A troublesome partner

Friends maybe?

Enraged at all the bad things said to Sora’s person, each one tried and defend Sora.

“And how would you know what has Sora gone through? This kid has worked more than anyone else to show her love and care for the stage and audience. She did not use us as a tool and most certainly did not take advantage of her partner’s fame to reach the top. She succeeded that all by herself, while struggling to stay on her feet and not be defeated, always with her chin up.” screamed Layla, looking at him with her well-know murderous glares.

“Haven’t you saw how happy is she while performing on stage?” said Yuri this time. “Even when she's troubled or in pain she still keeps that gorgeous smile on her face. And she thought us a valuable lesson. She showed us what a conflict-free stage is, how happy and funny the stage can be.”

“That is Sora, this is what makes Sora being Sora,no matter through how many painful and ruthless trainings you put her. She would never quit and she'll always have that smile on her face. She loves her friends and stage, she always puts them first. She values the scene and the audience more than herself. We all learned precious things, she showed me how to actually enjoy a performance.” said Leon, while looking at her face.

“Sora went through many painful situations and trainings which hurt her a lot, more than a normal person can put up with, but because she's kind and friendly, her friends helped her and supported her, that’s how she got where she wished!” said Kalos.

Sora couldn’t be happier. All her friends trusted her and loved her. Even her boss defended her. They saw her effort and her love for the stage and also for them.

Edward was silenced with so many counter backs. He could not reply back to any of those sincere comments. He knew he has failed and was going to be punished for what he did. Too bad he couldn’t see it before.

“I wouldn't have chosen her as my partner and perform together the ‘Mystical Maneuver’” added Layla.

“Nor I for the ‘Angel's Maneuver’”, said Leon.

“Without Sora, the scene wouldn't be like now, and what you have done destroyed both Sora and the scene. Her dream was and it is to make a scene without conflicts and for the people to smile and have fun. She wants everybody near her to smile and forget about any problems, through her abilities and skills!” said this time the policeman.

Sora was very grateful and touched by her friend's defense, and all she could do now was to thank them from her bottom of the heart.

“Please don't fire him however. We need him to take part in other shows and I’m very sure that he didn't mean all this. Let's forget and start again by being friends not enemies. Okay?” said Sora to everyone, showing one of her gorgeous smiles.

Edward, with his melted hatred by all these arguments and Sora's kindness, apologized wholly hearted for everything he had done and said he will redeem towards Sora asking her once more to be his partner, a true partner. But Sora refused him, saying Leon is her true partner, and that he could become May's partner in exchange.

And so, they became friends once again and tried to forget everything about this unfortunate situation, accepting Edward as a real member and making lots of amazing shows together.

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