Little Fangirl


I know exactly who it is. I growl in annoyance.

“Minseok, what the fuck is he doing in my house? Also I’m going to beat him with a pan if he calls me a fucking bitch again.” I growl yelling out snapping my head at him.

“Look what he has done. I had it clean, clean Minseok. Was it like this when you came here yesterday? No, it wasn’t fucking like this yesterday. You and your annoying ass boyfriend are the ones who are cleaning my house because I didn’t wake up early yesterday morning to have to clean my damn house after a disgusting asshole you call a boyfriend. Thank you for ruining my completely fine day. Now I’m going to the back yard to calm down. If I come back and at least half of this mess isn’t cleaned up I’m suing the fuck out of your boyfriend Minseok because I didn’t give him permission to be in my house.” I say before walking through the house to the back door.

I open it and walks out closing it behind me. I hear something.

“Jaden quit fucking hiding and go the hell inside and help Minseok and his boyfriend who you’re fucking with cleaning up my damn house before I beat the ever loving shit out of you.” I hear a rustle.

I see Jaden come out of hiding and runs up to me before opening the door and closes it behind him. A thought comes to my mind before going back inside closing the door back behind me.

“If you two fucked in my house I swear you won’t see daylight for a week.” I yell out making Jaden tremble.

He’s never seen me this mad neither has Dowoon who looks like he’s about to shit his pants. A minute passes by as Jin and Namjoon come in with handfuls of food.

“Follow me, I’ll show you to the kitchen.” I say before turning my attention back to the three who are cleaning.

“Get all this cleaned up. When you’re done Jaden and Dowoon leave. I don’t give a shit if you’re Minseoks boyfriend Dowoon. You aren’t welcome here never have and never will be. Jaden, you are welcome but never ever bring him here and that goes for you as well Minseok. Never and I mean never bring him here again. You’re also going to buy me new sheets for the bed you slept on and you’re getting me a new couch.” I say before walking away to the kitchen as Jin and Namjoon follows behind.

They set the food on the table as the rest of the guys minus Minseok come into the kitchen. I sit in one of the chairs before putting my head down on the table. Tears fill my eyes before falling.

Will Minseok ever see what his boyfriend is doing? What can I do to make him see?

I feel a hand on my shoulder making me lift my head. I know how I look and I’m ok with that. I look up to see Yoongi in front of me. I attack him in a hug, he hugs me back petting my head.

“Why doesn’t Minseok see what Dowoon is doing? Why can’t he see that Dowoon is just using him for his money? Why can’t he see that Dowoon is cheating? Why can’t he see that Dowoon doesn’t love him?” I ask as tears continue to fall.

“I’m sure that he hasn’t had the wake up call he needed yet.” I hear Minseok say as he kneels beside me.

I pull away from Yoongi and looks at Minseok. He reaches up and wipes the tears from my face.

“You gave me that wake up call and realize how much of an idiot I am. You yelling at the three of us made me realize that. I punched him by the way. For calling you bitch. You don’t deserve that.” He says making me smile.

“Ok, now since everyone is here we can eat. We have two and a half hours left.” Jin says making us laugh.

Minseok gets up before we all get our food and sits in the living room I sit in my chair while everyone else sits where they want. I turn on the tv to whatever and eats my food as everyone else doesn’t. When everyone is done we clean up.

“Do you mind if we use your backyard right quick we need to call Bang PD right quick.” Namjoon says making me nod.

“Yeah sure. I don’t mind.” I say before they all go outside to the backyard.

I get up and walk to my room to what has been done to it. When I open my door I see everything tore up and broken. Everything I worked for. A thought runs through my mind before running to my studio. I open the door as a scream shoots through me.

“NOOOOO! NO! NO! NO! NO!” I cry out before sinking to the ground holding my knees as I hear running coming.

“He destroyed everything. He destroyed everything from my BTS things to my recording equipment.” I moan out.

“I paid some much for all of it in all. Now all of it is gone. Gone. Why does he have to be a fucking dick all the time? I’m just glad I had a hiding place for all my stuffies. My BT21 stuffies and pillows are absolutely fine.” I say as I get up heading back to my room to go where I hide my stuffies.

I get to the opening where I put them before opening it to see that everything is untouched making me sigh in relief. I take out my Cooky and Tata stuffies and holds them tightly to me.

“We’ll replace everything that jackass destroyed. Even some clothes. It looks like he went through your closet which is really fucked up.” Namjoon says catching my attention.

I look towards my closet seeing that half of my clothes were all cut up.

“Those were clothes that I needed for work. Why? Why am I on his hate list? I don’t see any point in it.” I say groaning miserably.

I set Cooky and Tata in the hiding spot before closing the opening.

“We asked PD hyung if you could come to the concert as a guest and sings with us. Jungkook and Tae had found you on YouTube and sent him links to them. He understands that you want to stay hidden so you’ll be able to hid your face and sing at the same time. We will of course introduce you as your YouTube, internet name TKB. We don’t want you getting hurt again so we want you near us.” Jin says making me turn them surprised.

“Are........ are you serious?” I ask with wide eyes.

“Yes, Bunny. Why do you ask.” Yoongi asks confused.

“I didn’t really want to be famous but as long as I get to keep my identity hidden I’ll be fine. TKB can be famous while Bunny can be normal and keep the side of Bunny most people don’t understand a secret so dat she wone be judged fow ih openwy.” I say as I slip into little space making everyone coo at me.

“Baby girl, you don’t have to hide who you are. We’ll protect you anyway we can. Even though we haven’t known you for all that long you are precious to us.” Daddy says coming up and kneeling down in front of me taking my hands in his.

I look up to see Namjoon walk out of the room with his phone pressed against his ear. He walks back in a couple minutes later with Bang PD.

He looks around and nods.

“We can replace everything and add a few extra things if she doesn’t mind us doing that. She doesn’t have to be hired by a label to do what she wants. But we can help her with a few things and that’s where you all come into play along with the marketing team.” Bang PD says making me shocked before being pulled into a hug by daddy.

“Ums what happens if I accidentally go into little space while stage?” I ask them slipping out of little space once again.

“We’ll take care of it. When you start to feel yourself slip come up to one of us who is closest to you and tell us a color. It doesn’t matter which we’ll understand once you say it.” Jimin says making me nod.

“Does that sound ok with everyone?” He asks looking around to see all of them nod in agreement.

“Alright boys, we’re going to have to leave soon. But get her ready as well. We’re taking her with us.” Bang PD says making them nod.

“Minseok, get ready as well. The boys asked about you as well. I’ve already called your manager and he said that you could. Your schedule is fine until two weeks from now.” He says making Minseok nod.

“Oh, and here. Before I left the studio I had the boys designer’s pick out something for the both of you.” He says handing Minseok a bag before leaving.

Minseok hands the bag over to me since I’m no longer in Jungkooks hold. I sit on my bed and opens the bag. The clothes on top had Minseoks name so I took them out and handed them to him before taking out mine. Mine consisted of a lot of things like a black short sleeve crop top, a black, green, and purple plaid skirt, black thigh highs, a green and purple lace choker with a matching facemask, and black leather fingerless gloves that reach the elbow. I take out two pairs of shoes. I hand Minseok his since his feet are obviously bigger than mine. The shoes that were picked out for me were black Timberland’s. I look in the bag to see if anything was left to see a note that is addressed to the boys and make up. I hand them the makeup and the note. They read the note and nod.

“We have to do your makeup.” Hoseok says making me nod.

“Good because I really don’t like doing it by myself ask Minseok. Half the time he has to do mine.” I say making them chuckle.

“Alright, you all get out please so that I can take a shower and change. Minseok, you do the same.” I say pushing them out of my room before heading to my bathroom.

When I get done with everything I walk to the living room to see the boys sitting on the couch. They all look up to see me. They put their phones down looking at me in shock making me blush and look down.

“Bunny, you are absolutely stunning.” Taehyung says before getting up and walks over to me.

“Let’s get your makeup done come on Jungkook.” Tae says before we walk to my bathroom with the makeup in hand.

Without having to look at the two I know they are hard but I’m not going to point it out. I’m not ready to help them that way. I’m sure anyone else in my situation would help them but I get really uncomfortable and second guess myself all the time which puts a toll on relationship’s. My body is still developing since the medication I was put on when I was little stunted my growth and hormones so my body is confused on what to do.

When we get to the bathroom they make me sit on the toilet since the lid was already down. Jungkook sets the makeup and brushes on the counter as Taehyung turns on the light.

When the two of them are done I get up and look in the mirror. I look back at them in the mirror to see them staring at me. I pick up my facemask and puts it on. The two of them kiss me on my temples before leaving the room. I turn off the light and walks out heading back to the living room where everyone else now is.

“You can decide on what song you want to sing. The two of you are going to sing your song the two of you sing together. If that’s ok?” Jimin asks me and Minseok.

“Yeah that’s fine.” The both of us say at the same time.

We get to the place the boys are having the concert at thirty minutes after leaving my house. The boys were all shocked how close I lived to it making Minseok and I laugh at them while shaking our heads at them.

“You guys could have asked you know.” I say as we get out of the the vehicles once we get parked.

I put on my facemask and we all head inside. We see a few people giving me weird looks but I just shrug it off before almost being tackled to the ground.


I blush in embarrassment thankful to be wearing a facemask.

The body guards keep the people at bay while we head to where we are supposed to go.

When we get there they do sound check incorporating me and Minseok except me and Minseok don’t practice what we are going to do because we don’t want to spoil everything.

When we get done an hour later maybe it’s two hours later I’m not even sure anymore. It’s been a while and I don’t have my phone Hoseok took it from me then Tae had it. Jimin got it then Namjoon. Jungkook has it now.

Almost as soon a I sit on the ground beside Minseok who is watching the seen in front of him we hear seven soaps with an ow following after.

Jin walks over to us with my phone in hand. He hands it back to me.

“Thank you eomma Jinnie.” I say happily looking up at him making him smile down at me.

He kneels down in front of me before looking around to see if anyone can see what he’s doing before looking at the screen to see that it’s on Namjoon.

He unhooks the side of my facemask that Minseok hides the side of my face. Jin leans down and kisses me on the cheek. He puts my facemask back into place before standing back up and walks over to the others who had kept the cameras on them instead of Jin and me.

At I don’t remember what time people start going to there seats.

At seven thirty everyone is where they need to be. The boys do their before show ritual with me and Minseok included before going out to do their first song. They do a couple note songs before having Minseok go on stage and has him sing two songs. They don’t call me out Minseok comes and gets me himself. Once the two of us come out the audience errupts making the two of us laugh. Since I have a headset I speak after looking at the boys giving me a slight nod in approval.

“HELLO ARMY! HOW ARE ALL OF YOU TONIGHT?” I ask them making the audience errupt once more.

“I CAN’T HEAR YOU. HOW ARE ALL OF YOU TONIGHT?” I say making the audience grow louder.

“I know all of you want to see what I look like under the mask but I want to keep hidden a little bit longer. You all are beautiful tonight and I’m positive the boys would all agree don’t you think?” I say turning towards them to see them smiling at me.

“Yes TKB, you are right they are beautiful. Can I ask what does TKB mean?” Namjoon asks with a smirk.

“Why don’t you ask ARMY. I know they know what it means. Oh, before you ask that specific question ask who is my bias well more like who are my biases?” I say making the boys chuckle before nodding.

“Who are her Biases ARMY?” Jimin asks.



I look at the boys who are all looking at me. I try not to laugh.

“ARMY what does TKB mean?” Tae asks.


“TKB, you’re missing your bunny ears.” I hear someone say making me chuckle.

“You’re absolutely right I am missing my bunny ears.” Jungkook walks off stage before coming back a minute later with a soft grey bunny eared headband.

He hands it to me and I put it on.

“Does the look better?” I ask making the guys chuckle as ARMY answers.


“Alright, what song should I sing? Hmmmm.” I say tapping my chin faking thought.

“Voice Cracks.”

“Sing your duet Never Supposed To Be with Minseok oppa.”

“Why won’t I?” I just smirk as I hear the music to Why Won’t I come on.

I’m sitting here on this ledge
So that you can’t see me full of dread.
I can see you with her
I’m not someone you deserve
You always go back to her

Now you’re asking
Why won’t I take you back
Why won’t I believe you when you say that you won’t hurt me like that
Why won’t I trust your words

See here actions speak louder than words
I can see you’re always with her
Go back to her
I’m not someone you deserve

Now you’re asking
Why won’t I take you back
Why won’t I believe you when you say that you won’t hurt me like that
Why won’t I trust your words

I see you on my ledge
Saying you want me back
Do you think I’m going to believe that?
Go back to her
I’m not someone you deserve

Now you’re asking
Why won’t I take you back
Why won’t I believe you when you say that you won’t hurt me like that
Why won’t I trust your words

Why won’t I?

“ARMY I’ve got a question before we go to my other song. What’s your tell for when you’re lying?” I ask making the crowd errupt making me laugh.

“Boys are you soaking up their energy because you’re going to need it. ARMY how much do you love the boys?” Making them errupt.

“I can’t hear you. How much do you love the boys?” Making them errupt once again making me shake my head in disappointment.

“One more time I know you can be louder than that. How much do you love the boys?” Making them cheer louder than they were before.

“That’s better. Boys how are you feeling with all the energy?” I ask them feeling comfortable with all of it.

“We should be asking you that.” Yoongi says laughing.

“Yeah true. Do I look ok to you?” I ask spreading my arms out before spinning around.

“Yes, you look fine to me.” He says still laughing as the music to Voice Cracks starts to come on.

You tell me you love me
Your voice cracks as you cry
You continue on believing
That you’ll never go on

Your voice cracks
As your words keep changing
Your voice cracks
And I wonder why I’m saving
Ev er ry
Mem or ry
You gave to me
As your voice cracks

Every word you spoke to me
Every little thing you gave to me
The whole time your voice cracked
And I just let go of it

Your voice cracks
As your words keep changing
Your voice cracks
And I wonder why I’m saving
Ev er ry
Mem or ry
You gave to me
As your voice cracks

You keep lying
You keep trying to keep things from me
That you’ll know I’ll find out
But you’ve got a tell
{whispers} your voice cracks

Your voice cracks
As your words keep changing
Your voice cracks
And I wonder why I’m saving
Ev er ry
Mem or ry
You gave to me
As your voice cracks

When the song ends Jungkook comes up to me with a bottle of water and hands it to me. Tae comes over to us a few minutes later. I move the mic before opening the water before drinking a little bit of it.

I know I’m going to go into little space after the next song so I’m thinking of a color to say afterwards.

“Alright ARMY duet time.” I hear Minseok say making the audience happy.

The music to Never Supposed To Be starts.

Underlined = Minseok
Not underlined = Bunny
Bold Italicized = both

Here I am
I’ve gone so deep
I trusted you
with all of me
You built me up
Just to break me.

I lay here
Alone at night
Staring out the window tonight
The moon above
Stares back at me
With reminisces of jealousy.

The two of us
Had our differences
But we took our chances
Looking out the window
The moon glows
As the wind blows.

Thinking back to you and me
We were never supposed to be

Thinking to myself
Your jealousy was nothing
Just an overreaction to something
Broken trust was the problem

Tell me the truth
I already don’t believe you
So don’t think I’m going to

Here I am
I’ve gone so deep
I trusted you
with all of me
You built me up
Just to break me

I lay here
as darkness surrounds me
Listening to arguments
The had happened
You broke me down
But I’m up walkin

The two of us
Had our differences
But we took our chances.
Looking out the window
The moon glows
As the wind blows

Thinking back to you and me
We were never supposed to be

Here I am
I’ve gone so deep
I trusted you
with all of me.
You built me up
Just to break me.

I lay here
Alone at night
Staring out the window tonight
The moon above
Stares back at me
With reminisces of jealousy.

Thinking back to you and me
We were never supposed to be

“ARMY, I PURPLE YOU.” I yell out before looking up at Jungkook trying to see if he caught on which he did so did the others.

I take out one of the ear pieces after turning off the headset and pulls it down to around my neck.

“TKB and Jungkook will be back in a minute she’s going to get set up with a different mic.” Namjoon says before Jungkook and I walk off stage after he hands Tae his mic.

I take off my facemask and takes a deep breath as I slip.

“You in little space?” Daddy asks once my headset is off.

“Yesh daddy.” I say looking up at him with doe eyes.

“You look so cute as a bunny baby.” Daddy say making me blush.

“Daddy bunny too. But he’s a muscle bunny.” I say making him chuckle.

“Stay with at least one of us. If we leave your side for any reason go to the closet person to you and stay with them.” He says making me nod.

“Babygirl, what does daddy want you to do?” He asks.

“Daddy wan Bunny stay side at weast one of shu ans ifs day weave Bunny side Bunny has go chu cwoses pewson.” I say making him coo.

“Such a good girl baby. Such a good girl. That’s right babygirl. You don’t have to talk. If you want to say something you can tell whoever you are with and they can say or ask what you wanted.” Daddy says making me nod.

“Showts need showts.” I say making him chuckle as one of the stylists comes up to us with a pair of black shorts.

I slip them on with he help of daddy after putting my facemask back on.

“That better baby?” He asks making me nod.

“Yesh.” I say happily.

“You want uppies don’t you?” Daddy asks as looking at me.

“Pwease?” I ask looking up at him with pleading eyes making him chuckle.

“Of course baby.” He says before picking me up.

We make our way to the stage. When we get to the opening he stops.

“ARMY, we have a question so do you know anything about TKB?” Jimin asks.

“Yes ” They all answer.

“What do you know about her?” Hobi asks.

He must have held a mic up to one of the people close to the stage.

“She’s adorable and she’s a little. Anyone who knows what that is would be able to tell that she is. We know that she’s trying to hide it which she shouldn’t. She’s so precious.” The girl says before daddy decides to walk us back on stage.

“AWWWWW.” The audience says as me and daddy comes back on stage.

The guys look at the two of us as daddy carries me.

“Was I purple you her way of saying I’m going into little space?” We hear someone yell out making the guys laugh.

“No, we told her to say a color if she was going into little space. Her saying I purple you was her creative way to tell us without any of you suspecting a thing. But since pretty much all of you know what she is please don’t hurt her in any way because that would hurt all seven of us. ARMY support each other don’t hurt each other. Alright let’s get to the next song.” Appa says making the audience agree.

They sing a few more songs. They interact more with the audience as they interact with me and talk to Minseok. I am now being held by Yoongi who is the fourth person to told me after Tae came up to Jungkook and took me from him which was funny. When they all had to dance he handed me over to Minmin oppa. When they got done with the songs they were doing at the time bapa come over and took me from Minmin oppa. Bapa had to give me back to Minmin oppa and that’s how Dada has me now.

I look over and see a meme someone in the audience has of Jiminie oppa.

“Dada takes mwe ober dere pwease.” I say pointing in the direction of where I want us to go.

He nods and walks us over to where I was pointing. He laughs at why I want to be over here.

“Can sees pwease?” I say pointing at the meme making the guy who was holding it coo at me.

“Of course you can.” I hear him say as Dada kneels down so that I can get the meme.

Once I get ahold of it the other come over to see what we are doing. They see the meme in my hand and laugh at it especially Jimin before giving it back to it’s owner.

“Fank chu.” I say as I hand it back to him.

“You are absolutely welcome sweetie and goodness me you are so we’ll mannered and behaved. Even my babygirl isn’t as well behaved as you. She’s only being good right because she getting to see her favorite group along with seeing and meeting you along with Minseok.” He says chuckling wrapping an arm around his girlfriends waist.

“Yoongi, give TKB to Minseok.” We hear daddy say as he speaks the microphone.

“Bye bye.” I say waving as Yoongi stands up with me in his hold before walking over to Minmin oppa and hands me over to him.

“Minmin, Bunny tired.” I say making him chuckle.

“I know sweetheart.” He says as I lay my head on his shoulder.

“Want your paci?” He asks making me shake my head no because that would require me taking off my mask.

An hour later the concert ends and I am being held by daddy once again.

We go back stage and to their dressing room.

“Tae hyung do you mind changing quickly so that you can take care of her while I change?” Daddy asks papa.

“No I don’t mind. I’ll be done in a few minutes.” He says before going and gets changed as daddy helps me change into something more comfy.

I don’t realize when he comes back because I’m halfway asleep. I am now in papas hold with my head laying on his shoulder.

“Princess, you’re going to have to stay up so that you can eat then you can go to sleep.” He says rubbing my back.

“Cuddle wiff daddy an papa.” I mumble making him chuckle.

“If daddy isn’t still mad at papa. If daddy is still mad at papa you’ll have to cuddle with just daddy if you don’t want to cuddle with any of the others.” He says before kissing the top of my head.

“I’m not mad at you babe. Just annoyed. Bunny, baby do you mind if we take you back to our house or do you want to go back home?” daddy asks me.

“No wan go back to house until it fixed but has to be at house to get fixed.” I say pouting.

“Babygirl we’ll get it fixed don’t worry.” Daddy says chuckling.

“Hungwy papa.” I say as my stomach growls.

“I know princess. Come on let’s get you fed and into bed.” Papa says as he starts walking with me in his hold.

“Do you want to go to a restaurant or get take out?” Eomma asks.

“Take out, Bunny is tired and wants to go to bed. I told her she’d have to wait until after she ate to go to sleep.” Papa says.

“Do you know where she wants to sleep?” Dada asks.

“Yeah, she told me that she wants to sleep with me and Jungkook. Don’t look so down she will probably change who she wants to sleep with tomorrow and then the next day and so on and so forth.” Papa says as we get to where we are going which is to the vehicles.

“Minseok, you can stay with us if you want.” Jimin oppa says making Minmin oppa blush as I look up to see his response.

“Umm uh sure.” He says looking down.

I lean to Papa’s ear.

“Minmin oppa wike Jiminie, Seokie, and Yoonie oppas. Minmin oppa awso a wittle. He just embawwassed tause ob it. He twying not to swip. Jiminie oppa tould hewps him.” I say whispering.

“Ah, two babies to take care of hmm. Let Yoonminseok take care of Minseok yeah? And you can just be mine and Daddy’s baby.” Papa whisper’s back making me giggle before we all get in the vehicles.

Namjin, Taekook, and I get in one van while Yoonminseok and Minseok get in the other van. We head to a few different take out places before heading to the guys dorm. Before we get to the dorm Tae’s phone rings. He takes it out and answers it.


“Oh, well um take care of him like you would Bunny. From what Bunny told me he likes the three of you. So just take care of him and from the looks of it he doesn’t go into little space much.” He says.

“Alright, we’ll see you when we get to the house.” He says before hanging up.

We get to the house and we all get out well daddy gets me out and carries me inside after Namjoon unlocks the door. Jin and Tae carry in the food to re kitchen and sets everything on the table. It’s a good thing I told eomma to get chicken nuggets for Minmin oppa. We all eat before having to get ready for bed. Since I’m already in sleep wear I don’t have to change. Daddy and Papa take me to their room and sets me on the bed. I crawl to the middle of it as they change. I get under the covers and snuggle down.

“Daddy, no stuffy.” I say.

“I know baby but good thing daddy and Papa has their BT21 stuffies.” He says getting them out.

I smile happily making him chuckle as he hands them to me before getting into bed himself as Taehyung turns out the lights before getting into bed as well. The three of us get comfortable cuddling each other as we fall asleep.

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