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BTS' MUM FOR A WEEK (one shot)


I was BTS mum for a week.... Poor me!

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My sons

I’m old. It is really difficult to admit it, but it’s the truth. Inside, I’m thirty, but in real life I’m fifty. I lost my job, but fortunately I have a beautiful family that support me. I’m Italian, but Asian world let me always without word. I would like to know it. Honestly... I’m not a health, shining old woman. No. A little fat, short but... Oh, my laughing! That is my strong side. It’s contagious... Well... I read on internet about this new show. They will do a selection from Middle Ages women all around the world, to stay at home with a famous South Korean idol group. Every group, will have a mum for a week. The only given request, it’s that these women must known a little of English. It’s the challenge for the groups, to survive a week, with an old woman that don’t speak their language. I decide to try... why not? The selected idol groups are... Exo, Seventeen and BTS. I wrote something about my living days, nothing more. But if they, for miracle, will call me, it will be something to remember for life. I don’t want to be successful. I’m not interesting in it. But... to see different people, countries, food... aaahhh! What can I ask more?

After many days, when I didn’t remember to have put my name in that selection, I received an email, in which they were interested to evaluate my profile for the show. I was astonished! If I was still agree to do it, I should confirm now, with a reply on their requests. I spoke with my family, and they were all agree, also if they weren’t sure I could afford it (’Mum... they are all youngs, famous, richs, beautiful... do they really need to put up with you for a week? Why should they suffer ?’). Now, you can understand me. They really love me... we like make jokes and always do them between us. I’m the first to start it . Well... I was agree and answered my ok to their request, first of which was to be descreet about the lives of the members, their tastes, confidences, moments... I had not problems about it, because I’m always so in real life. I speak about me, but not over the others. It is one of my rules...’. They sent me a ticket for the trip. As a good Italian one, I took a bag, with Italian food. If I will be a mother, the first thing they will surely ask me, it will be to cook for them. I admit... In my country, I’m not a good cooker, but I was very smart and married a man that really is almost a chef. Ok... I can cook a good pasta for them. The only problem, is to have good ingredients to do it. And don’t knowing as it will be there, I thought to have something real, to make them love me...

Finally I arrived in Seoul’s airport. Someone were there to waiting for me. I was afraid to know that it was not real, but fortunately, it was not. They drove me on an hotel, near the place in which they will do the official selections. The day after, I was on the light, to record my interview. In front, there were tree mums... of different countries. Behind them, the tree idol groups. Randomly. They did it with many old women. At the end, I and the other two of my group, were all selected for the show. The only thing remained, were to put one of us in one group. I had number tree, the others 1 and 2. The fate decided for all of us... Number 1 with Seventeen, number 2 with Exo, number tree with BTS. I saw them behind my shoulders, and I gave a big smile to my future sons. They smiled to me, but I could see their disappointing. The others mums were literally better than me. Charming, controlled and beautiful. With my poor English, they should struggle more than the others. They really didn’t need it after Coronavirus... After this, I went to their penthouse. The staff told me they were living all together. During the trip, I could appreciate the views of this new place. I knew it would have been difficult to gain the ftrust of this young men in only one week, but it was my mission (impossible...). BTS members, in very well educated manners, presented themselves. I did the same. When I won the selection, I started to make a research of names and works of these people, to know them. I’m a music addicted, but they don’t know it. At the end I was without words... every one of them had unique characteristics. Some in dancing, some in acting, some in rapping... and many of them producted their own works. How could I confront them? To be a mum of a men in their middle twenty, it is not simple. I decided to start with their hobbies, to ask what they liked. How many times they had the same questions? Too boring... So I decided to take them for their palate. ‘Do you like pasta?’ Stars in their eyes... good choice. ‘Many or a little for each of you?’ All together asked for many of it. I started to cook a simple one with the food I had from my country. It was a success! Maybe, now, they were no more so disappoint to have me there... the words started to come from their mouths and from mine. I started to joke with Jin. I always give surname in my family, so I did the same with them. RM, became ‘Rappy’ (How can I call Monster a young man with that beautiful face?... but I can tell you this secret... I call my real son little monster!), Jin was ‘Jin jin’, Jimin ‘Sweet’, V ‘Deep’, J-hope ‘Smile’, Suga ‘Rock’, Jung-kook ‘Little’. They saw me in a strange way, but never one of them say anything about it. Too much polite... I started to speak about life, jokes, my experience and they told me a little about theirs. The ice was starting melting. Good. For the show, we should make something together after a week. They were training, taking sing lessons and all things related to their works. I didn’t want disturb them. During lunchtime, i was alone in the kitchen. I put my headphones in the ears, and, as usually, I started to cook dancing and singing. Bigband in the background. ’I’m a good boy...’. 'Deep' was at the door and started to laugh as a crazy man... I didn’t see him, because I had my back on him and the sound of music was really high in my ears. He called his friends and all of them had tears in their eyes from laughing as well. I really don't want to know their Korean comments, but when I realized they were all there, I turn on them and said, singing...‘I’m a good boy!’

’Rock’ was in his room, working at late as usual. I was curious about the creation of new songs. I do it, sometimes, but nothing compared to their techniques in using programs. I studied music when I was young, and Obi wan Kenobi, front Stars wars, could tell ’the music run strong in your family...’. Piano, keyboards and voice for me, drums for my son, guitar bass for my husband. My daughter is really good, also, but she never put her mind on it, she likes painting. When I asked to the savage boy some details, he remained astonished. He didn’t think I could understand something about it. I can sing the DO note without instruments... good ear. ‘May I stay here with you, for a little time? It’s so interesting to see your work’. He didn’t know if tell me yes or not. He couldn’t decide. ‘Don’t worry. I’ll stay here without a word. Just a little time to understand it and after I’ll leave. It’s part of my duty to know you better in this week. So... may I?’ ‘It’s ok’ he answered. ‘But you own me a special Italian dinner. If you agree with me, there is no problem...’ he smiled and his face was shining. ‘Your mum will put all her love to cook for you...’ we started to laughing together. Nothing as the food to unite the people. It’s life. The day after, ‘Smile’ and ‘Sweet’ took care of me, when they started to teach me movements of the dance for the show. I have a great sense of rhythm, (I danced salsa when I was young), and we decided to sing and dance together the last day on the show. Honestly, I was scared. Million of Army fans ready to hate me if I didn’t do a good performance with their loved ones... When I realized my responsibility, all was no more so simple. In the meantime, the boys started to know me better, and our conversations were more interesting and deep. Jin Jin, Rappy and Smile were the most introverted ones, also if it seemed the contrary. They always gave smiles and confort to the others, but never spoke about their problems. After four days, they started to speak about their personal lives and struggles, in a private way. Naturally, I can’t say anything about them, but I started to feel really like their mum. They put their heads on my shoulder, also without words, no needed. One night, I were with ‘Deep’, ‘Little’ and ‘Sweet’ in one room to play with cards. They told me I was fortunate, because ‘Jin Jin’ wasn’t’ there. I didn’t understand the rules and played it in my own way. I took all the cards when I wanted and they cursed me about it. Obviously, we can’t stop laughing and they started to do the same. A mess. At the end, the cards were everywhere and we started karaoke, dancing and singing together. I didn’t know a word of their songs, only international old ones. The others reached us, and a bunch of crazy youngs with and old lady, sang everything in a strange way. It was so funny!

The five day, they took me to see Seoul. Covered. In some places, I could go only with staff, because they couldn’t be seen around. It was wonderful. I tried some food, and we made some photos all together to remember this day in the future. ‘Deep’ was happy to show me his talent, his hobby. I like to make photos too, especially of the clouds and people. The day passed too quickly. ‘Little’ was always silent, but he smiled me a lot. In the evening, he embraced me with much affection. The giant and the short...

The six day, we had to do the rehearsal of the show, for the next morning. That would have been the last day together. I decided to make dinner for my ‘sons’. I prepared the best recipes I knew, also with a fruit cake. We all were still smiling, but a sense of depression started to reach us, because we knew it was the last night together. In the morning, we should record the show and after that I will go to the airport. I showed them the photo of my family and they did the same. We were free to be ourselves, now. ’As a BTS mum, I must follow your rules, so I wrote something for all of you...

‘Rappy’... you did and are doing great. I envy your brain. Please, share your problems with the others. Different point of view could help you to release your thoughts. Mum loves you.

‘Jin jin’... you are freedom. But now I understand you more. If you are sad, tell it. You can’t denied your true self every time. Mum loves you.

‘Rock’... I’m happy to have seen you more serene and aware of what I was thinking. I wish you all the best and please always help your friends. Mum loves you.

‘Smile’... What can I say? You are wonderful. But sometimes leaves the others to smile for you. Mum loves you.

‘Sweet’... you are a light for your friends. I hope you will always stay as you are today. Mum loves you.

‘Deep’... beautiful soul. I wish you all the best for your life. Mum loves you.

‘Little’... your efforts always will give the best results. Your brothers love you the most. Do you really know it? Mum loves you.

If you need me to talk, to laugh, to share your feelings, this Mum, from now on, will be always there for you. My home will be always open for you. You are great men. I love you all.

They hugged me and leaved with tears in their eyes. ‘Sweet’ stayed there’s to help me in the kitchen, to wash the dishes. He said to me ‘we love you too, mum. It was a pleasure to have known you, even if for a brief moment and tomorrow morning, our show will be over the top’.

‘You can swear on it, my dear! We’ll win that show...’

It was a big success. We really win over the other mums and groups. My singing with the boys was good, our voices compatibles and my old body made his part.

I came back home the same day. After two days, I started to receive messages, photos, calls from my ‘sons’. I have a new wonderful family, now.

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