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Eternally Bound


Master has sent all of his special children to the same place to pose as friends inside of brothers to understand humans more so they will treat humans like something worth helping then worthless walking skins of meat and bones. Master picks out a eternal partner for each one, not letting anyone of them know that he is really wanting them to have feelings like humans. Amaliegh Sampson works at a entertainment company her parents are over. The company is placed all over the world, but the main building is set in Bellingham, Great Goldenear. Amaliegh was born in Hashmire, Sassiny but her, her sisters and parents moved to Great Britain when they were babies. When no one has yet to come in to see what she can do she gets seven guys wanting to watch what's going on.

Fantasy / Romance
Usagi Kitsune
Age Rating:


This is just a note if any of you did not know this is a work of FICTION. If I wasn’t clear. I do not own BTS nor BigHit that would be impossible for me since my ass is broke 🤣 and I do not withhold millions and billions of dollars sooooooo uuuuuuhhhhhh yeah.

Master has had many plans since the beginning of time, since he made Heaven, Earth, and Hell as well as everything else. I’ve led all armies into battle that I knew needed to win for the sake of living. Every war ends with many casualties. Me and six of my brothers are all gathered in front of Master.

“What is it we have done to be summoned father?” I ask with little patience.

“Jungkook, you need to have more patience my son.”

“Father we have been waiting for what you are going to say for five minutes.”

“Patience my children, but here is why I summoned you here. I have seen all of you around humans. You all treat them poorly like they are beneath you, but in all honesty they are not. Your emotions to a humans are the same, you are only different to them because you have powers and wings. What I’m saying is I am sending all of you to live among the humans like you have many times before. I am letting you keep your wings and powers. You are all to be in the same area, stay with each other. I’m giving you the same rules as usual so you all know what I’m saying. Make nice with humans, and understand them. They are not as weak as you see them to be. You are going to be staying with a family you stayed with last time. If you don’t remember who they are it’s the Sampson family who we all saw the birth of all their children because I made you. You are not to go anywhere without anyone of the family except for to do something that concerns your health. You know if I forbid something you know not to do that something and the consequences of doing it.”

“Yes, father we do we understand why you are doing this.” Taehyung speaks up.

“One more thing you will not be able to come home until I see fit that you can treat humans like they are supposed to. They are not all monsters. You may leave now.” We nod our heads and leave.

Their are seven of us leaving for earth and its all of Masters Archangel’s. There’s me; Jungkook, my twin brother Taehyung, and the rest of our brothers; Seokjin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, and Jimin. (yes, I made Jungkook and Tae twins and the oldest out of all of them that actually hurt me to do so since of course I ship them oof.)

We get what we need and head for Earth to a place we haven’t been for so long, and to see a family we haven’t seen in so long. I don’t think any of us are ready to see them again since its been so long. It’s going to take all the strength in me to remember how to be nice but if I had a reason to be nice I’ll use that.

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