A Christmas for Hiei

Mall Rats

Walking around the mall, the small group split up into two groups. Kurama went with Shizuru and Kuwabara went with Yusuke. They had all decided to meet up at the ice cream shop on the third floor at 3 O'Clock.

Looking over his shoulder Kuwabara watched Kurama walking off with his sister and he nudged Yusuke in the side with his elbow. "What's with them?" he leaned in and whispered.

"What are you whispering for, afraid they might hear you? They're all the way back there." He stated, but Kuwabara kept his voice low.

"Hey, you think those two are..." He trailed off letting the spirit detective fill in the blanks.

Yusuke just laughed that comment off. "Yeah right, they aren't exactly a matched set, Kuwabara."

"Hey, you never know what kinds of freaky things people are in to- especially when one of them is a real live freak." He said meaning his older sister.

"I don't think Shizuru would take that comment lightly, better hope I don't tell her." Yusuke joked and turned off into a store.

"You wouldn't do that, right?" Kuwabara was saying when going in after him.

Shizuru and Kurama walked around the second floor of the mall, window shopping; mentally, they rejected each store without even going inside. They passed on colognes, clothes, toys- as they were definitely out of the question; and Kurama wasn't sure if Hiei would really like chocolates or candies.

"So, what kind of gift are you gonna get Hiei?" Shizuru asked when noticing they were half way around the mall, and had yet to go into a store.

"I've never bought a special kind of gift before, so I don't really know what to get him."

"Weelll, if you were hoping for the best, you'd get him a bottle of lubricant and a smile." She smacked the kitsune on the back.

He stopped himself from sailing forward a few steps by placing a foot forward. "I don't think that would fly over very well with him." Kurama fumbled with the thought for a second and shook it off. 'Truth of the matter is I'm not even sure he knows what sex is.'

"What about this?" asked Shizuru bringing him back to earth.

"What is it?" taking the bottle he sniffed the nozzle, scrunching his nose up and handing it back. "I don't think that's really the best sent for him."

The bottle of cologne smelt a lot like piss and it burnt his senses a bit from the strength of it. And if it bothered his nose, it would do a number on Hiei, who's a full blooded demon.

"No, I guess not." She placed the bottle back on the shelf.

They walked out of the shop knowing that Hiei wasn't the cologne wearing type, so there was no need to even stick around and try with other fragrances.

"Maybe he'd like some new clothes?" Shizuru suggested when glancing into the window of a clothing store, seeing all the suites they had lined up in the window.

A mental picture of Hiei in a suit ran through the kitsune's mind and he shook his head. "I'm afraid that isn't the best idea either."

"Today should be successful." She said sarcastically due to how much the shopper is brushing off every suggestion. "It's a good thing Christmas isn't for three days yet, otherwise your only choice would be the lube and smile."

Not missing the sarcasm, he said. "I just want my gift to be special, so that he knows I care for him."

The brunette patted him on the shoulder. "I'm sure we'll find something." Just as they were passing by a shop a petit woman walked out behind them, she was dressed in a tank top with spaghetti strap strings, and tight leg-hugging pants. Her hair was done in a loose bun, and she has chop sticks going through the back.

"Excuse me," she spoke and the two turned around. "I couldn't help but over hear y'alls situation and think that maybe I could help."

"Yeah?" Shizuru was saying walking back towards the shop. "What are you selling?" The brunette asked. Offhandedly she wondered why the young woman was dressed for the beach, but with the heating system in the mall they could be in Palm Springs.

"Well come in, come in, and I'll show you." The clerk replied.

Kurama joined the two in the shop and his eyes widened in curiosity.

"This is a charms and gems shop, but we sell all kinds of things for spiritual imbalancement."

Shizuru walked away from the woman's ongoing audio tour and over to a shelf filled with candles and crystals that matched each other for the set. "Unleash your sexual energy.." She read off. "Now here's a good idea."

"Oh yes, those are our best sellers. Lovely aren't they? -Not that the two of you look like you need help in that department." She commented while giving Kurama a pop to the gut with her elbow.

"Oh no! We're not together..." Kurama was saying with Shizuru cutting in.

"That's right, we broke up years ago."

"My heart goes out to you." The woman said kindly. "Maybe you'd like some lucky-in-love candles, and gems?"

As they skimmed the shelves the woman explained the many different meanings of the candles, and other things in her store: like how lighting one candle could bring you what your heart desired, or how the right gem could make them lucky with money, and things. But Kurama couldn't decide on just one thing.

"If you're a first time user, what would you suggest?" he asked the woman.

In a hurry, she buzzed to the back of the shop bringing back with her a box. "I suggest this starter set, it's only two thousand fifty yen, and full of everything you'll need: candles, gems, incense, and a small bottle of cologne." She put on a bright smile.

Kurama hadn't taken in consideration of money. But in the time he'd spent wondering about it Shizuru had already paid for the item, and shoved the bag in the kitsune's hands.

Looking down at her watch she then pockets her hands, and walked out of the shop saying, "We'd better get to the third level before Yusuke and my brother have a fit."

Kurama followed her out the door.

"And don't worry about paying me back, that was the money for my brother's Christmas gift." Though her smile said otherwise of that being a factual statement. "And seeing his face when I show him that he's gotten nothing from me, is payment enough."

"Thank you, Shizuru." Kurama said walking in step beside her. 'I hope Hiei likes this sort of thing.'

"What took you guys so long? Me and Kuwabara are on our fifth cone already." Yusuke was saying as their friends joined them at the table with their own ice cream cones.

Kurama with peach and Shizuru with orange cream. "It was hard to decide what to get everyone." Kurama explained.

"It must of been," the scratchy voiced teen pointed. "You've only got one bag."

"Yes well, these things take time." Kurama back-pedaled.

"And what did you two get, new undergarments?" Shizuru joked.

Kuwabara blushed, but Yusuke was fuming.

"Will everyone lay off with the sex jokes already?" he stood up with a threatening fist held Shizuru's way. "Sheesh, try to have a private sex life and the whole world gets a news briefing." He mumbled sitting down.

Kurama and Shizuru laughed hearing the obvious embarrassment in the spirit detective's voice.

"If we're about done here, we need to go." The brunette Kuwabara stood up, pushing her chair back with her legs. "I'm not gonna be late doing my own Christmas shopping because of you two and the brat."

"You'd better not be talking about me sis', I thought it was the season of kindness." Kuwabara was saying while they got up to leave for home. "so far you haven't shown any."

"There's an exception for people with dumb little brothers." She retorted.

As the siblings fought on the way back to the car, Yusuke slipped up beside Kurama with a grin. "So what's in the bag, Kurama?" he asked.

"Something I'm not really sure he'd actually like, now that I think about it." The kitsune mopes with a distant frown.

"Hey, no big deal, whatever it is I'm sure he'll like it." Walking ahead a bit, he placed his arms behind his head saying over his shoulder. "It's not as if it's something dorky like candles and incense."

Kurama looked as though he'd been hit with two snowballs but he made a quick recovery. "Ah ha, right."

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