Wild Star Knight Etherias


The world is under threat of attack from Dimensional Crime Syndicate DARK. 5 years after he witnessed the murder of his father, a recent graduate of the Star Knight Intergalactic Police (SKIP).

Scifi / Action
Age Rating:

Case 001- Halt the Dark

Civilian Form

Name: Kurogane Reppuu (Not the same one- a tad different)

Alias: Wild Star Knight Etherias

Age: 21 years old (at the beginning, 18 years old)

Appearance: Blonde Hair with a black streak on his right side. Blue-grey eyes. Stands about 6'0" (Just shy by an inch) weighing 195 lbs., tan skin.

Apparel: Usually a black shirt with long sleeves and a white pair of pants. Brown boots with brown laces, brown long-sleeve jacket with the front opened enough to show the black shirt. Has twin bracers and a card pack, the latter of which is attached on his belt, also black, but made of hemp. SKIP uniform- silver on the torso with gold lining around the collar bone area, followed by green on the shoulders. Black pants over the leggings.

Personality: Untouchable to corruption is the key to understanding this guy. Kurogane has a strong belief in doing well by the Laws of the Star Knights. Will personally judge and respond to a crime according to the laws in the codebook, which he carries on him at all times. He liked watching Metal Hero shows with his father growing up.

History: Part of the story.

Side occupation: Junior Curator of the Metal Hero Exhibit of the museum in the city he lives in.

Quirks: Hates arrogance, hates high-saturated foods, but not sweets.

Hero Form:

Appearance: A mix between BIMA X, Gavan, Tekkaman Blade, Garo, and Aldamon. Activated by pressing a button on the right brace. Each brace performs a different function: Right Brace is form change and weapon and vehicle summon; Left Brace summons a Hero.


Metal Hero Deck- similar in design to the card used by Decade (Without the 'Kamen Ride' thing going on). Etherias slides a card in the Right side, it calls out 'FORM UP" and the Metal Hero's name for form change. Left Brace calls out 'AWAKE" and the Metal Hero name to summon. Etherias can change back at will first time.

Etherias Blade- Masterwork Longsword similar in design to the Master Sword, this blade is the main weapon. Etherias can slide his hand along the blade to initiate the Quasar Dynamic final attack.

Star Buster- a beam pistol, similar in design to the Video Beam Gun Shaider used, this pistol can fire 999 rounds before draining.

SA-23 Sol-Stryker- a star fighter with dual plasma cannons and twin 6-shot missile launchers.

Starron- Motorcycle, based on a Kawasaki Ninja, that can transform into a strike fighter for combat or transport.

Blaze Star Battle Tank 'Wyvern X'- MBT of the Wild Star vehicle line. The SA-23 Sol-Stryker is based in the top and forms on call. Main armament- Twin dual-fire Plasma cannons with rapid fire burst mode.

Hyper Star Cruiser Galawin- Main battle cruiser. Cross between the Vavilos and the Grand Nazca.

Now for the Companion. Other than Gavan, who is Kurogane's mentor on Earth, Kurogane has a partner, a woman about a year older named Marianna.

Name: Marianna

Age: 22

Physical Appearance: almost the same height as Kurogane, with longer hair, kept straight, green eyes.

Personality: Seeks to bring DARK to Justice at all costs. However, cares for Kurogane, and is willing to help him complete his mission. Naïve about earth customs.

History: Marianna comes from a world destroyed by DARK's Dark Dimensional Energies. However, she was sent to the SKIP main training facility during that time. Then Kurogane came and the pair became close. After DARK decided to attack Earth, Marianna decided to go with Kurogane to protect the planet from the enemy.

Quirks: Naïve about Human behavior. Has to ask Kurogane for help from time to time to understand.

Now, for those of you who want to do OC's for series, here's the catch- You can do them, but no hero forms. This is Metal Heroes only, and most of the cards are to be picked up by Kurogane or another character I will introduce later.

Now, the story starts with the main plot getting really strong, so let's get started. Disclaimer: I only own the OC's I have created for this series. The individual Metal Heroes and their series are owned and trademarked by Toei. Now, let's get straight to it.

"FATHER," yelled out Kurogane. It was the first day of summer, and it marked Kurogane's last summer as a student, having graduated from high school. He had passed his exams with flying colors, and knew he wanted to become a detective when he grew up. His father, Kane Reppuu, lay in a pool of blood, a giant hole in the middle of his chest where the strange creature standing over Kane had impaled him with a sword.

"The intel didn't say there was a kid here," said the strange creature in a disembodied voice. "I should just silence the brat and be done with it."

"Stop," said Kurogane, backing into a corner. Kurogane was always a good kid, never getting into trouble, and therefore didn't understand why this creature, whatever it was, was trying to kill him. "Don't come any closer," he then said, grabbing a katana from the mantle right next to where he was standing.

"What's this," asked the creature, raising a blade, "You wish to defend yourself? Then by all means, you are free to do so." It then charged at Kurogane in a stabbing attack…

…Only to be repelled by a strange force. "Damn," it then said, "It seems you got lucky, kid. But word of warning, if I see you again…I will kill you." With that, she disappeared.

Kurogane then ran out the door and looked out at the night sky. However, before he could find that which he sought, a beam of light struck him. It was a transport beam, sent from outside Earth's orbit. It tore Kurogane apart at the subatomic level, and his body vanished.

Wild Star Knight Etherias

Episode 1

Halt the Dark!

Opponent- Dark Energy Beast Black Dog

5 Years later-

Earth was going through a new age of growth, with space flights leaving earth at a phenomenal rate. Mars had been colonized and new stations orbited the new Earth-controlled realm, while new atmospheric converters kept the world going.

That was a year ago. However, half a year ago, we suddenly lost contact with the Mars Colony in charge of communications. Nobody knows what happened, or who was responsible. However, not known to anyone, a new colony rested on Mars' surface.


Deep Space

Dark Dimension Fortress Belial

"Milady," said a Strange creature, called 'Dark Energy Soldier Megars', "The New Mars Colony is up and ready to begin assault operations."

"Excellent," said the strange leader of the group, called 'Dark Goddess Kaena', "Begin by setting a based on Earth. Once there, begin plundering, killing all who get in our way."

"Hail DARK," said the Megars, performing the DARK Salute, both arms raised to the front in fists.

This was the Dimensionally-based Crime Syndicate DARK. Their mission- plunder and destroy each world they come across. They are made of 5 armies, with 'Megars' making up the lower ranks. The different monsters making up the minority of the next level are those that survived the Metal Heroes of old given new life as combatant leaders.

All of a sudden, a fleet of starships, the 'DARK Attack craft NOVASTAR', flew out of the back of the base and into space. These ships were insectoid in design with wings like a Seltas, and only five legs. The front legs were scythe-like and could be used either as weapon platforms, or as boarding hooks. The head itself has a single energy cannon on the front horn-like protrusion, and the cockpit was housed in the head, with the single eye being a viewport. The design of these ships were based on a creature from the Nemesis world, a galaxy that most of the Megars came from.


-SKIP Headquarters-

-Knight Star-

Kurogane was working hard to get his final day of training. This was the final exam all Star Knight Policemen took before they were given a sector of space to patrol. He was really hoping to get the Sol system, seeing as he would be the only member of the Star Knight Police Force to be from that world. The exam was simple, defeat a villain. However, the battle was usually harder than it looked, as his partner, Marianna told him.

"Remember your combat training," said Marianna, watching Kurogane from above. She had graduated a year before, but stayed behind, having decided to partner with Kurogane, seeing as she knew him very well.

"Taking this guy down has always been really tough," said Kurogane, pulling out his blade. The monster in front of him, a BEM from the Makuu days, was always his most difficult opponent. However, over the last few weeks, he studied the creature as he fought. Now, he finally had the intel to defeat it. He charged at it, but suddenly stopped, looking around.

"What are you looking for," asked Marianna, confused.

"The reason I always failed this test," said Kurogane, remembering the five times he took it, "Was because I failed to save the hostage. Before I make a move, I gotta make sure I save the hostage first. And that is the first thing I need to look for…there." Kurogane then saw the hostage, a little girl, sitting on the floor behind the monster. "Going for extraction first," Kurogane then said, pressing a button on his suit. All of a sudden, a series of panels flipped over Kurogane's head, with more appearing on his suit. These panels, designed to block out thermal and visual tracking, seemed to record and display external data, rendering him almost invisible to the naked eye. He then ran towards the hostage.

Kurogane was able to reach the hostage and save her. He then turned and faced the monster in earnest, cutting it down with his blade.

All of a sudden, a buzzer sounded and a sign appeared above him saying, in green letters, 'PASS'. "Congratulations," said the drill sergeant of the place, "you finally passed your Final exams. You ready to hear where you and your partner are to report to?"

"Sir, yes sir," said Kurogane at the top of his voice.

"You and Officer Marianna are to head to the Sol System branch on the far side of Jupiter," said the Drill sergeant. "There you will report to your chief, Exxion. He will instruct you into your mission from now on. Good work, Officer Reppuu of Earth. In addition, you are now given the code name 'Wild Star Knight Etherias'. Wear your name with honor. You are dismissed. Return to your dorm room and clear out any belongings."

"Understood, Sir," said Kurogane, moving out.

-24 hours later-

The Hyper Star Cruiser Galawin was sitting in dock, as Kurogane and Marianna got on board. "You ready for this," asked Marianna, smiling.

"I haven't been back for 5 years," said Kurogane, "In that time, I made sure those who thought I had died kept my home as is. I will sign the required papers when I return to Earth." The pair then sat at the controls of the Galawin and Kurogane said, "Hyper Star Cruiser Galawin, Takeoff!"

"Take off granted," said the lady at the control tower for the Dock. "Good journey, and have a safe flight." As the Galawin left the dock, the next group of students saluted the ship, giving the pair a respected sendoff.

The Galawin was a fast ship, designed to be able to travel between worlds in a manner of minutes. "Course plotted," said Marianna, "Ready for Fold on your mark."

Kurogane said nothing as he hit the button. Time and space seemed to collapse as a massive tunnel appeared in space. This was a fold tunnel, a strange phenomenon thought to exist naturally in space. The Galawin can access this phenomenon by discharging protons and anti-protons from special thrusters in the front, which seem to create a portal between worlds. The resultant 'Fold' in space, creates a tunnel capable of allowing ships to cross vast distances in mere minutes.

The Galawin entered the tunnel and seemed to thin out for a second, appearing in Jupiter orbit minutes later.. "Fold complete," said Marianna, "Now heading on last leg of trip."

Moments later, the Star Knight Sol Branch HQ appeared in front of them. "SKIP-SOL, this is the Galawin, requesting permission to dock," said Kurogane.

"Welcome, Galawin," said the Dock Tech, "Permission Granted. Welcome home, Etherias."

-1 hour later-

The Galawin was docked and both Kurogane and Marianna had changed to civilian clothes. They were then ordered to report to the commander of the base, Exxion.

"The prodigal son returns home at last," said Exxion, chief of the Star Knight Intergalactic Police (SKIP), Sol Precinct. "How was training?"

"It was worth it," said Kurogane. "How's the Earth doing?"

"We got a major development," said Exxion, changing from happy to stern. "DARK is attacking the planet and trying to create another forward base."

"That's not good," said Marianna, worried, "If they succeed, they will most likely destroy the planet."

"What's the plan," asked Kurogane, ready for action.

"You and Officer Marianna are to head to Earth," said Exxion, "And link up with a local Space Sheriff named Gavan. He will be your mentor from here on in."

"I get to work with the legendary Space Sheriff," said Kurogane, smiling like an idiot, "Awesome! Marianna, go prep Galawin for launch."

"On it," said Marianna, leaving the room, after saluting Exxion.

"However," said Exxion, walking over to a cabinet, "Before you leave, Kurogane, I have been asked by Central to tell you something. Your new title comes with a new set of gear." He then pulled out a metal briefcase and opened it. He then turned it to face Kurogane and said, "This is the Wild Star Gear. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the workings of it. You got 5 parts: The Wild Star Bracers, which handle armor set up, as well as your skills and Wild Star weapons. The Star Buster, a new sidearm. And the Metal Hero Deck, a set of cards specifically made for this system. Make sure to shuffle before going out."

"This all," asked Kurogane, placing the Braces on his arms.

"Actually," said Exxion pulling out a few data pads, "We have also retrofitted a series of additional pieces of tech during the briefing. The first is the new Star vehicles for your personal use. You can look over the data when you get back to the ship. And the final piece is the ship itself has also been fitted with new tech- a change beam, which will fire your suit to you as energy in 0.0005 milliseconds. The final addition is the Mega Form of Galawin, the Hyper Star Giant Galawin. We based the design off of Juspion's Daileon battle form, and added a few toys to work with, as well as the name is based on a character from one of the heroes of earth legend."

"Roger," said Kurogane, attaching the belt with the Metal Hero Deck and Star Buster on it. "Anything else before I ship out?"

"Be careful," said Exxion, "We have reason to believe that the person in charge of DARK is the same person who killed your father. Exercise extreme caution. And don't let anyone know about your true identity."

"Sir," said Kurogane, saluting. With that, he left the office in the direction of the docking bays.

-24 hours later-

"Final checks complete," said the head technician, looking over the ship and making sure everything worked out right. Kurogane and Marianna then sat in the bridge of the ship. "You are good to go at your discretion."

"Roger," said Kurogane. Then, after the last of the station personnel had left the ship, Kurogane then said, "This is Galawin, control. We are ready to launch."

"Roger, Galawin," said Exxion, managing the docking control. "When you get to Earth, Gavan will contact you. Good luck and happy hunting. Launch timing is passed to you."

"Hyper Star Cruiser Galawin," said Kurogane, "Launching. See you again, SKIP-SOL."

12 hours later

Dark Dimension Fortress Belial

"Strange ship entering range of Mars Base," said Dezzle, who was working as Comms officer.

"Send the NOVASTARS to intercept," said Kaena, "If it is what I fear it is, they must not be allowed to make it to Earth!"

-1 hour later-

Mars Orbit

"We got 7 unfriendly ships on an intercept course," said Marianna, "ETA, 20 minutes!"

"We are still 12 hours out," said Kurogane, "Will intercept them in the Sol-Stryker."

"Roger," said Marianna, "Good Hunting."

The SA-23 Sol-Stryker was a prototype star fighter designed to work in both space and atmosphere of most world types. Kurogane sat in the cockpit, designed like the sky Shaian, and launched out of the back. The ship and bay were added on when the ship was at dock at the Sol base. Kurogane then saw the ships and began intercept. He managed to take out three of them on the second pass, after dodging the beams the 7 UFOs fired out. The other 7 he locked onto after the third pass and said, "STAR BURST MISSILE!" The voice command was recognized and a pair of missile launchers opened up on the sides of the cockpit. They fired 12 missiles that locked onto their targets and connected with them, blowing them up. "Intercept complete," said Kurogane, returning to the Galawin, which then resumed its course.


Fortress Belial

"Dammit," said Kaena, angry at the loss of her ships. "Guess we have no choice. Send Dark Energy Beast Black Dog to Earth to prepare for their arrival."

"At once, Milady," said Dezzle. Dezzle then pressed a red button. This activated a strange portal that blasted a strange capsule to Earth via the Dark Dimension. When the capsule hit the group, it cracked open like an egg, and a creature seemed to appear out of it. However, the monster was only 2 inches high. However, it soon grew to 7 feet tall. Dark Energy Beasts, upon contact with Earth's atmosphere, grow from the size of a caterpillar to the size of a fully grown human in a matter of minutes. However, at the same time, their ferocity and distaste for other lifeforms also grows, as does their willingness to obey their Dark Goddess.

12 hours later

Mount Fuji

"We have landed," said Marianna, unbuckling her safety harness. "Let's go and meet our contact."

"He said to meet him in town at the museum," said Kurogane, wearing Earth Civilian clothing. "I will go ahead and scope out the place. You procure an additional vehicle."

"How will you get there," asked Marianna.

"One of the vehicles the Sol Station gave us," said Kurogane, "Partially resembles an Earth Motorcycle. I might as well give it a test drive."

-2 hours later-

Kyoto City Museum

Metal Hero Exhibit

Meeting Time

"Glad you made it on time," said Retsu, shaking Kurogane's hand.

"It is a great honor," said Kurogane, "To meet the first Space Sheriff based on Earth in person."

"Well," said Retsu, rubbing the bridge of his nose, "It is a great pleasure to assist the Star Knight Police Force in protecting Earth from evil. You do know why I'm talking to you, right?"

"I was told you are to be my mentor while I do my job," said Kurogane. "However, I don't really understand that last bit."

"Walk with me," said Retsu, and the pair of them walked through the exhibit, stopping at each Metal Hero. "Let's start by asking the obvious question- Why are you here?"

"My mission is to defend Earth from the Dimensional Crime Syndicate DARK," said Kurogane, "And to uphold the Laws of the Star Knights."

"And what is the first Law of the Star Knight Code," asked Retsu.

"A Star Knight must place the safety of the planet above oneself," said Kurogane, reciting the first law. "Second law- A Star Knight has the right to dispense justice on any crime except those that break local laws."

"Excellent," said Retsu, "Which brings me to the last question. Why were you chosen?"

"This is my homeworld," said Kurogane, "As a Terran, I must defend my world from the forces of evil."

"That is why most, if not all Metal Heroes fight," said Retsu, walking to Juspion. "However, there are a few exceptions. Sharivan, Juspion, Spielban, Jiraya, all of them are fighting to protect this world because this was where their enemies based their final plots. And now you are gonna be fighting with their souls in your hands."

All of a sudden, a strange beeping went off. It was from Kurogane's communicator device. "Yes, Marianna," asked Kurogane, pulling it out.

"We got orders to destroy a frontline base DARK set up," said Marianna. "You and Gavan are to destroy it."

"Understood," said Kurogane, putting away his communicator. He then turned to Gavan and said, "Mission time. Up for ruining DARK's day a bit?"

"Let's do some damage," said Retsu. The pair then headed to the parking lot.


"You sure it's here," asked a kid, looking worried.

"Rumour has it," said another kid, "Most people who come here never leave."

"Hey," said a Megars, pointing at the kids, "We got a pair of intruders."

"RUN," yelled one of the kids. The two bolted, trying to escape. However, after 30 minutes, the Megars caught up to them and grabbed them.

"Foolish Humans," said Black Dog, looking like a psychotic monster, "Those who find this place die." With that, he raised one arm, ready to strike…

Only for a beam shot to hit him in the back, causing a small explosion. "STOP RIGHT THERE," yelled Kurogane, holding the Star Buster in one hand.

"Who the hell are you," asked Black Dog. "Leave the kids," he then said to the Megars, "Kill those two!"

The Megars the pulled out their swords, which looked like cutlasses, and charged. Retsu and Kurogane responded by punching and kicking each one out of the way. "This is the most annoying part," exclaimed Retsu, "Fighting to get to the boss. It takes time, but it's really worth it."

The kids were left to fend for themselves, and managed to get away from the action. "You ready, old man," asked Kurogane, striking his combat pose.

"You know," said Retsu, "You could learn a thing or two from this old man." He then placed his left fist over his chest and called out, "JOUCHAKU!" Then he twisted to his left side, brought his arms together and faced forward, with arms extended, hands balled up as fists. Then he bent forward, like he was gonna start running, with his left arm in front of him, and then stood straight up, with his had stretched out towards the sky. Light coalesced to his body, transforming him as he took a battle stance. "UCHUU KEIJI GAVAN!"

Gavan's Jouchaku process takes 0.05 milliseconds to occur. Let's see the Jouchaku Process again.

Retsu then raised his left hand to the center of his chest in a fist, and called out, "Jouchaku." Then he twisted to his left side, brought his arms together and faced forward, with arms extended, hands balled up as fists. Then he bent forward, like he was gonna start running, with his left arm in front of him, and then stood straight up, with his had stretched out towards the sky. All of a sudden, Dolgiran appeared in the sky and said, "Yokai. Combatto Suitsu Densoushimasu." Then a white light came from out of the front of the ship, enveloping Retsu in silver particles.

"Onore, Gavan," said Black Dog, "Always ruining the plans of Don Horror!"

"Don't forget about me," said Kurogane. He then raised his right hand in the air, and placed his left in the opposite direction. He then rotated them in opposite directions slowly, as his breath slowed to a crawl. When his right arm was about to reach its original position, he then balled it up into a fist, and bent the elbow so that it sat parallel to his face. The left hand was placed at the hip as he did this. When the stance was completed, he then called out, "WILD STAR CHANGE!" With this, he reached his left hand to the Star Brace on his right arm and pressed a button on the Brace.

All of a sudden, a beam of light struck him, and the armor seemed to coalesce onto him. It was gold with silver accents, and lots of strange tech on the chest. He then swung his arms in practice combat strikes.

Etherias' Wild Star Change process takes 0.005 milliseconds to occur. Let's see the Wild Star Change Process again.

Kurogane then raised his right hand in the air, and placed his left in the opposite direction. He then rotated them in opposite directions slowly, as his breath slowed to a crawl. When his right arm was about to reach its original position, he then balled it up into a fist, and bent the elbow so that it sat parallel to his face. The left hand was placed at the hip as he did this. When the stance was completed, he then called out, "WILD STAR CHANGE!" With this, he reached his left hand to the Star Brace on his right arm and pressed a button on the Brace.

Meanwhile, in high orbit, the Galawin's orbit reached its zenith in line with the sun. With the top of the craft, it collected energy and converted it into solar power for the Nano-Cells that made up the armor. It then fired the particles at Kurogane, which began to coalesce into armor plates as a particle beam.

"Who the hell are you," asked Black Dog.

"I am the Knight of the Stars," said Kurogane, thrusting his hand into the air. "I am the answer to your crimes. I AM WILD STAR KNIGHT ETHERIAS!"


Fortress Belial

"ONORE," yelled Kaena, angered. "The Star Knights now have an Earth agent. Curse them! Akuma Jikyuu hatsudo(1)!"

"At once," said Dezzle, who then pressed a black button.

The universe is made of both positive and negative matter- Light and Dark; Matter and Dark Matter. DARK takes the Dark Matter that makes up a specific space and compresses it into a dimensional vortex. This vortex opens up into a separate dimension of pure evil.

Black Dog then jumped into the vortex, and howled in delight. "Get him, Etherias," said Gavan, punching a Megars in the head. "Consider this your first test."

"Right," said Etherias, who then called out, "STARRON!" as he did this, an antenna popped out of his helmet.

All of a sudden, as if from out of nowhere, a strange motorcycle, resembling a tricked out Kawasaki Ninja appeared on the field. Etherias got on it and rode towards the Vortex.

While in the Akuma Dimension, a Dark Energy Beast's strength is multiplied by four. However, it also changes them into mindless beasts while there.

Etherias looked around and saw that the area was full of danger. He made sure to be cautious. However, then Black Dog in his Beast Form, a massive black Dire Wolf with red eyes, lunged at Etherias. Kurogane dodged the first strike, but was unable to dodge the second one. The beast lunged a second time, knocking the fledgling Star Knight to the ground, and started trying to bite at him. However, Kurogane, then said, "SHOCK BLAST!" This released a minor charge that frightened the beast enough that Etherias could stand up.

"Let's do this," said Kurogane, reaching into his Metal Hero deck and pulling out a card. It was Gavan's card. "Alright," said Kurogane, "Time to field test the Form Scan effect." He then placed the card in the slot in the Right Brace and called out, "FORM UP!"

"FORM UP," called out the Right Brace, "SPACE SHERIFF GAVAN!"

"JOUCHAKU," said Kurogane, as the armor changed to look like Gavan's.

"Impossible," said Dezzle, "He can access the souls of the Metal Heroes!"

Etherias in Gavan form gains the ability to deflect attacks for a short time by using the BARRIER technique. However, Black Dog didn't know this, and fired a ball of energy from his mouth. Kurogane then called out, "BARRIER!" All of a sudden, a rectangular wall appeared in front of Etherias in Gavan form, stopping the energy ball in its tracks, and sending it right back at Black Dog. He then followed that up with additional attacks, mostly punches and kicks, in rapid succession.

"He's weakened" said Marianna over the intercom, "Now's the time to finish him off."

"Right," said Etherias, changing back to normal mode. He then pressed a button on the deck box. This closed and locked the top of the box, flipped it around and opened another lid, revealing the weapon cards. Etherias then pulled out the card labeled 'Etherias Blade and Shield', and slid it in the Right Brace. All of a sudden, the card vanished from his left hand and a sword and shield appeared. The shield was secured in a scabbard in the shield. Etherias then pulled out the sword and said, "In violation of Article 23 Paragraph D of the Star Knight Law Mandate, which states, and I quote, 'Those who do evil shall be judged by severity', Article 30 section B, 'Those that threaten with death shall themselves be slain', and Article 8, 'Those that kill people of a world under Star Knight Jurisdiction will be put to the death on the spot', I hereby find you guilty and sentence you to death according to Article 5, 'A Star Knight has the Right to administer sentence for a crime that breaks Star Knight Law." He then took the shield and flung it at the Dark Energy Beast, which was stunned by the hit. He then ran his hand along the blade, which seemed to charge with energy. Etherias then swung the blade a few times and charged at Black Dog, slashing him once with an attack that caused him to receive an electric shock. He then turned to face Black Dog and slashed the air in front of them, calling out, "QUASAR DYNAMIC!" The slash produced a shockwave that cut through the air in front of hi, till it hit Black Dog, slicing him in half.

Black Dog then reverted to humanoid form and said, as energy arched from his body, "Don't even thing you won! This is just the beginning of DARK's plans for this world. KAENA FOREVERRRRRRRR!" After he said that, Black Dog fell forward and exploded.

-BGM- Final Fantasy Unlimited Theme-

The area in the Akuma Dimension reverted to normal form, and Etherias ran into the DARK base. He then started firing his Star Buster at ships and fuel tanks. This caused the based to explode, as Etherias ran back to safety. "Mission complete," Etherias said, returning to civilian form.


Fortress Belial

"Damn you, Etherias," said Kaena, with all her minions gathered around her, "I will defeat you yet!"


Kyoto Museum

"You mean that you wish to learn more about how to he like the Metal Heroes," asked Retsu. It was two hours after the battle, and Kurogane and Retsu were finally getting some rest at the museum. "Why?"

"I have a long way to go before I can truly call myself a Metal Hero," said Kurogane, "Plus I like the entire series. From you to the Tetsuwan Robotack series, I grew up watching them with my father, before he was killed 5 years ago."

"So you do have a personal reason to fight," commented Retsu, "And that is the first step. A Metal Hero will fight for both justice and to avenge those they cared about. For me it was my homeworld, and my father. The next thing you need is a civilian guise."

"Maybe I could work here as an assistant curator," said Kurogane.

The pair talked for the rest of the afternoon.

Preview of Next Episode:

Kaena decided to send a new Monster to set up a weapon smuggling ring. However, to prevent any interference, she hires a mercenary in the form of a psychic soldier. Kurogane loses for the first time, and learns about the sole women among the Metal Heroes, Lady Battle Cop. Can Kurogane summon her to battle? Or will Kurogane fall to the power of the ESPER Demon? Wild Star Knight Etherias- Next episode:

Case File 2:

Psychic Demon!

Don't Miss it

Metal Hero Cards used:

Space Sheriff Gavan

Type- Space Sheriff

Summon Points- 1000

Card number- 0001

Special Skill- Barrier- Sends enemy projectile attacks back at them.

Star Knight Law:

Article 1: A Star Knight must place the safety of the planet above oneself.

Sub-article a: Defense of a planet includes the people living there.

(1)= Demon Dimension Activate! (Loose translation)

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Elize Garlick: Wow Girl😁you may write, what Talent, please keep them comming, 👍BRILIANT STORY❤BRILIANT WRITER❤

Olivia Wessels: This series was phenomenal. From the ups and downs you're kept at the edge of your seat. Crying, laughing, this series was simply amazing in every way.

Bennie: Love it! Suspenseful tooBy the way, does it not have a sequel or something?

612lieuwd: Not my style of reading but will continue

Ineta Kristina Agnietė: Oh, I loved the story. Loved the mother, loved the child, loved Tatt(kind of odd we didn't get to know his real name, but OKAY..). Definitely going to read the last story of the series 🖤

gogihabtu24: Very good recommend to friends

Shyanne Frisbee: Great book live the plot cant wait to read the second book!!!

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