A troublesome partner


After a while, Edward had put Sora through painful and ruthless trainings, even threatening her that if she will ever say something, she will be in danger and she’ll risk her career at Kaleido Star.

And so the little performer was suffering, she was covered in dark-blue bruises, her enthusiasm during the shows was almost non-existing and she did not spoke to any of her friends since the arrival of Edward. Everyone was worried about their little friend, but if she spoke even a simple ‘hi’ to somebody, she would have been in serious trouble. Leon, and not only him, saw Sora on stage very tired and powerless, forcibly smiling and trying to hid her pain away.

But they did not have any power, even though several went to Kalos and complained. The Boss was also distressed but he couldn’t do anything about it since he had no proves that Edward was harassing and tormenting Sora, though it was clear as the sky. So he decided to wait a bit more. If the situation was not going to change, he was going to call the police.

After each show, Sora's favorite place was the beach. It was the only place that brought her some peace and relive. She was afraid to perform, she was afraid to laugh and be happy. All because of him…but she couldn’t do anything either. She couldn’t speak to anyone or alert someone, fearing that Edward will come after her friends and destroy the stage. Her precious stage…

She sat on the soft sand, watching the sunset while listening the waves that hit the shore and the breeze that was passing through her pink locks. Leon saw her and decided to find out whatever was going on with her and that partner of hers. He couldn’t resist seeing her in pain and put up with the suffering she was going through. Oh yes, everyone saw her going through hard times, but Edward was always standing between her and her friends. So he took advantage of her being alone. He sat right next to her, not to close, but not too far either.

“Sora, what's going on between you and Edward? Why are you looking so tired and in pain? What is he doing to you?” he tried to sound calm and composed, but obviously his worry was heard in his tone.

She felt even awful and ashamed that she made so many people worry about her, while she didn’t have the guts to tell what what going on. Because Sora recalled the moment when Edward told her about the consequences she would go through if she said something to anyone. She tried to deceive him, even though she knew it was impossible, but did not want to involve anyone in this. She cared about them. She didn’t want them to be broken as her.

She negated everything saying it was just the stress before any show and that everything was okay. Of course Leon didn't believe her when she told him she was tired because of the trainings and that she can’t sleep well. Even though he had dealt with this kind of behavior at the beginning of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ trainings, he still felt something was fishy and she hid it from all of them, especially him. Didn’t she know she can trust him, no matter what?

Absentminded, Sora undressed herself of the jacket because outside was rather warm, but forgot for a few moments about the bruises and hits that covered her soft skin. Edward hit her each time she didn’t manage to execute a complicated maneuver or whenever she tried to go against him. Leon saw all her bruises she had on her hand and shoulders. He was astonished and could not believe his eyes. He, immediately, felt the need to find Edward and ask to explain himself right away. He was determined to do so, so when he took Sora’s hand, he went straight to the training room where he knew Edward was training. Despite Sora’s complains and struggles of stopping him, Leon was stronger. She could do nothing about it. When They reached the training room, Edward stiffened at the view. He saw Leon’s eyes but tried to not panic.

‘I’m not afraid of you’, he confidently said in his mind.

While Leon was close to strangle the former main star, demanding to explain himself about Sora being covered in bruises, Edward stood his ground and ignorantly said that it is not his fauld she is clumsy, incompetent and can’t do anything right.

Lucky for Leon, before he could present Edward his right fist, Kalos passed by and heard everything; he asked Edward to explain himself, announcing him that he’ll be kicked out if this story was true. After that, Kalos wanted to speak with Leon in a corner of the room, Sora being closed to both of them.

Meanwhile, Edward was enraged and wanted to kick both Leon and Kalos for disrupting his plans. But he found a closer victim. Sora left Kalos and Leon some space to discuss, while she prayed that everything could end well. Unfortunately, neither three of them saw Edward approach Sora, that was mad about the warning received from Kalos and the threat to be fired. He caught her by the wrists and pushed her towards the wall, hitting her head badly in the process. Both Leon and Kalos stopped and turned towards the commotion. They stood still and petrified. Edward tried to ran away when he saw Sora bleeding and unconscious in his arms. While Kalos tried to catch Edward, he ordered Leon to take Sora to the hospital, immediately.

Leon didn’t even hesitate and ran immediately towards her, trying to wake her up while he cautiously lifted her in his arms. He went to doctor Kate’s cabinet and entrusted her while brifly explaining her what happened. Saying he’ll come later and to take care of her, he returned to Kaleido grounds. When he got there, a well-known police car was there.

“I won’t let you escape so easily you lowlife.” Leon muttered under his breath. He entered Kalos’ office without even bothering to knock. There he saw Edward hand-cuffed, sitting on one of the chairs with Jerry right next to him. Before he could do something he saw Kalos approach him.

“Leon, I'm begging you not to do anything stupid, we’re trying to understand what happened here. I know how you feel but try to keep it under control and compose yourself. This matter must be solved like the civilized people we are! said Kalos smooth.

Layla and Yuri also joined the trio. When they heard the news from Kalos, not only were they baffled and angry, but they also wanted to know why Edward has done something like that. And to Sora of all people.

In the doctor Kate's cabinet, Sora regained her conscious and was seriously worried about what was going to happen between Leon and Edward, while her injuries were cleaned and bandaged. Despite the bad injury and Kate’s pleas, Sora wanted to leave. She wanted to go and settle the fight, so she left but not before thanking Kate for all she has done to her.

She arrived exactly at the moment when Jerry was interrogating Edward about the whole situation. When Layla and the others saw her enter the door, they hugged her, asked her if she was ok and what was she doing here. Leon went to her and asked her the same thing.

“I know that what he did was bad but it is also my fault. I didn’t say anything to anyone because I was afraid he’ll hurt you too.” she said while some tears started to roll down her cheeks.

“Did he beat you, threaten you?” Jerry asked. He couldn’t believe his ears when Kalos called him. He was asked by Kalos two months ago to investigate Edward, but when he asked the boss the reason behind this, Kalos refused to say anything. He didn’t find anything suspicious about Edward. Only one thing made him look twice over his profile. He left many promising circus in very short periods of time. Beside this, he was clean. Too clean...

As he listened to Sora narrating all the events since Edward’s arrival, him becoming her partner to the present day, everyone went blank. When they heard Sora being threatened and beaten by that jerk, while she was crying and trembling in Layla’s arms, they knew who they were dealing with.

When Edward was asked to explain himself, he knew he had no escape so he nonchalantly spoke while you could sense some hate in his speech.

“Because an unskilled person like her, made it till to the top, without working or to endure something of the path of a true star. She had the best partners, while she just enjoyed the fame and the money. She used their fame to climb the path towards the True Star. So I came and tried to teach her a precious lesson.” He spitted with more venom than the most venomous snake.

Everyone, including Sora, stared at him dumbfounded after hearing his answer.

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