bowl and glass. I set them on the counter beside the food. I take two spoons from the drawer and fix my food before eating and cleaning up.

When I’m done I go back to my room and fix my bed and clean my room since I intentionally woke up early so that I could clean the house a little before having to leave. I clean up what ever that needs to be cleaned up around the house.

When I’m done I look at the time to see that it’s still early but I decide to leave early. I grab my purse which already has the fan signing tickets in it along with my phone, phone charger, the things I want the members to sign, and my keys. I lock the door before and heading to my car. I unlock the car and get in and turn the car on. I pull out of the driveway and head to the where the fan signing was being held.

It takes an hour to get there but it starts another hour from now. I cut off the car and just sit in my car until I see people start going inside. I get out grabbing everything and putting my phone in my purse before locking the car and puts the keys in my purse. I walk into the building holding my ticket to let the person scan it to let me in.

Once inside I look around before sitting in the back as more and more people come in. I look around once in awhile to see at least one or two of the boys peak out of the doorway they are supposed to be coming out of. A couple of times I see Jin pulling them away from the door signaling the boys had been there for longer than he wanted them to be, I giggle at this.

A few times I have felt eyes on me when they do this, I look up to find them staring at me making me look down blushing profusely. When all of the seats are filled we wait a little bit until the boys are called out.

The boys file out through the door which makes a group of girls at the back where I am get up screaming and jumping. The commotion makes me slip into little space but what I didn’t realize is how big the group was and how close they are to me.

I try to get up and out of the way before they get to close so that I won’t get hurt. The group keeps moving and people are trying to get them to sit down while trying to calm them down.

I don’t notice that the boys had to go back to where they were so that the group could be calmed what I am noticing is the complete opposite of calm. I get pushed making me fall to the ground hitting my head on the wall before getting kicked in the face making me scream out in pain. Someone steps on my wrist making me scream out in pain once again.

This gets the attention of everyone in the room making them quieten down and turn around towards me and I mean everyone. In the corner of my eye I see all of the boys watching. I don’t pay attention to them much less anyone I can’t because I’m to busy trying not to pass out but that doesn’t work. I feel someone pick me up before succumbing to darkness.

When I wake up I look around to see that I am in a hospital bed. I look around the room to notice that I am not the only one in the room. My eyes land on the seven males who I have always wanted to see in person.

This isn’t how I imagined meeting them. I look at all of them before my gaze stops on Jungkook who is holding a grey rabbit plushie with a black silk ribbon tied around its neck. Upon seeing it my eyes go wide before making grabby hands for it.

“Kookie tan Bwunny has da bwunny pwushie pwease? Bwunny wan bwunny pwease.” I ask him.

My eyes go wide in fear and horror before covering my face with my hands to hide the tears that now fall from my eyes. I hear shuffling before feeling someone’s hands on my wrists. They pull my hands away from my face to reveal Kookie sitting in front of me.

“Don’t hide yourself little one.” He says making me look down blushing.

He lifts my head up so that I am looking at him.

“Don’t hold your head down either your crown will fall babygirl. Then you won’t be one anymore. Do you want that to happen?” Kookie asks.

My eyes go wide shaking my head no.

“Use your words baby.”

“N-n-no, Bwunny no wan hew cwown shu faww.”

“Good girl. Such a good girl and here’s the bunny babygirl. Thank you for using your manners and asking.” Kookie says handing me the bunny stuffie.

A few minutes later a doctor walks in and I want to hide. I absolutely hate doctors and hospitals in general. I can’t really help it though. I’ve been in and out of hospitals since I was six or seven not long after I got adopted.

After my adopted dad’s mom got me and became my legal guardian when I was around eleven or twelve. I was no longer forced to take medication I didn’t need. I didn’t have to go to the doctor and stay in the hospital for something I didn’t and don’t have.

I moved to Seoul not long after I graduated high school to attend a preforming arts college while taking classes online to get my business and writing degrees. I know it’s a lot of work but it’s what I chose. I haven’t really been here all that long not even a full year.

I half expected to meet anyone famous while being here but then again they mostly are located in Seoul. I’ve seen plenty in passing and have had bodyguards think I was stalking said people but in reality I’m just going to school, work, the store, the mall, or whatever. Half the time I’m coming back from those places sometimes with friends.

One day I nearly blew up in one of the bodyguards faces because he was pissing me off plus my day hadn’t really gone so great and I didn’t get much sleep from the night before. So you could see how that went. Before I would have punched the bodyguard in the face I just ignored him and left. The person who the bodyguard was protecting saw the whole thing and as I was leaving he slipped something in my purse.

When I got home I looked in my purse to see that he put a card in there with a number on it. I was confused as to why he would give it to me. I was scared to even message it but I did because I had to know why he gave it to me. I’m no one special. I texted it asking why he gave me his number. He answered back saying he wanted to be my friend and that he knew that I wasn’t stalking him.

I asked him how he knew that? He asked what’s my name? I didn’t know his name he eventually told me it was Park Minseok. He told me he was 23 which is four years older than me. He’s a singer signed by JYP. (Don’t think anything on it. It’s someone I made up)

He said that he hadn’t wanted to audition but was dared to and his friends never thought about him actually making it but he did and now he’s actually glad he was dared to. Now he just wishes he was able to collab with other singers and groups from other labels.

Upon seeing my expression when the doctor came in Kookie stays by my side as the doctor begins to speak.

“I’m glad your now awake Ms. Matthews. Well you have a concussion. When you go to sleep tonight you’ll be woken up up every few hours so that nothing bad happens. Your nose is slightly fractured. You have a busted lip and a fractured wrist. Your left cheek bone is broken so you’ll have to stay here until that feels up. Other than these guys your friend Minseok is coming to check on you where as your other friends I couldn’t get ahold of along with a few of your family members. Since I can speak English I was able to speak to which ever family member I spoke to. They said they hope that you’re ok.” The doctor says before checking my blood pressure and everything thing else then leaves.

“So your name is Bunny Matthews?” Taetae asks me.

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